Dr. Gong Xiaoming: Can I have children after taking cold medicine?Talk about the problem of medication during pregnancy

"Doctor, I am pregnant, but I don’t know before pregnancy, I just took a cold medicine, can this child want it?"

"I have hyperthyroidism, and now I am pregnant, do I need to stop the medicine?"

These problems are often asked by obstetricians and gynecologists, and they are also a problem that new mothers often pay attention to.

What are the safe and dangerous during pregnancy during pregnancy? Let’s first understand a benefit called "all or no". It means that within 2 weeks starting from fertilization, the effect of drugs on the embryo is not caused by children’s influence.There is no impact on abortion, or there is no problem with the child.Fertilization usually occurs in the middle of menstruation. If the menstruation is 28 days once, then all or without benefits are probably within one month of menstruation. If you do n’t know if you are pregnant, you do n’t need to be too nervous.Then there is generally no problem.

Many people find that they are pregnant with their children after taking emergency contraceptives (Yuting), which is also adapted to this law, which means that if you want a child, you can continue.

After 2 weeks, whether the drug has an impact on children, we probably need to understand the category of drug pregnancy during the pregnancy of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).To explain whether a drug affects embryos, it needs to see its results in animal tests and human research.FDA divides all drugs into several categories of A/B/C/D/X.

A class

In the control study, no early pregnancy (no risk evidence in the middle and late pregnancy) will have risks to human fetuses, and the possibility of injury to the fetus looks small.


Animal reproductive research did not find risks in the fetus. At that time, the results of the comparison research of unmanned pregnant women; or animal reproductive research showed adverse effects (not only the decline in fertility)Confirmation (there is no risk evidence in the middle and late pregnancy).

C class

Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the fetus (teratogenic effects or embryo -killing effects, etc.), but in human women do not have research, or no human and animal research materials, only when the potential benefits of the fetus are greater than the potential risk, canThis drug.

D class

There is exact evidence that it is risky to human fetuses, but for the benefit of pregnant women, these risks are acceptable (for example, using the drug during crisis, or if the disease is seriously unable to use safe drugs or safe drugs, it has no effect..

X class

Animal or human studies have shown that fetal malformations, or human experience shows that they have risks or both, and the risk of using the drug in pregnant women is significantly greater than any possible benefits.The drug is taboo in pregnant women or may be pregnant.

Almost any kind of western medicine can be retrieved to its FDA classification. After knowing its classification, we will answer the patient’s question.

For example, a friend told me that she had irregular menstruation and found that she was pregnant for 40 days. At about 35 days, she took a fixed sheep to treat urinary infection and asked if I could continue to ask for children.Because menstruation is irregular, you can use ultrasound to determine the gestational week. If the actual gestational week is less than 4 weeks (we calculate the pregnancy weeks from the last menstruation), then there is no problem.Or for more than 4 weeks, we need to query the category of pregnancy.I checked the domestic information, and I didn’t find that there was a category of FDA pregnancy period. It was represented by "cautious use" in the drug manual.I used its English name nitrofurantoin to retrieve in Google. The result found is Pregnancy Cat. It is B whether she is within 2 weeks of the embryo.Essence

In the same way, there are some patients with complications before pregnancy, such as hyperthyroidism, do you need to continue medication during pregnancy?Let’s check the propymioline (commonly known as the propylene), which is a Class D drug, which belongs to the potential risk of the fetus.The influence, then at this time, it is necessary to consider continuing medication during pregnancy to control hyperthyroidism. Unless hyperthyroidism has been controlled, the internal medicine doctors suggest that you can observe without medication.Of course, the situation of pregnancy may change. Some patients will increase during pregnancy, and some patients will be relieved. Therefore, if patients with complications are often needed to manage patients and make decisions.The reason is also applicable to common situations such as colds.

The result of the clinical trials of Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine is not strictly designed, so the impact on the embryo cannot be evaluated with the classification standards of the FDA. This is a lack ofEssenceIf the child is precious, wait until about 20 weeks to do malformation screening to see if there is a problem. If there is no problem, continue.

The drug is a full or no effect during the early pregnancy, and the X -ray examination within 2 weeks of conception also exists with similar or unparalleled effects.

This article may save a lot of children who have been killed by the "cold medicine". I hope Zhou knows.

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