Due to feelings of disagreement, my girlfriend is accidentally pregnant, how to deal with it reasonably and effectively

Breaking up is a very painful thing. Of course, what makes people even more anxious is the physical condition of the girlfriend after the breakup.Although unexpected pregnancy is the result we don’t want to see, but we can’t lose our minds because of this. Let me talk to you about the treatment of girlfriends after breaking up.

The first time you should arrange for yourself to communicate with your girlfriend in detail. It is best to keep calm in a quiet and comfortable environment, and do not hold guilt, sorry, etc.The solution of the problem.

In the process of conversation, the thoughts and needs of girlfriends and children are respected as much as possible.Whether choosing to have a child or a miscarriage, you need to listen to his girlfriend’s voice, pay attention to her physiological and psychological conditions, and fully understand the assistance he can provide.

If your girlfriend does not want to give birth, abortion is a more common choice.The abortion is safer, and the female body recovers quickly, but the choice of abortion needs to be carried out under legal legal conditions, and the time for abortion is very important.If you miss time, you can only choose to give birth to a child or a cesarean section, which is not good for both parties.

If your girlfriend wants to give birth to a child, he should consider future raising problems and children’s health problems.Before that, we can fully understand our situation, including family background, income, and our own health.Based on these conditions, decide whether to bring children or find someone to support them.If you have no conditions to raise your child, you can consider finding elders, friends or relatives to help raising.

Of course, the future with his girlfriend will also change, and it is necessary to fully consider it at this time.If your girlfriend can not change her life goals because of the child, it can continue to maintain the relationship and give the child the best care; if the two sides cannot face this responsibility and future, then breakup may be the only choice.

When dealing with this problem, we need to minimize the conflict of personality as much as possible. At the same time, we must protect the privacy of my girlfriend. Do not easily leak her medical record information, limited to the authorization of relevant departments.If you need to be treated, you can go to a qualified regular hospital for treatment.The most important thing is that we need to respect our girlfriends and children and provide appropriate support.

In general, since this happened, we should adhere to a rational and open attitude to deal with this problem step by step.No matter what ways the two sides choose, we must try to minimize the damage, put the child’s growth and the life safety of his girlfriend, and jointly assume the responsibilities.I believe that on the basis of rationality and respect, even in the face of such difficulties, we can find a path that suits us and bravely face unknown life.

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