Dry goods: What are the preparations for cats when they are pregnant?

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Many shit officers have asked me recently

"The cat is pregnant, what should I eat?"

"So worried, what do you need to prepare for the cat?"

The shit officials are as nervous as the first time they have children

I also understand everyone’s mood very well

It is said that having a baby is like walking away at the ghost gate

Cats are no exception

So today I don’t say too much nonsense

Enter the theme directly

Teach you how to take care of the cat’s cat master correctly

The female cat is pregnant between 56-71 days, with an average of about 65 days.There are about 4 fetuses for each pregnancy, and of course, there are many cat mothers who have given birth.The number of female cat ovulation or the number of fertilized eggs is more than the number of tires born. This is caused by the heavy absorption of fertilized eggs or early death of the fetus. For cats, this is a relatively common condition.

If there is too much life, the female cat will exhaust all the strength during the production process, and then it must secrete enough milk to feed the kitten. The female cat is likely to have low blood calcium or lack of milk.

If this happens, shit officers must take care of them, always pay attention to the condition of kittens and female cats, and prepare cats for cats (remember not to feed milk).

If the kitten is born within 58 days of pregnancy, it is usually dead or very weak.If you give birth for more than 71 days of pregnancy, the remaining kittens are generally large, which may cause the female cat to be difficult to give birth.Therefore, if the female cat has no sign of delivery for more than 70 days, she must go to the hospital to find a professional physician.

The number of pregnancy tires of old cats will be relatively small. It is best not to breed more cats over 5 years old. Not only will the number of tires become less and less, but the proportion of difficulty or dead tires will gradually increase.

Pregnancy confirms that you should go to the hospital for diagnosis, and shit officers should not judge themselves, because female cats are prone to fake pregnancy.Fake pregnancy is mainly caused by the hormones produced by the ovaries. There will also be a pregnancy of the abdomen or redness of the nipples. When the cat is pregnant (about 60 days), these symptoms will stop.

Here Dano provides general diagnostic principles.

1. About the third week of pregnancy, the nipple of the female cat will become red

2. The weight of the female cat will gradually increase by about 1-2 kilograms

3. The abdomen of the female cat is gradually growing. At this time, if it is not a veterinarian who has been trained, it is absolutely necessary to have an abdominal cardiopathic on the cat, which may cause harm to the fetus.

4. Change of behavior changes, female cats will become very mother.

21-28 days after the female cat is raised, it should be taken to the veterinary hospital for abdominal palpation and ultrasonic examination. At this time, you can confirm whether you are pregnant and roughly estimate the number of tires. After more than 46 days, X-ray shadows can be confirmed.

Some novice shit parents think that cats have to eat more when they are pregnant, and then they wait for the master to wait for the master, which is actually wrong.

In the first half of pregnancy, the calories should be increased in a small amount, so that the weight of the female cat can increase steadily, and the calorie requires about 100 kcal / kg / day.Generally, kittens can be provided for female cats, because the nutritional content of kitten food is relatively balanced.I have introduced the choice of cat food in a detailed introduction in the previous article (portal: how to pick a good cat food for the master).Regardless of whether a kitten or a cat, it is important to choose a conscience cat food!Don’t follow the trend blindly!

In addition, minerals and vitamins must also be provided additional. Generally, nutritional creams contain these ingredients, but they must also choose a conscience brand.Heartless shit officers can cook some chicken breasts and beef and eat 1-2 times a week to supplement the cat’s high-quality protein.

After eating it, you must pay attention to the cat’s spirit and emotions.Any environment that will cause tension of female cats, such as going out and bathing.

The cat owner who takes care of pregnancy needs to be attentive, and it has worked hard.But only if you take care of the cat’s mother can you give birth to a healthy baby duck ~ Come on!

(This issue is here first, and the next issue will introduce the matters that the cat production needs to pay attention to.)

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