Dreaming about a beggar, then my mother gave birth to me.

Netizen 1: When I was pregnant for the first time, I often dreamed that a little girl was with me, but I was still tossing in my stomach. Many people said that it was a boy.It was a girl. At that time, she had her own daughter, and I also felt that the dream I had made was really amazing.

Netizen 2: I used to dream of a scene, or a nightmare. At that time, I was still very young. I dreamed that I was in the jungle and then was chased by some large animals.It is this dream, and you can dream of the same scene. It is a cold sweat. Later, when he grew up, he didn’t have this dream. It felt like the dream of the previous cycle was really scary.

Netizen 3: My mother told me that I had dreamed of a little beggar before. At that time, I came to beg, and my mother gave him some to eat. Later, I had me. I was born with a boy. My mother would likeIt is really amazing to say that it was my dream.

Netizen 4: I used to have the same dream for several years in a row. I have been walking on a small road in my dream, but there is always a wall blocked. Once I suddenly lost that wall.After entering a yard, there is a beautiful girl in the yard. I feel that I and her are familiar, and I naturally talk about it. I know she is familiar with herself, but I ca n’t remember who she is.After chatting for a long time, she left, and then she stopped doing this dream anymore, and nothing happened in reality.

Netizen 5: I used to dream of a snake. The sister -in -law said that I was going to be pregnant. Later, after half a month, I was pregnant. I felt very amazing. Later, I dreamed of it. I dreamed that my child was a boy.It’s a boy, but I will like what children are born. After all, they are all their own children. Will there be a miracle again?

Netizen 6: I may have seen many fantasy novels. Every time I dream of dreaming is relatively large, I still have spells, and I will fly in the sky. I become the protagonist in the dream.It is very good, but whenever I woke up, I found that I was a mortal, and I had to work hard. If I thought about it, I had to burst into tears.

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