Don’t panic

Thousands of defense, but eventually failed to escape.

NT was made at the end of November. The doctor called on December 8 that I could do it, but in Kunming, I returned to my hometown for a production inspection. It took more than an hour to drive.God, the doctor called again. I said it was good to go back on the 10th. My husband said that he couldn’t leave the customer that day. On the afternoon of the 9th, he asked me to take me back. I went to the county hospitalNucleic acid, I want to see if there are not many people in the B -ultrasound. By the way, I do NT, and I have to run the next day. I asked the doctor. ‍⚕️ The attitude is also very good to help me do it, so I finished the same day.NT, my husband sent me back to my hometown.

On the afternoon of the 11th, I received a phone call from the Health Commission that I had a mixed inspection of the 9th and told me to do a single inspection. I went to a single inspection on the 12th.I feel sore, my body is weak, my head and feet are particularly painful, a bit like a cold, not very similar, but the results of the nucleic acid have not come out, and I am not sure that I am not in the middle. I am really afraid of my yang.Because there are elderly grandma at home, and a high -blood pressure father, mother is there, there are little babies in my belly, I am afraid to pass them to them, my grandma sees that I have not woke up, and she kept opening my door.Tell her not to come in. I didn’t eat meals at noon. My grandma boiled a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup after drinking it. I continued to lie down. It was much better when I had dinner.Before going to bed at night, my mother boiled a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup for me.When I got up on the 14th, the symptoms on my body were basically gone. There was only a little cough. I felt that I had a cold cold, but I received a call from the county hospital in the afternoon and said that the nucleic acid positive question I was collected on the 12th was asked.I have any symptoms, I said truthfully, he asked me to do a nucleic acid after five days.

On the 16th, on the 16th, we drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger soup every night and go to bed. After going to bed at night, my mother is responsible for disinfection at home.I have been buying antigen and I ca n’t buy it. I just happened that my cousin said that she still had 15 mes of me. I gave me a little, and I would only arrive tomorrow.Today I am already on the fourth day, just cough, nasal congestion, my family has no response for the time being (my dad’s colleagues are also infected, so I have been worried)

Because of pregnancy, I have never taken medicine. Fortunately, I have no fever and I can still stick to it. I eat normally every day (my appetite is the same as usual, there is no loss of appetite), a bowl of rock sugar Sydney at noon, a bowl of brown sugar at nightGinger soup, drink plenty of water every day.

So do n’t panic when the pregnant mothers are Yang, and I scare myself. I was notified by the hospital to be diagnosed. My mother was also frightened. I did n’t work.God when you see you call me, I’m scared ").The most worried is that they are afraid of affecting the baby in the stomach, and they are afraid of passing them to their families.I hope that all friends who have Yang can spend these days steadily [Care for you]

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