Dr. Beauty Fitness becomes "King Kong Barbie". In June of pregnancy, I still stunned iron. Netizens: Is this pregnant?

Nowadays, everyone’s living standards have improved, and they also pay more and more attention to health. Many people have the habit of developing sports and fitness, especially for some women, in addition to paying a perfect figure, in addition to paying attention to daily dietIn addition, sports fitness is naturally indispensable.

But when women enter pregnancy and after pregnancy, many people need to face these problems: Can you exercise during pregnancy?When can I exercise?

Many netizens may think that if you are pregnant during pregnancy, you should not exercise, and even move as little as possible, afraid to affect the baby.But in fact, the concept of "not to move" is a bit old. For each pregnant mother, in order to better welcome the baby’s arrival, it is necessary to choose a safe and scientific exercise method during pregnancy.

Recently, I also saw a high -value female doctor who loves fitness. Even during pregnancy, she still maintains a "King Kong Barbie" devil figure.

It is understood that the doctor of medicine is Yuan He Rong, who is currently engaged in Chinese medicine.Because I usually wear a loose white coat, and her face is more beautiful and beautiful, most people really can’t see it. The figure under her white coat can be described as "Zhuangshuo" to describe it.Essence

Out of her love for sports health, coupled with her hard work and talent, she also won the championships of several bodybuilding competitions, and therefore became famous and became an Internet celebrity.

But after seeing her fitness photos, many netizens couldn’t help questioning: "Is it a frequent nutritional agent to practice like this? Will you not be pregnant?"

In the face of such doubts, the bodybuilding champion chose to answer with a B -ultrasound of a hospital.

In addition, because of long -term insistence on exercise, her body fat rate is only 15 % amazing. Even after pregnancy, the muscles of Ms. Yuan’s body are still very tight, like King Kong Barbie.Even after the netizens saw it, they were amazed: "This is not a pregnant mother at all."

In fact, for pregnant mothers, appropriate exercise during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers to improve health, enhance physical strength, improve physical functions, promote metabolism, improve constipation, and promote blood circulation and prevent thrombosis, which can be described as many benefits.

However, after all, with children, you still need to evaluate and pay attention to some matters during pregnancy. Let’s talk about it.

1. Exercise before pregnancy

For pregnant mothers, the intensity of exercise during pregnancy varies from person to person.The general guidance principle is that if a exercise makes pregnant mothers feel too laborious or uncomfortable, the exercise intensity should be reduced in time.

If the expectant mothers have long persistence before pregnancy, then they can generally continue after pregnancy, but they need to be more detailed when warm -up, and the intensity should be appropriately reduced.

If expectant mothers do not have the habit of exercising before pregnancy, it is recommended to start with some gentle activities during pregnancy to avoid too severe exercise.

2. Consult the doctor in time according to your own situation

For pregnant mothers with the following diseases, doctors who are advised to consult a professional exercise plan are recommended.

① Bleeding during pregnancy more or continuous bleeding;

② In the past, there was a history of abortion and premature birth;

③ There are diseases such as asthma, epilepsy, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid and other diseases;

④ Anemia, severe weight or overweight;

⑤ There are abnormal or other pregnancy abnormalities in multiple births or placenta.

1. Early pregnancy -the first 3 months

It is recommended that pregnant mothers should not have severe exercise in the early pregnancy.Because at this time, the fetus was just in bed, and excessive exercise can easily lead to abortion.At this time, the exercise that is more suitable for pregnant mothers is to walk and take the stairs more mild exercises.

2. In the middle of pregnancy -mid -term 3 months

Pregnant mothers at this stage can exercise according to their physical condition.After 3 months, the fetus bed has been stable, and the placenta has also been formed.At this time, the baby’s baby is not very big, and the expectant mother is not very clumsy. It is the most suitable period for increasing exercise.

However, it should be noted that exercise needs to be determined according to your actual situation, and you must not move hard.Pregnant mothers can perform swimming, giving birth, dancing, yoga, etc. at this stage.

3. Late pregnancy -last 3 months

At this stage, pregnant mothers should reduce the amount of exercise again.Because the fetus at this stage has grown a lot, excessive exercise may lead to problems such as premature birth and allergic contractions.At this time, the exercise suitable for pregnant mothers is walking and pregnant women’s exercise.

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