Dry goods: What are you knowing after pregnancy?I saved thousands of dollars to give birth to children!

Now I am already the mother of the two children.

So I can be considered a little careful about raising the baby. The biggest feeling is that it is really expensive!

Do you know how much money does it cost from pregnancy to children?Some people specifically calculate the account, which takes about 2,5992 yuan to calculate.

So let me talk about practicality!Dear Dadbao Mom, ready to take notes!

When having a child to check from prenatal to childbirth, each process costs money.

I combined this process and my experience, I hope to save everyone to save money.

The cost of fertility insurance is mainly reflected in two aspects:

Pre -delivery inspection: In the cost of prenatal inspection, as long as you go to the local hospital, you can reimburse directly through maternity insurance, but the reimbursement level of different cities is different; childbirth costs: one -time reimbursement can be reimbursed at a certain amount, different cities in different cities, different cities in different cities, different cities in different cities, different cities in different cities.The standards are different.

How much can we reimburse?Because I was reimbursed in Shenzhen before, I was curious, and I also found out Beijing and Shanghai. I wanted to see who reimburseed.

Dabai checked a lot of information and found that the expenses of the three cities were not the same. Dabai made a form for everyone.

Guangzhou is very convenient. As long as you confirm the identity of the municipal medical insurance bureau, the medical expenses for medical treatment will be settled by the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau in the same hospital.More troublesome.

Beijing and Shanghai are relatively troublesome. In addition, for the mothers who have not been admitted to the hospital or in a different place for the emergency department, I also went to consult the social security personnel:

Insurance employees (Bao Ma) can be reimbursed for pre -check -checking medical expenses for medical insurance for medical insurance in different places, but you must remember to collect various invoice materials.(Everyone can understand from the end of my table’s remarks.)

Isn’t there a maternity allowance?This can get money!

The maternity allowance is equivalent to the salary issued by the maternity insurance when the maternity leave is generally paid by the unit to pay it to the employee’s salary card. The unit submits the information to the Social Security Bureau for reimbursement.(We just need to connect with the unit)

As for how much money can be received, it is linked to the unit’s fertility insurance payment base.

The base of maternity allowances is the average of the corporate payment base last year. If it is lower than maternity leave wages, the enterprise will be paid to the standard of maternity leave.

In addition, there is a calculation formula, the amount of receiving the maternity allowance = the average monthly salary of the employee of the employee of the female employee ÷ the number of maternity leave days (maternity leave+maternity leave)

Huang Meili’s child born in Shanghai is smooth. The per capita payment salary of the previous year of her units in Shanghai is 8,000 yuan, and Huang Meili’s maternity leave is 128 days.

How much fertility can she get?

Just count it: 8000 ÷ 30 × 128 = 3, 4133 yuan

In addition, maternity leave wages and fertility allowances are not available, and most areas are obtained from high.

There are several ways.

Method 1: If your husband has maternity insurance, you can use it (but not for everyone).

Guangzhou stipulates that as long as the enterprise pays the men’s maternity insurance, the unscrupulous spouse of male employees in line with the prescribed male employees can also enjoy the fertility medical expenses;At the time of the previous year, the unit’s (month) average paid salary was paid.Men’s puppet holiday salary = the average payment salary of the person (month) of the previous year ÷ 30 (day) × 10 (day).

However, in some other areas, fans talked about it, although the husband had no use of maternity insurance. You can call 12333 to learn about your location and confirm it.

Method 2: Medical Insurance of Jiaocheng and Rural Residents

Dabai has learned about it. He can also enjoy fertility benefits in advance to residents’ medical insurance in advance, but there is no fertility allowance (but you can also think of it, there are no units, how can there be allowance to send?), Dabai here will not be expanded.

That’s right, the country’s benefits are infants and young children’s medical insurance, and some places are also called children’s medical insurance.

But you’d better apply for children’s medical insurance within three months after the baby is born, so that the hospitalization costs from the day of the baby can be reimbursed!

What is the reimbursement of infant medical insurance?

I take Wuhan as an example.After handling medical insurance for infants and young children: Outpatient reimbursement: Reim on 50%or less than 1,000 yuan or less, the upper limit is 400 yuan.Inpatient reimbursement ratio: The standard for hospitalization is 200 yuan for the first -level hospital threshold fee, which is reimbursed at 80%; the threshold fee fee for the secondary hospital is 500 yuan, reimbursed at 80%; the threshold fee fee for the third -level hospital is 800 yuan, paying at 60%, and there is reimbursement.The upper limit.Isn’t it a good deal if the child has a headache and brain heating into the hospital and can get such a reimbursement?

