Dream is a strange world, and the dream of fetal dream is a magical existence

Perhaps some data during pregnancy may not be ideal, and it is inevitable that I have worried and think about it.It feels quite interesting. I don’t remember the specific date. I recorded some in my spare time to eat meals.

I dreamed of picking jujube from the tree at that time, it felt like it was very sweet.

Two times are anthropomorphic bean sprouts have become small lives.

Eat jujube three times.

Four times dream of being pregnant.

Five times dreamed that he was pregnant.

Six times are dreaming of having a little boy (very good, as long as you come back to feed it to eat).

Seven times dreamed that he was admitted to college again. The younger brother of the neighbor’s house had to play with me. I helplessly picked a green persimmons to coax it to find his brother to play.

I dreamed of it eight times, and I was ready to send me Dabao.

I dreamed of it nine times and touched the one by one, and touched a lot.Dreaming of the iron cable bridge splashed with a few people.

I dreamed of eating noodles ten times and ate a lot, very enjoyable.I dreamed of aiming at the edamame of others, but at that time, I felt that I had bought more edamame to eat too much, and I felt that it was not delicious, so I was not ready to participate.Pick up the peanuts of others in the other piece, prepare to go back to the same man’s Maodia, cook it, and see people on the road on the way back to see the sweet potatoes on the river slope. I want to wait for them to leave.See if there is any leftover, pick a few pieces and cook sweet tea.

I dreamed of buying buns for eleven times, and I forgot the specific plot.

Twelve times, dreaming of being sewing quilt, I only remember very diligent at the time, and the cotton inside was very soft.

Thirteen times, I dreamed that I had picked a jujube on the tree. The dates were very big. I never saw it. I knew it was sweet at a glance.

Fourteen times, dreamed that when you ride a horse out to play, what color the horse is forgotten (determined that it is not white, it is a dark color), and the road that has been walked for a long time (the place where you go to the river has also appeared several times in the dream), Very comfortable! When I went back, I picked another way to ride back, but I dreamed that I did n’t know how to suddenly have an Aries.Thinking about riding a sheep back, sheep are pregnant, afraid of hurting it.Just want to ride a horse (sheep can’t ride, I feel that I still have a horse in that position, this dream is really logical), the horse is also pregnant, I asked myself what I was riding just now.

Fifteen times, dreaming that he was collecting peanuts, others were collecting sweet potatoes, and he dreamed that he gave birth to a cub.

Sixteen times, dreamed of flooding down the mainland, drowned himself at once.Of course, people are okay.And come again for a while.

Seventeen times, dreamed that the trafficker snatched Dabao and cried and looked for my baby.

Eighteen times, dreaming of a skateboarding car, walking very quickly, and there is a immortal blessing (dreaming that you can facilitate the fairy law, there are people around you), and you have taken a long way.

Nineteen times, dreamed of popcorn, and lollipops were inserted in the middle.

Twenty times, I dreamed that my brother took 531 points to apply for one.

Twenty -one times, I won’t go into details before, and then dreamed that Dabao was asleep. I held a few postures to make it sleep comfortably.

Twenty -two times, dreaming of eating, I don’t remember it.I was eating something for my brother, and forgot to give me.Then I didn’t follow it. After I gave it to me, I took things (should be a cricket, or meat buns, or cakes or the like) to prepare to run away from home?When I went out, I met a dog, worried that it would be snatched, and it took a long time to confront it, and I didn’t remember it later.

Twenty -three times, this dream is a bit pitted.I dreamed that I did n’t know what reason, a wild pig (white, which was comparable to the transformation of the pig eight precepts) (white, raised on the side of the previous home).Then feed it some food for canteens.But I went out to play and forgot it.And he picked up a lot of coins left by the field, five points, twenty, five yuan, and five yuan. Obviously, there was no corner.After returning home, I found that the pig walls of the house were arched, and I thought of being hungry for two days. The pig chased me when I saw me.After using the coins to lead it halfway, I quickly ran to the cafeteria to prepare to give it to eat.The chef said that it was their stuff, and I asked again and again.Tell him the situation is urgent, and the good thing to say is a good idea to get his consent.There are two barrels in the kitchen, one with leftovers and one containing leftovers (rice). I took the pot and wanted to dig a lot of oil and water for pigs.At this moment, the back wall of the kitchen was arched with a hole in the pig. Several pigs came in. I called someone to clean up. They surrounded a few pigs and pointed at a small pig.It is useless (the thought of the person in the dream is that it is incite and cannot fight, and it ’s no flesh when it’ s small, so it ’s useless).Then I thought that the big and strong pigs must be useful.

Twenty -four times, dreaming of eating pigeons.

Twenty -five times, this is another good dream. First of all, I dreamed that a few irrelevant people were cooking and cooking. One of the members of the cooking stems from selfishly to ask her to eat well. Go first and go first.opened.So that the remaining opinions were not uniform.Then he turned to Dabao to dig and climb.Moreover, the climbing of my teeth danced, I walked over to help Dabao dig, dug a climbing, and there was a hole, another hammer went down, a big hole in a fist, and quickly greeted them to walk away.I found a few more places on the road, and I saw a thick hole with a thick wrist. I saw a touch of beanworm green extending to the entrance of the other side.I didn’t take a few steps. A spider with a hair chestnut climbing to my hands, I couldn’t throw it away. I could only pinch it and shed green juice with one hand.I woke up shortly afterwards.

