Don’t ignore the dizziness during pregnancy, and be careful to cause big trouble. These four major reasons are the "culprit"

In the early stages of pregnancy, the increase in hormones in pregnant women, which leads to a series of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, such as dizziness, abnormal vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. These are normal phenomena and do not need to pay special attention.

However, if these reactions are too serious, you need to pay attention, just like the dizziness of a pregnant woman, it is only light and light, and the serious ones often syncope, and the syncope is getting more and more serious. Then you need to pay special attention.There is adverse effects.So what is the cause of dizziness in pregnant women?

Anemia is one of the causes of dizziness, and the same is true for maternal dizziness.During pregnancy, due to changes in the acceleration of the body, and also providing nutrition for the fetus in the abdomen, pregnant women often cause iron deficiency anemia due to insufficient iron content in food.

The consequences of the anemia of pregnant women are very serious. Once you find it, you should replenish the iron immediately, because if the anemia may cause premature eclampsia, the pregnant woman twitches and coma, which will even endanger the life of the fetus and the pregnant woman.Anemia for pregnant women is the most serious complications during pregnancy and need special attention.

Dizziness of pregnant women may also reduce blood pressure and cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. This is generally due to the entire pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, the blood pressure decreased to a certain extent due to the formation of the placenta; and when the late pregnancy appeared, it was because the pregnant woman increased the month as the month increased, and the fetus was extremely prone to hypotension.

In addition, if it is a hypertension pregnant woman, the blood pressure decreases greater during pregnancy, and dizziness during pregnancy is more serious than that of ordinary pregnant women.Therefore, during the whole pregnancy, pregnant women should test blood pressure regularly to prevent danger.

Due to pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, some pregnant women have reduced their appetite and too little eating, which will cause blood sugar to reduce blood sugar.Essence

Therefore, pregnant women should try to restrain the pregnancy reaction as much as possible. When the pregnancy vomiting reaction is reduced, they can eat appropriately. At the same time, eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins to avoid eating spicy food.

Sometimes the dizziness of pregnant women is also related to her position at the time, because the sitting and lying position is improper, which will compress the blood vessels, which will cause dizziness.

If this dizziness, pregnant women need to pay attention to the posture in their various states, and they must change their postures immediately if they find that they are not right.

There is also because during the third trimester of pregnancy, due to the large pregnancy belly, the heavy uterus compresses the lower cavity vein, causing poor blood circulation in the lower body of pregnant women to cause dizziness and chest tightness.It’s right.

For the dizziness of pregnant women, the whole family must pay attention to it, and regular pregnancy examinations should be performed, including various screening. If abnormalities are found, it is convenient to deal with it in a timely manner to ensure the smooth production of the mother and the birth of the fetus.

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