Drinking a small amount is good for health?Studies have confirmed: drinking a drop of wine is harmful, there is no moderate to say this

The world loves alcohol, like a scum male.Knowing it is toxic, but it will still be immersed in it, enjoying a moment of illusory happiness.

Its dangerous and charming characteristics have stimulated the desire of people’s conquest, and the "liquor" was born.

Some people have rivers and lakes. According to news reports, the Chinese wine consumer market has reached more than trillion yuan in 2021.

In drinking the rivers and lakes, the north and the south are in successive factions, forming a blooming wine culture.

In China, Shandong and Henan are "can drink big provinces" verified by big data.As the two major representatives of the northern pride faction, the word "drinking" has been engraved in everyone’s DNA since childhood, so the amount of alcohol and persuasion technology has reached its peak.

People in Shandong pay attention to the rules, and arrange strict arrangements for sitting in the seats. There are "four accompaniment and four guests" (if you are interested, you can study it by yourself).

After sitting, you will not only persuade people to drink with the language art of "not drinking alcohol", but also create opportunities to "persuade alcohol" for themselves.In short, everyone has to drink it.

In Henan, the hometown of liquor, I want to call my brothers and brothers on the wine table with the locals. First of all, it depends on how many degrees you drink -50 degrees at the starting price, and you must "go to the child’s table" below 50 degrees.

Drink a lot of samples, for example, eat fish on the wine table, do not drink 108 cups, it is estimated that you will not come to Taiwan.Toasting is also particular about, others respect you, you have to drink two glasses, and the bottom is the respect for the toasting person.

Compared to the boldness of drinking in the north, the south represents Guangdong a slightly subtlety.

In Guangdong, beer and red wine are the frequent guests of wine tables, and liquor appears more at the Business Wine Bureau.The rhythm of drinking is slow. Everyone drinks relatively long and long, and likes a glass of ground.There will also be a hint of goodwill between advising wine, although not many.

Of course, many people love drinking, not only because of unique regional wine culture, but also because of the "health science" that they contain.

Regarding the matter of "drinking healthy", everyone has their own ideas, especially those drinking "truths" circulating by the people:

Many studies have already shown that drinking and destroying the whole body!

Alcohol can damage multiple tissue systems such as the brain, blood vessels, heart, and reproductive organs, and increase the risk of 6 cancers, including throat cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer.

The 2020 Studies of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that there were the most harmfulness of drinking in a person’s life, and the damage was mainly concentrated in the brain.These three periods are pregnancy, adolescence (15-19 years) and seniority (over 65 years old).

During pregnancy, the fetal brain neurons are at the critical stage of budding, which is very sensitive to external stimuli.The intake of alcohol in pregnant women may cause fetal alcohol syndrome (FASD), leading to problems such as low intelligence, incomplete physical development, and mobile disorders. The most serious case is the death of the fetus.

"Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Studies" pointed out that during pregnancy, even if a small amount of alcohol is intake, there will be an abortion risk.

In adolescence, the neurons in the brain are in the development stage. At this time, drinking will hinder the connection of neurons and reduce cognitive functions.

In life, everyone will feel that drinking is something that big talents like to do, but in fact, drinking is gradually becoming younger.The Harbin CDC has investigated more than 5,700 middle school students in the city and found that many people started drinking for the first time in the age of 14 to 15. They had drunk experience at the age of 16 to 17, and the overall drinking rate was as high as 49.6%.

Among them, parents’ drinking history, friends drinking, and drinking media in advertising media are all high -risk factor affecting minors drinking.

By the age of age, the brain developed downhill, the number of neurons decreased, the area became smaller, and the brain would shrink.And alcohol will accelerate the shrinking speed, increasing the risk of the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Seeing this, some friends will definitely question:

But sorry, the truth will definitely disappoint you.

As early as 2018, Liuye knife issued a warning: drinking does not have an appropriate amount of drinking, the safest drinking amount is 0!Therefore, if you want to comfort your friends with "drink in moderation", give up the struggle.

“Zero plan”

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