Don’t easily get a fetus, pick up Yin Po tells you some secrets

Five sins in Buddhism.

The five inverse sin is the heaviest of all the evil karma of Buddhism; the "inverse" person, "the crime is extremely evil, is extremely against common sense".The creation of the five counterattacks is the cause of falling into the informed hell, and the life will eventually fall into the hell.

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Wu Erdao is the mother -in -law in the village, but it is different from other mother -in -law.Because she is not like other women, she only dealt with the birth of ordinary rural women, and she is also known as "receiving Yin Po" for many things that are trapped by evil spirits that cannot be produced smoothly and abortion.

Wu Erpu eats fasting Buddha all year round. He is particularly sensitive to many ignorant women’s abortion.Because in the countryside, many people want to have a son, so when I am pregnant, I especially like to find a doctor and fortune teller to see the belly. If it is a male or female, if you think it is a female, you will drink medicine and abortion, or you will be a child on the day of production.kill!

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There is a way that the little ghost is difficult to entangle. It is said that these fetuses who have been poisoned in the stomach or are poisoned when they are born are the most grievically!Sometimes I also fight against my mother, which makes the house restless, and my mildew.There are also some bad squares who will maliciously collect these grievances, focus on cultivation, and practice some evil techniques!

For example, the "raising ghosts" popular in Southeast Asia, the source of its little ghosts is here.These little ghosts are very resentful and have been maliciously maintained. They cannot enter the reincarnation. They are very pitiful. Not only are the biological mother abandoning it in the sun, but they are also displaced when they go to the underworld.It is pitiful.

Therefore, Wu Erpu in the village resolutely opposes abortion and harm the baby. If he was discovered, he would find the mother and owner’s family, scolding him fiercely, and then actively resolved the children’s grievances.Wu Erpu’s level of life also knows that the villagers in the village are still known. The older generation still respects it!It’s just that some young ignorant biological fathers will feel that Wu Erdao has more gossip …

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One day, the two eggs in the village hurriedly came and prayed for Wu Erpu to go to his house to see his daughter -in -law.Sweaty, crying and making trouble, and constantly self -harm … Wu Erpu has been asking Erda, because intuition tells her that things are not so simple!Sure enough, Ergan’s head was drooping, blame and described himself. His daughter -in -law was pregnant a year ago.Checking in the next god doctor, the vein of the divine doctor concluded that the daughter -in -law’s belly was a female fetus. Thinking about it, the Erdan decided not to have this fetus. There are really too many girls in the family. I agreed with the daughter -in -law and drank the medicine to solve it!I never thought that after more than two months, the daughter -in -law’s body was fine, but she was stunned, crying every day, saying to him, the child was bleeding, and she was watching her …Once, the daughter -in -law appeared on hallucinations and hallucinations every day, and kept self -harm. Now the Erga particularly regrets it. He wants to ask Wu Erpao to help, and he is a normal daughter -in -law!

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Wu Ergu finished his things and glanced at Er Er, and went to Ergu’s house.Sure enough, the second egg daughter -in -law sits in a corner, and the three girls are crying. The three girls also cried.A girl went out and turned around, in the house, performed the solution.

I saw Wu Erpu, took out a pair of special baby shoes from his pocket, and toys that babies like babies such as waves, and sprinkled glutinous rice, sugar beans and a red egg in the four directions of the room, and then burned incense.However, the candle, Wu Erpu thought about the mantra she could not understand, shook the wave drum, and then sprinkled a handful of glutinous rice jelly beans on the Er egg daughter -in -law…. After a while, the daughter -in -law of Erdan was quiet, fell asleep, and kept talking on the bed, "Why don’t you want me?" His hands kept waving …, Sad crying … For a long time, Wu Erpu drank "Go!", The second egg daughter -in -law was quiet for an instant, no longer speech …

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Everyone knows that abortion is not good for women, but I do n’t know more harmful virtues.Everything is spiritual, not to mention that it is still an adult fetus?Intersection

(This story is gossip Li San Shao original)

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