Don’t take the "marriage inspection" as a play, otherwise it will be too late …

Before marriage, go to a marriage check, but many couples immersed in joy have no consciousness!

You know, once, marriage inspection is necessary!

The "Regulations on Marriage Registration Management" implemented on February 1, 1994 and the "Maternal and Child Health Care Law" implemented on June 1, 1995 stipulated that the parties applying for marriage registration should submit a pre -marital health check certificate when registering.

At that time, the national policy of family planning was strictly implemented, and the goal of eugenics and eugenics was also the top priority.The wedding examination items include the first line of defense that affects the factors that affect marriage and fertility in time for severe genetic diseases, specified infectious diseases, and related mental illness, and can timely discover the factors that affect marriage and fertility, and become the first line of defense to prevent and reduce the birth defects of newborns. Forcing the wedding examination has its positive significance.

On August 8, 2003, the new version of the "Marriage Registration Regulations" was implemented, and the mandatory marriage inspection system has since withdrew from the historical stage.

Therefore, the current couples have to say "go to individual inspection" before getting married. It is estimated that some people will think that this is what the other party does not believe in their own performance …

Why do you need a marriage check?

The marriage inspection is conducive to understanding their own health, which is responsible for both parties.

Can detect the hidden health hazards of both parties early.Many diseases cannot be aware of the appearance, such as HIV -infected people who cannot judge whether they are infected with AIDS virus through appearance.

Before marriage, the harmony and happiness of life after marriage is responsible for marriage.

Let the two sides understand the basic knowledge of sexual morality, sexual psychology, sexual physiology, newlywed contraception, family planning and other basic knowledge, improve their self -care ability, make the two sides properly determine the future, and avoid the marriage of marriage due to sexual problems after marriage.

The marriage test is conducive to eugenics and good health, which is responsible for family and children.

You can find out whether you can get married, fertilized, and whether your child has the risk of genetic diseases. Doctors will propose a advice of eugenics and eugenics to effectively prevent the birth defects of newborns.

Do not do a marriage check, hide the risk!

In 2003, my country turned the "mandatory marriage inspection" into a "voluntary marriage inspection".However, with the sudden decline in marriage inspection rate, the situation occurred that the birth defects of newborn, the health of the spouse, and the right to know the right to know.

01 Add defects

According to the "China Birth Defective Report (2012)" issued by the Ministry of Health of the original State National Health in 2012, there are currently about 900,000 newly added defects in China each year. Since 2003, the birth defect rate of newborn has doubled in 10 years.Essence

In the composition ratio of infant death, birth defects have risen from the fourth place in 2004 to the second place in 2012, accounting for 19.1%of the cause of death.

The "National Disability Prevention Action Plan (2016-2020)" issued by the General Office of the State Council clearly proposes that it is necessary to actively promote pre -marital medical examinations, implement pre -pregnancy health examinations, and do a good job of prenatal screening and diagnosis.

The marriage check is also known as the first level of prevention and treatment of birth defects.However, the significant decline in the marriage check rate has lost the first level.

The relationship between the national marriage check rate and the total incidence of birth defects.(Triven "Research on the Influential Factors of Volunteer Pre -Marriage Medical Examination" Gu Yaming)

02 Concealing Diseases

It is also possible that some people know that they have a disease and are worried that the other half is to know that there is some scruples, so they intentionally avoid marriage inspections.For example, syphilis, although the detection rate in the wedding examination has decreased, the incidence of syphilis during pregnancy has increased significantly during the same period.This situation will affect itself and spouse, and it will also seriously endanger the health of the next generation.

According to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, a couple in Wuhan neither had a marriage examination nor did the pre -pregnancy medical examination. As a result, the child who was about to be full of the full moon was found infected with syphilis.

Similarly, Zhang Beichuan, a member of the former HIV Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health and a member of the Chinese Society, said in an interview with a reporter from the Chinese Youth Daily on January 15, 2016: The marriage between the two parties did not have a marriage inspection before marriage, and one in the other party concealed that they suffered from sufferingThe fact that AIDS’s condition is not uncommon, which has caused the situation that it is transmitted to the other party after marriage.

