Drive when you are pregnant, what do you think?

Didi, Xiaotian, who was pregnant for 7 months, hasn’t drove for a long time, but her husband is not free, and the heavy task of picking up her mother can only fall on her head.It was quite smooth when I came out. Now I can’t stop it when I arrived in the city. This made Xiaotian more and more anxious.The hospital, Xiaotian was sweating, and her mother was busy and asked her if she was uncomfortable.Xiaotian believes that it should still be checked. Fortunately, after a doctor’s examination, the child in Xiaotian’s belly is not dangerous. As long as you adjust your mood stable, and tell Xiaotian’s attention to driving during pregnancy.

Now that women work during pregnancy is getting more and more common, this will inevitably occur.IntersectionFirst, pay attention to the adjustment of the seat in the late pregnancy, because when the pregnancy is 6.7 months, the belly of the mothers is already very obvious, and the space in the car is limited. It usually controls the car more conveniently. The height is relatively short.Moms should all sit forward, but this can not be the case during pregnancy. When the seat, try to adjust the seats backwards to avoid direct contact with the steering wheel and belly. Of course, Prevent danger.

Second, you ca n’t drive on a long distance. Driving long distances is a very tiring thing and requires energy concentration. This is obviously difficult to do for mothers who are pregnant, because the body of pregnancy will appear or uncomfortable.Therefore, even if it is not convenient, mothers can not drive long distances. They usually drive from work but have little impact. Just pay attention to safety.

Third, the system of the seat belt should be correct. Driving must be a seat belt. This is a safety awareness, but it may be a bit inconvenient for mothers during pregnancy. Especially when encountering an emergency brakeThe big belly of mothers may be that your system is incorrect. The real seat belt system can avoid being stomachable and placed under the abdomen.Otherwise, it is likely to cause squeezing for the baby.Of course, try to avoid sudden brakes and rapid turn during driving, which is the safest to the baby.

Fourth, wearing flat shoes, in the later stages of pregnancy, no matter how important it is, you have to change to flat shoes. This is especially the case when driving. Therefore, mothers can always have a pair of comfortable wearing shoes in the car.Essence

Through this article, I believe that mothers know some attention. Of course, this is not detailed. I still hope that the mothers can learn more about this and pay more attention to safety when they are pregnant.

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