Drinking mung bean soup in summer is many benefits.

This year, the Sanwu appeared in high fever, and it was time to drink mung bean soup to relieve heat.

There are three great benefits of mung beans

1. Detoxification

Mung bean protein content is 20%, three times that of rice, and protein is rich in lysine.Mung bean protein also has the characteristics of combining with heavy metal ions, which is the source of its detoxification function.

2. Liphal

Mung bean starch has a slow digestion, blood sugar rises slowly, and mung bean starch is conducive to controlling blood lipids.It is suitable for diabetic patients or patients with diarrhea or patients with adexation.

3, relieve heat

Sweating in summer is easy to cause the loss of body nutrients.Mung bean soup rich in various minerals such as potassium, sodium, and calcium has become a must -have for heat.

How to cook the mung bean soup is the most summer?

When you cook the mung bean soup, you will find that sometimes the soup is green and sometimes red.Why are there two different colors?

This is because mung beans contain polyphenols. This polyphenol material is more sensitive. Under high temperature heating, it will react with the oxygen in the air, generate a pyrineEssence

Therefore, if you cover the pot and cook the mung bean soup in a short period of time, the soup is not exposed to oxygen, and the cooked soup is green.

If the lid is opened, the cooking time becomes longer, and the polyphenols will be oxidized, and the mung bean soup will be red.In addition, the cooked mung bean soup has been placed in the air for a long time, and the color will gradually become red.

Which color of mung bean soup is the best effect?

The polyphenols in mung bean skins have a certain inhibitory effect on the temperature regulation center. From the perspective of relieve heat and heat, the degree of oxidation is not deep, and the green mung bean soup with green mung bean soup will have better effect.

How to keep the green bean soup green more lasting?

Boil the mung bean soup with hot water. After boiling, the soup is built for three or five minutes. The soup is clear and green.This green mung bean soup, the polyphenols dissolved in the bean skin are not oxidized, and its heat -clearing and detoxifying effect is the strongest. Those who want to clear the fire can quickly drink.

The second is to reduce the rate of oxidation reaction. For example, you can boil it with pure water. Put a little lemon juice or two or three vitamin C when cooking mung bean soup, or reduce the amount of oxygen in the water to protect polyphenol, Make mung bean soup green for a long time.

These people are not suitable for drinking mung bean soup


Drinking mung bean soup can prevent heat stroke, but people with cold constitutions are not suitable for drinking.

People with cold constitutions are manifested as cold and weak limbs, cold waist and legs, and thin diarrhea.After eating mung beans, it will aggravate the symptoms, and even cause digestive diseases such as chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by chronic gastritis caused by diarrhea (severe if severe).

2. The elderly, children, and physical weaknesses

Because there are more protein content in mung beans than chicken, large molecular proteins need to be converted into small molecule peptides and amino acids under the action of enzymes to be absorbed by the human body.The gastrointestinal digestive function of the elderly, children, and physical weaknesses is poor, and diarrhea is likely to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.

For this part of the crowd, it is recommended to cook more mung bean to drink mung bean porridge, mainly light and easy to digest.

3. Mediciner

The detoxification effect of mung beans is derived from the ingredients such as mung bean protein that can be combined with organic phosphorus and heavy metals.However, these detoxifying ingredients also react with the related ingredients of the drug, thereby reducing the efficacy.

For slow -sick people who need to take medicine on time, it is recommended that there are no more than one mung bean every day (about 10 grams), and it should be more than two hours different from the medication time.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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