The newborn is very delicate, and the resistance is not good. Therefore, infants and young children must have medical insurance, so that medical insurance can help you solve the cost of the child’s sick hospitalization.

The processing process of newborn medical insurance is not complicated:

The information you need to bring include: original, copy, copy, medical birth certificate, identity card of parents, and marriage certificate

① Within 3 months after the birth of the newborn, go to the birth certificate for birth.② Then go to the police station at the resident site to give the child the account.③ You can bring your documents: birth certificate, original account book, ID card of both parents, and marriage certificate, and go to the district and county medical insurance center to apply for infant insurance insurance. Soon after, you can get the child’s medical insurance card.

Of course, there are differences in the processes across the country. Not all of them are pressed by this, and some areas may be more convenient and easy.

Shenzhen’s Shenzhen said that as long as WeChat pays attention to Shenzhen social security and fills in personal information; after filling in, select a financial IC social security card cooperation bank to submit the application form of the financial social security card;The person’s ID card, hukou book, and birth certificate are submitted to the bank.

Then you can get a social security card that belongs to the baby within 3 weeks!

However, medical insurance can often give us basic guarantees. Once a major illness occurs, it has a great impact on family.

Take leukemia, the "Report on the Effectiveness and Demand Trend Trends of Children’s Leukemia Diseases" released by the China Public Welfare Research Institute shows that less than 100,000 yuan and more than one million yuan of medical expenses are "Catal. "

75% of families said that the source of medical expenses could not meet the treatment needs of their children. Some of them who needed transplants because the family could not pay medical expenses, and could only give up transplantation treatment.

In actual operation, it will also be affected by factors such as the payment line, the medical insurance reimbursement catalog, the cap, and the medical treatment.Pack up.

So in addition to the basic guarantee of medical insurance, you also want to give children more guarantees. Dabai recommends that you can consider allocating commercial insurance for children at home.

Many people have misunderstandings about children’s insurance and think that children’s insurance is expensive, but it is not!

1,000 yuan can be equipped with children’s insurance.

Buying insurance for your baby is only four kinds of useful for your baby. I summarize it as:

Medical insurance +critical illness insurance +medical insurance +accident insurance

In other words, we need to buy insurance for children. In addition to social security, commercial insurance only needs to buy children with "critical illness insurance+medical insurance+accident insurance".

Then let’s take a look at the role and selection points of these dangerous types.

1) Medical Insurance

Buy medical insurance first. Medical insurance is a guarantee for everyone to guarantee everyone, so it must be bought; and if there is medical insurance, it will be much cheaper to buy medical insurance for your baby.

I also introduced it to you above.

2) Critical illness insurance

Once a major illness insurance occurs, the family has a great impact. If the child has a major illness, the cost of treatment is very high, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions, so critical illness insurance must be available.

Then there is the payment form of critical illness insurance compensation. If 500,000 are insured, as long as the qualifications are met, you can receive 500,000 at one time.

With this compensation, children can cure them with peace of mind, and parents’ resignation/leave to take care of the children’s income loss can also be made up.

Buy a serious illness insurance for your baby, Dabai tells you these tricks:

① Do not ignore children’s serious illness

Children’s high incidence is different from adults, so when choosing products, it is best to pay attention to whether the child’s age and the future age are included.

Gelatinitis, hand, foot and mouth disease, high-incidence people are children under 5 years old; spinal cord grayicitis is under 10 years of incidence; severe muscle weakness is about 14 years of age;Diabetes take adolescence as the main disease group.

② must be bought enough for critical illness insurance

At least 500,000 are recommended.

Not only is the medical expenses high, but the child’s later rehabilitation also needs at least 2 or 3 years. During this time, parents need more time to take care of the company, and it is likely that they cannot go to work normally.

Therefore, the insurance amount should not be too low. If there are not many budgets, you can consider choosing products for 30 years. In fact, the annual premium is hundreds of dollars.

③ Priority to consider regular critical illness insurance

The critical illness insurance for children is not necessary to choose for too long. Generally, after the child is adult, that is to say, it is enough to protect for 20 years, and 30 years is enough.


First, consider inflation.Based on a 3%inflation rate, the 500,000 insurance amount is equivalent to 200,000 today.

It is difficult for us to truly buy the child’s life for a lifetime.

Secondly, the level of medical care is constantly developing. The definition of many critical illness insurance on diseases is limited to the treatment method. It must be treated in accordance with the method agreed in the clause to claim.What to do to report?