03 Parents infect their children infection

Lack of marriage examination, if you accidentally get pregnant, you may also transmit some infectious diseases to the next generation, such as hepatitis B virus!

According to Qingdao Daily, Mr. Hou and his wife Ms. Zhang were found to be positive (that is, hepatitis B) when he was seek medical treatment.Immediately, the son of the full moon was also diagnosed with hepatitis B virus carriers.

Mr. Hou regretted that because his body was always good, he did not have a marriage check when he got married.The doctor introduced that when Ms. Zhang was born, she passed hepatitis B virus to her son through the placenta cord blood.

If the couple have done a marriage check, then after 20 weeks of pregnancy, they will give Ms. Zhang once a week to play hepatitis B immunoglobulin, and for three weeks, the fetus can basically avoid infection, but the wood has become a boat, but it can only be regrettable!

04 High -risk professional parents are risky

Zhang Guangchao at the Department of Children’s Cancer Department of Tianjin Cancer Hospital stated on January 27, 2011 that some children’s tumors were related to the occupation of their parents, especially engaged in the paint, rubber, and plastic processing.Make children also have the opportunity to come into contact with such carcinogens and buried the hidden dangers of cancer.

In addition, common tumors such as kidney maternal cytoma and retinomyllatoma are related to heredity.

Therefore, parents engaged in special occupations should be far away from the harmful environment if they want their children, and they must conduct a marriage inspection and pregnancy check. Especially the marriage examination is different from the pregnancy test. The hidden diseases such as genetic diseases and genetic defects of the husband and wife can be.It was discovered that avoiding it to the child can be found early through inspections, and treatment measures were taken early.

What exactly is the marriage check?

Some young people say that every year work units will conduct timing physical examinations, so there is nothing wrong with their bodies, and there is no need to check again before getting married. Instead, this is more.

In fact, marriage examinations are not the same as ordinary medical examinations.

The marriage examination is also called pre -marital medical examination. It is a medical examination that may suffer from the diseases that affect marriage and fertility.

The inspection items include inquiry, physical examination, conventional auxiliary inspection and other special examinations.The main diseases of the examination include severe genetic diseases and specified infectious diseases: AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other infectious diseases that are considered in the "Prevention and Control of the People’s Republic of China";At the same time, the newcomers have pre -marital hygiene guidance and consultation.

01 Infectious disease examination

Such as detecting hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, etc.The general blood test is only a routine to check the blood. If you can’t find out these diseases, you must do it separately.

02 Reproductive organ inspection

Check whether there are abnormalities and diseases, you can find no fertility or need to suspend fertility.

03 Genetic Disease Screening

For example, thalassemia detection and G6PD deficiency (broad bean disease) testing is mainly to ensure the health of the baby.Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Hainan are the high -incidence areas in the prefecture, and you should pay special attention.

04 History inquiries

Understand the blood relationship between the two sides, and the history of the past.For example, have there been mental illness, infectious diseases, genetic diseases, congenital defects that affect marriage and childbirth.

Do you want to tell the other party?

According to Article 103 of the "People’s Republic of China": "If one party suffers from major illnesses, the other party shall be informed before marriage registration;"" ".So in the concept of family happiness, you must tell your partner frankly.Especially when one party is infected with AIDS, we must inform the other party.

Love Tips

There are three ways to spread AIDS: sexual communication, blood transmission, and mother and baby communication.

If the female party suffers from AIDS, if she is not a marriage and does not treat the treatment of the mother and baby to block the drug after pregnancy, then the baby who is born will be infected with AIDS through maternal and infants, and the consequences will be unimaginable.If the man suffers from AIDS and is contagious through sexual behavior, it will bring serious family problems.

1.Actively conduct pre -marital examinations, especially sexually transmitted examinations.Regularly conduct sexually transmitted diseases and early treatment.

2.Loyalty to each other is the only sex partner of each other to avoid extramarital sex.

3.Clean yourself, refuse business sex, use condoms correctly, and reduce the risk of infection with AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

4.Reject the temptation of drugs, not drug use.

This is not only responsible for your health

At the same time, it is also responsible for the health of others

Marriage is not a child’s play

Is responsibility and responsibility

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