Drink at least three cups of tea a day?Research 30,000 people, drinking green tea is related to the decline in the risk of gastric cancer

"Friends, three o’clock, drink tea first!"

China is the origin of tea. Many people have the habit of drinking tea. According to statistics, the per capita consumption of Chinese tea is 200%of the world’s average, ranking sixth in the world. From the perspective of 1.4 billion people, this amount is very large.EssenceRecently, a new study also revealed the potential of tea’s anti -cancer, especially for Chinese people. It may be good news.

Recently, the team led by Professor Georgia Martimianaki at the University of Milan published a study in the British Cancer Magazine, which studied that drinking tea may reduce the risk of cancer in the body.A total of 22 studies were included in the research. The subjects include Spain, Japan, China, the United States, and Brazil. A total of 9438 patients with gastric cancer and 20,451 were compared.Through analysis, it is found as follows:

1. Chinese who often drink green tea, the risk of gastric cancer is lower

Compared with people who do not drink tea, those who drink three cups of tea a day, the ratio of the occurrence of gastric cancer drops to 0.91.Chinese people who often drink green tea, among those who are infected with Helicobacter pylori, and card cancer subjects, the risk of tea drinking and gastric cancer is strongly negative.In Europeans and Americans, there is no correlation between tea and gastric cancer.

2. Drink cold tea and warm tea, the effect is better

When analyzing the habits of tea drinking, the researchers found that the people who drink cold tea or warm tea were related to the risk of gastric cancer compared to those who did not drink tea. Drinking strong tea and drinking hot tea was not related to gastric cancer risks.

It is worth noting that this research is only an observation study. It cannot directly prove that drinking tea will be able to resist cancer, and it needs to be objective.

As the saying goes, "Spring flowers, summer green, autumn, winter red", which means that summer is more suitable for drinking green tea, and it is suitable for drinking black tea in winter.Xu Yongquan, a researcher at the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that green tea contains active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, tea, tea polysaccharides, and caffeine, which has a certain benefit for health.Coupled with the characteristics of green tea without fermentation, more natural nutritional elements can be retained.In the hot summer, it can clear heat and detoxify, and promote metabolism.

In addition, green tea has these benefits

1. Antioxidant

Green tea is rich in tea polyphenol, which has antioxidant effects. For some beautiful ladies, drinking more green tea can help skin antioxidant and delay its aging speed.

2. Protect your eyes

A study published in the Chemical Weekly of Agriculture and Food pointed out that the antioxidant substances in green tea can enter the eye tissue to reduce the damage of free radicals to the eyes, and can play a certain prevention role in eye diseases such as glaucoma.

3. Help to improve brain vitality

Catechin contained in green tea has the role of activating ideas and increasing information processing speed, which can help improve the vitality of the brain.

Drinking green tea appropriately has a lot of benefits for our health, but when brewing, pay attention to these things to avoid the nutritional loss of green tea because of improper brewing habits.

1. Do not brew with boiling water

The water temperature brewed in green tea should be kept at about 85 ° C. Excessive heat can easily cause the tea to be cooked. The nutrients inside will also be lost and degenerated.Essence

2. Don’t put too much tea, too thick

The amount of brewing each time should be judged according to the size of the tea set. Generally, it is recommended to brew with a ratio of 1:50. Do not place too much tea at a time to avoid excessive tea intake.

3. Don’t rush directly to the tea

When brewing, avoid rushing directly to the tea, otherwise it is easy to damage the tender leaves and make the tea soup turbid. The best way is to water along the cup.

4. Don’t drink while hot

Do not drink tea while drinking. It is recommended to try the temperature of the tea cup with your hands.If it is still hot, it means that the temperature of the tea is likely to be above 65 ° C, and the hot drink above 65 ° C is a 2A carcinogen. Long -term drinking can easily induce cancer.

Drinking tea can bring some benefits to our health, but we must pay attention to these things above to avoid paddle to health because of the wrong way of drinking tea, then it will be lost!

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