Don’t care!There are 4 stomach pain during pregnancy, and the last two should seek medical treatment immediately

Many pregnant mothers will have stomach pain when they are pregnant. In this case, they will scare a lot of pregnant mothers, and even panic. Then they hurry to go to the hospital, but they are told that there is nothing to do and make trouble.As soon as a joke, what kind of situation does it need to go to the hospital immediately?Today, I will tell you that there are actually 4 cases of stomach pain during pregnancy, but one is that you need to pay most attention and attach great importance!

In the case of stomach pain, first don’t panic first, let’s judge what it hurts!There are actually 4 cases. The first is the most normal one during pregnancy. It is a physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. Because when you are pregnant, your uterus will be enlarged, so there will be slight pain.It is very normal for the beginning of pregnancy, so you do n’t need to be too nervous. There are often pregnant mothers who go to the hospital because of this, so you need to distinguish it clearly!

The second is the entire abdominal pain caused by contractions, and the whole feeling that contraction gives you is actually abdominal pain. Such a pain is actually like the pain of usually coming to the aunt.This is because the contraction is that pregnant women will appear, so you don’t need to be nervous. This is normal. It can only be said to be a ninja. This is the pain of being a mother!

The third is the most serious one in this situation. Once there is a pain and accompanied by bleeding, then you must go to the hospital immediately. If no one in the family can send itself, you must remember to dial 120.You must send yourself to the hospital in a timely manner, otherwise the harm to the child is not general, and serious may cause abortion. This is what everyone is unwilling to see, so as long as you have bleeding, you must pay attention to it.After all, this crisis is coming to your health, and the serious point is life.

The fourth type, from unexpected damage, such a damage is quite serious for pregnant women. You must attract your attention. Once such a situation, especially the larger external force, you must seek medical treatment in time.Otherwise, the strong impact of the external force is likely to cause the placenta to leave early, and it will be too late to cry at that time, so it can be avoided as much as possible than avoiding it.

The above four situations must attract the attention of pregnant mothers. No matter what kind of environment you are, once the last two situations occur, you must seek medical treatment in time to ensure that your child and your health are in time. Of courseof!In the end, I hope that everyone can give birth to a healthy baby. Pregnant mothers can be peaceful during pregnancy!

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