Twenty -six times, it seemed that we changed the place where we studied and changed to the boat. The ship was very generous. It was made by the shift. We need to change it to let us ride. Usually, the king is not the king.Suddenly one day the other two appeared at the same time, and we came to us in front of us by the wind. The boat we took also drove over in a timely manner, parked along the river bank side by side, and patted the river shore.There is also on the boat. The people in the dormitory seem to be the seeds of melon. They are put on the table with small bags. They are full of color. The colors are black, but they are not pure and natural.When I started to eat the seedlings, the dormitory returned one after another, and then everyone picked up the seeds.The sound of the seedlings was crisp and neat, loud, and lasting for a while.After that, it seemed that I came out and closed the door, or was awakened by the sound, so I didn’t remember, I just remember the crispy and loud sound of melon seeds.

Twenty -seven times, I don’t remember, I just remember that a yellow cat was caught by a black bear’s paw.There is a black cat with a black body, and I originally raised a half of the whole body cat in my hand.Then I didn’t know how the little black bear was blocked in a horny place, and the charcoal was placed outside. Later, the two kittens came to make fun. Remember to be very clear.After waking up, I had another dream. I originally had a child. There was a little boy’s parents died.Li, but this name was negated again.Don’t remember the others.

Twenty -eighth, dreaming that there are no leaves on the tree, all of which are grape -like skewers.People said that let me pick it up, I folded three strings on the branches, and the branches were bent a lot by the fruit.

Twenty -nine, dreamed of going to the table (banquet).I don’t know who is going, there are many people.When I was leaving, I packed the meals I had left.Then turned into a strange Lu Li escape.

Thirty, dreaming that I just woke up, I couldn’t watch it.Touching the right side is a child, which is obviously bigger than Dabao, not my baby.Just touched the left side, my baby just got up, and touched it, it said that he had to sleep.After a while, the hired worker of the grandmother’s house said that we got up. After getting up, there were two yellow snakes next to the mat. It was scared that I dragged my baby and hid around.Let me let go of my baby.In the end, I felt that there was an arm that wrapped my arms, and I screamed.When I turned back, I told my mother -in -law first. The hired worker began to make bad since I went to my grandmother’s house. At that time, a group of people went, because I was a pregnant woman, and I was sitting on the front of the bed.The cousin came to sit next to me, and then the cousin sat.The hired worker walked next to me and said, "I can’t sit in this place, I said I don’t dislike it.The hired worker helped his grandmother to raise chickens, and Hua had a whistle. He also told me that the grandmother gave less salary. The salary would double next month, otherwise it would not work.I said to my grandmother, this person is not in the middle, we don’t know if we are bullied by you.And if there is anything, she may not report it to us, very worried.

Thirty -one, dreamed that he was walking with Dabao, Dabao held it, and he didn’t take three steps.I called that who had to call that, and the game was old and the interface was not allowed to play.In the end, I thought that I could use WeChat to contact. It was raining in the doctor’s house, which was … anger.

Thirty -two times, dreaming of being brought to the prefecture by a woman, she has a sharp knife and 90 centimeters long. She told me that this family had a Jin Dan.It seems to ask me to find her out.At this time, I seemed to have an impression. Someone told me who moved a place two days ago and buried a very important thing with a plastic film.But I didn’t want to give her, so she threatened me. I went to the team to do the task, and took away her "legacy" (as if she was specifically placed there to monitor me)The knife, to kill the ghost, the knife was very sharp, and the ghosts were afraid of it.

Thirty -two times, this dream was made by Tianming. When I woke up and was ready to sleep for a while, I dreamed that my husband and I went to the hospital to produce. The child gave birth to me. The child was already dressed and held in his arms.Zhuangshi (the head body shape, the sister must suffer a big crime), and also brought a hat.I said, my girl is so fat, my husband said it is a boy, I go! I don’t believe it, really, then holding it in my arms, the gentleman said he was asleep?I said, his hands were a bit cold.

Thirty -three, this dream came in the middle of the night, as if a little boy followed me, greedy my snack, I don’t want him to follow, but this is a fox out of the outside. I am worried that it will hurt him.Then he took things to fight the fox, prepared to drive it away, and then drove away, and then woke up.

Thirty -four, dreamed of giving birth to a child, but was induced by the hospital, the children’s spine was sandwiched, and then I started to make trouble, and finally prepared to jump off the building.

Thirty -five, dreaming of fighting with people, it seems that Ren Xiaosu and Yang Xiaojin played one in cooperation, and I saw Ren Xiaosu sacrificed the coffin he specially created for his grandpa. Each wooden board of that coffin echoed him.Afterwards, Yang Xiaojin got the firearm, and the victory was unquestionable.(The reason for this name is because at the time when I was watching the elbow "first sequence")

Thirty -six, dreaming of a flying ant biting me, and then the second dream, dreaming of being into the eight roads and killing the little devil.(I have bleed for the revolution, when did I flow? Dreaming flow … The second dream is that many people have dreamed of it.

Thirty -seven times, dreaming of buying a pigeon and putting him in the yard for walking.Because there are chickens raised, it is mixed.Suddenly one day, I found a few pigeons, thinking about catching them to cut them off their feathers.Who knows that after installing the woven bag, they all become toads.The adult said that my hands and feet were too slow, and they slapped them into a pigeon.

Thirty -eight times, dreaming of working in the ground, wheat seedlings green.Then we took them one by one and dreamed of picking up a red ticket.I dreamed that the school sent a new phone for everyone, which was very beautiful.

Dream is a very weird thing. Sometimes it has a reason, and sometimes it is not logical at all.Being in entertainment, don’t take it seriously.

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