Don’t panic in early pregnancy, not as bad as you think!What do people say!

What we listened to the most is that early pregnancy bleeding means that there is a miscarriage. Maybe the baby’s baby cannot be kept, so many pregnant mothers are particularly nervous when they encounter this problem, fear, emotional fluctuations, etc. If so, it may be possible.It will not be conducive to the early health of the fetus.In fact, in addition to the abortion of early pregnancy, in addition to the abortion we mentioned, there are more essential causes of bleeding in the early pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers are chaotic because of their care and ignore this reason, so they will be panicked.Then let’s take a look at some situations of early pregnancy bleeding. After the pregnant mother understands, it will not be so nervous, and relaxing is conducive to the stability of the fetus in the early stage.

Normal causes of bleeding in early pregnancy

About a quarter of women in the early pregnancy will have bleeding. One of the more common causes is physiological bleeding.After women, women still have a small amount of menstrual bleeding during the menstrual period of the month, but there is no feeling of discomfort, such as backache and abdominal pain.The physiological response is a little bleeding caused by the fertilized eggs into the endometrium.In this case, pregnant mothers do not need to be afraid and nervous. As long as they maintain a scientific habits, follow -up examinations can determine the fetal heart and fetal buds.

The abnormal condition of bleeding in the early pregnancy

There are several common situations of bleeding in the early pregnancy. Therefore, many women know that they are very nervous when they find that they have bleeding after pregnancy, mainly because these abnormal causes have changed.① Mercy may have abortion: pregnant mothers will have back pain or lower abdomen pain. If the blood color is brown, there is no need to worry too much, but if the color is bright red, then you need to be vigilant;There will be severe abdominal pain, accelerated heartbeat, abnormal complexion, and internal bleeding, and a small amount of bleeding will occur; ③ Portugueal fetus: Pregnant mothers will have more or less bleeding, such as excessive nausea, vomiting, and other phenomena.A large amount of bleeding may be accompanied by brown secretions.

Listen to what the person who has experienced said

Early pregnancy bleeding is indeed more worried, but pregnant mothers must also have some opinions themselves. We must believe in the baby. Let’s take a look at how the pregnant mothers encounter.① Bao Ma: I also know that I went to the hospital to play a B -ultrasound after I was pregnant. The doctor said that there was no fetal heart bud. My husband and I were tears at the time. The doctor suggested flowing.The diet is completely different from before, and the chest is very bloated. I think that if the baby is not developing, I should not have a pregnancy reaction. I went to the hospital for B -ultrasound for three weeks. The doctor said that everything was normal.Fortunately, I did not listen to the doctor’s words at the time. I consulted another doctor, saying that I was incorrectly caused by the irregular menstrual period. For the first time, I did not have two months of examination.Now that I have been looking forward to the health of my baby for four months, I believe this is the fate with my baby;EssenceI have been taking medicine for 7 years. In order to ask for children, all kinds of suffering have been eaten. Now HCG has risen, and it will be reviewed tomorrow. I look forward to the rise of progesterone.

Therefore, there will be many reasons in the early pregnancy. We must believe that the fate with the baby, although bleeding in the early pregnancy may often consider it a bad phenomenon. This may be because we only pay attention to it many timesThe bad phenomenon is mainly because pregnant mothers are more concerned. When they care, they may think of bad places.And some good phenomena may not be ignored, so pregnant mothers must not worry and nervousness, so that there will be reverse effects, and vaginal bleeding will be found. Many people have no way to judge themselves.Go to the hospital early to learn about the situation, and you can rest assured that you should not delay delay.Here, you can also pray that all pregnant mothers and fetuses can go through pregnancy and meet healthy.

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