Again, buying a lifelong critical illness now. When you encounter better updates, it is more suitable for products that treat the environment at that time and want to buy. What should I do if I have no budget?

Therefore, the critical illness insurance for children is recommended to consider regular critical illness insurance.

3) Medical insurance

There is also a principle of buying medical insurance.

① Millions of medical insurance are standard, and small medical insurance is purchased on demand

Commercial medical insurance can be divided into small medical insurance, millions of medical insurance, and high -end medical insurance.

Among them, millions of medical insurance, regardless of major illness or minor disease, inspection costs, surgery, domestic drugs, imported drugs, bed fees, and doctor diagnosis and treatment fees can be reimbursed, but there are 10,000 non -compensation amount.It can’t be reimbursed in less than 10,000 money.

For small medical insurance, the insurance amount is generally 10,000 to 50,000. Generally, the costs within the scope of social insurance can be restricted to reimburse. For small diseases such as colds and fever, it is suitable for children who live outside the household registration.Essence(Want to know the comment area of small medical insurance comments area)

If you want to buy a small amount of medical care and millions of medical care at the same time, then the amount of 10,000 medical insurance for small medical insurance is enough, just to add millions of medical treatment for 10,000 non -compensation gap.

4) accident insurance

Children are lively, and they cannot distinguish the dangerous size, and they do not have the ability to protect themselves. They are high incidences of accidental injuries.

The annual incidence of my country is 2%, of which children account for 22.5%-54.7%, so they are afraid of children’s accidents and need an accident insurance.

There are also several precautions for buying accident insurance.

① Do not choose too high in your body insurance

CBRC has a limitation on the preservation of universal deaths. It must not exceed 200,000 under 10 years of age; 10-18 years of age must not exceed 500,000.

Therefore, the preservation of death should not be the focus of our attention.

② Pay more attention to accident medical care

Accidental medical care mainly depends on three aspects, deductibles, reimbursement scope, and reimbursement ratio.

It is best to choose 0 compensation, unlimited social security, and reimburse the proportion as high as possible.

Even if the child is fractured, at least you don’t have to worry about the high cost of imported equipment.

When we know what kind of insurance to choose, and after choosing the main points, what we need to do is to use the least money to buy insurance for the child, and buy a baby insurance with about 1,000 yuan, which can be done.

Teach you to do a plan!How to configure the plan of 1,000 yuan?

What should be used for children to choose for tens of millions?This big white takes the basic budget as an example to formulate this guarantee plan.

The maximum compensation of the critical illness is 1 million, and the maximum compensation for major diseases of specific children is 1.5 million. In addition, with the 3 million insurance medical insurance, the child’s health guarantee is very sufficient, and the annual premiums are only needed for more than 1,000.

It is the biggest advantage of this solution to spend very little money.

Major disease insurance: The sunny insurance surpassed 110 critical illnesses, the insurance amount automatically rose 20%every 2 years, and bought a maximum of 1 million to buy 500,000.

In the 20 symptoms, 300,000 were paid 2 times, 40 mild diseases were lost 3 times, and 200,000 each time; 22 children’s specific serious illnesses could pay up to 1.5 million at most, and the guarantee was very comprehensive.The cost performance is very high.

What is particularly praised is that this product has a loyal customer rights, that is, if we choose 30 years now, after the policy period is expired, we can avoid the waiting period and the inform of health to insure Ruitai Life Insurance.Other critical illness insurance.Short -term protection is easily switched to long -term, which is very practical.

Millions of medical insurance: Do not distinguish the disease. Regardless of domestic drugs or imported drugs, you can reimburse (100 various critical illnesses) for more than 10,000 yuan, spending 100,000 reports of 90,000.

The illness is not in the list of critical illness, and you are not afraid of no money to treat.If cancer, such as cancer, etc., can reimburse millions of medical insurance.Here is the presence of proton heavy ions, tumor special drugs, postoperative family care, medical green channels, and resident deposit payment services.Accident insurance: accidental death, disability 100,000; accident medical care 10,000, 0 compensation, 100%reimbursement, unlimited social security.

The plan is for your reference only, not necessarily suitable for everyone. Dabai hopes to use this article to give you the most basic insurance knowledge of science popularization. I hope this article can help you and mother!

Leave a message in the message area below, and choose 10 lucky users to provide free 1 -to -1 insurance consultation. Dabai has provided consulting services for thousands of families. Come to me, I will use practical experience to give you the most practical suggestions!

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