Dry mouth during pregnancy Mom complained that there is a solution

It is often thirsty or dry and very common during pregnancy, but some pregnant women also face the phenomenon of excessive saliva secretion.In fact, thirst and dry mouth are the longest complaints of pregnant women.So is there a certain connection with dry mouth and pregnancy?Or is it just a normal manifestation of pregnant women during pregnancy?


In pregnancy, pregnant women may not have some symptoms different from usual, and they may also have symptoms of dry mouth.You know that if there is no saliva secretion in your mouth, there is no way to maintain the humidity of the mouth at a normal level.In addition to this obvious symptom, you may have some symptoms of other dry mouth.There are mucus in the mouth, lips, dry lips, cracked lips, dry throats, red tongue, etc. These are symptoms of dry mouth.When your mouth becomes dry, you will find that you want to chew, swallow something or speak very difficult.And dizziness and headache may also occur.


The water content of saliva in the mouth is 98 %.This reduces friction caused by dry mouth.The main reason why there is no saliva in the mouth is because of dry mouth.There are many reasons for dry mouth.This is just one of them.Among them, dehydration is in the first place.Dehydration may be the most basic and fundamental reason for dry mouth.


Dry mouth can make you feel uncomfortable.Dehydration can heat the bodies of expectant mothers.If the temperature of the mother’s body rises during pregnancy, the baby may also have the same symptoms.


Although the symptoms of dry mouth during pregnancy are not complicated for those healthy mothers, mothers with a history of diabetes or any other type of diabetes need to pay special attention to those healthy mothers.Doctors may do a urine test, blood test or other ways to determine whether you have diabetes.After the diagnosis, the doctor will recommend that some drug treatment or change the lifestyle to restore the blood sugar level to normal level.In other words, after treatment, the symptoms of dry mouth during pregnancy can be relieved.


To avoid the emergence of such symptoms, pregnant women can drink a lot of water during pregnancy.Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day.Eat some foods with a lot of water, such as: gravy, soup and curry.Avoid eating some dry foods.Do not use mouthwash containing alcohol, because alcohol may cause symptoms of dehydration in pregnant women.

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