Don’t do these things for pregnancy.

Do not do these things during pregnancy.

You can’t do these things when you are pregnant!

· 1. You can’t cook for cooking.Oil fume has a certain stimulation. Most of them are more sensitive to odor after pregnancy and will further aggravate nausea and vomiting.Especially for a long time in the middle of pregnancy, standing will increase edema, which cannot be avoided.

Open the range hood or open the window when cooking, and try to shorten the time in the kitchen.If you feel tired, pseudo -contractions will immediately lie down and rest.I ca n’t raise my feet and stepping on high, dry clothes/quilts, rub the glass to brush the corners, and clean up the spider web to get high. It ’s easy to cause local pain or miscarriage in the wrestling.If a person wants to be enough at home, you can wait for someone to help you take it at home, or find someone else to help yourself.

· 2. You can’t stir Erylang’s legs.Long -term Qiao Erlang’s legs may cause backache and leg pain to affect blood circulation, and may also compress the fetus and even increase the risk of abortion and premature birth.

· 3. Do not soak hot spring and hot spring water in the hot spring water. For a long time, it may affect the development of the fetus.And soaking in hot springs may cause vaginitis and other conditions, which are not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

4. It is recommended to control the water temperature at about 37 degrees Celsius when taking a bath.In the early and third trimester of pregnancy, you cannot live in sex.Sexual life in the early pregnancy and third trimester can easily induce contractions and increase the possibility of miscarriage and premature birth.Sexual life can be performed moderately in the second trimester, but it is necessary to arrange reasonably and pay attention to the posture and frequency of the same room.

5. Do not go to the crowd dense hypoxic environment during the third trimester.Pregnant women in the third trimester must be accompanied by family members to avoid entering the shopping malls, subways, and bus basements such as low oxygen.

6. Pregnancy cannot eat raw portrait sashimi, etc., prone to parasitic infection.In addition, the quality of food is difficult to master, which may cause gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and tobacco and alcohol.Cigarettes contain a nicotine material that affects the development of the fetal brain nerve.Alcohol contains ethanol, which can also cause the fetal central nervous system development disorders, and severe cases lead to fetal malformations.Don’t hold the fluke, completely avoid your mouth, and do a good job of screening during pregnancy.

7. You can’t mention heavy objects when you are pregnant.If a person moves his luggage and lifts over, it is easy to contractions to cause premature miscarriage.Specific mothers usually take some small objects, and overweight items should be handed over to her husband.

· 8. You cannot do nails when you are pregnant, which may cause respiratory discomfort in pregnant mothers.Under the condition of pregnancy during pregnancy, nail art will affect the passage of light, causing doctors to monitor the data of blood oxygen saturation inaccurate or even obtain data.

· 9. You cannot dye your hair.It is generally not recommended to dye hair. If you want to dye, you choose the dye/hair that can be used mild for pregnant women, and pay attention to avoid the color of the scalp.

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