Drink milk, okay?

milk.Come and drink milk?

I mentioned in my lecture recently that I personally do not drink milk.Many students have questions and talk about my shallow insights here.

First of all, hormone and sugar -resistant issues.About 10,000 years ago, the Nordic people domesticated so -called dairy cows. Due to the lack of nutrients, the milk -eating milk gene mutations formed lactose tolerance genes.And Asia and Africa, the change of this gene mutation is relatively short.Many people are not resistant to lactose, especially after people break the breast milk, the lactose gene is closed.Although there is already a lactose and zero lactose products in this regard, I personally think that it should still be more attention.

Third: milk contains AI and A2-B clinomo, 80%casein, B-casein, milk protein.Among them, AI casein will produce a amino acid sequence called BCM-7 in the digestive process.After entering the body, it will cause an immune response, it will also affect the gastrointestinal digestive system and endocrine, and it will also affect your emotions.Many people have discomfort when they drink milk, thinking that it is impatient, but after choosing zero lactose milk, it still has not improved.It may be because of this reason, so we should choose the milk of A2 casein.

A recommended diet method from ZBZ is GFCF.Diet is to quit gluten and milk.The reason for quitting milk is because of AI casein.But whether this diet method is absolutely effective, it has not been concluded.

Third: the problem of fine monarchs and modern craftsmanship.Most dairy cows may not be normal in the production process of modern milk.The machine may have XX inflammation repeated milking.

Secondly, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, milk is benign cold, and it is not easy to eat.So although milk is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, vitamins, and so on.But if we want to drink, we should still choose the right type according to our physical condition.

There are other aspects that I can’t say more.So I personally don’t drink milk.

If you eat food, I recommend that it is called R products.When it comes to this, it depends on personal choice when drinking or not drinking.

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