During pregnancy, chest pain?It will be much easier to achieve these 3 points

When many expectant mothers encounter chest pain during pregnancy, they will mistakenly think that it is "secondary development".When not pregnant, the total weight of the left and right sides of the chest is about 200g.The late pregnancy increased to 400 ~ 600g, and the breastfeeding period was 600 ~ 800g.In other words, breastfeeding breasts are 3 to 4 times weighing than usual.

In fact, chest pain in the early stages of pregnancy is mainly due to the rise in hormones in the body.Pain in the middle of pregnancy is caused by changes in body hormone during pregnancy.

Generally, mild pain is normal. Don’t worry too much. After a period of time, the symptoms will return to normal.The pain of breasts in the third trimester is the continued expansion and development of milk manufacturing and conveying systems to prepare for postpartum breastfeeding.

So, how can expectant mothers relieve pain?Three tricks, let you surrender this "little fairy".

Different development during pregnancy is different from puberty. During different periods of pregnancy, there will be different sizes and weights.At this time, expectant mothers should choose the bras designed for pregnant women. They can adjust the size of the bras according to the changes in the breasts during pregnancy, so that they are always comfortable.

Many expectant mothers love beauty, and choose bras with steel brackets and pads.This is wrong. Both steel brackets and pads will bring discomfort to the chest, especially during pregnancy.It is recommended that expectant mothers still choose the bras that have good breathability and wearing comfortable pregnancy. In the hot summer, they can also be comfortable to give birth.

[Use warm towels to apply hotly..

1. One hand is placed across the chest on the other side, and the other hand is pressed on the hand, and the hands overlap with both hands and press the center of the chest.

2. Put your hands together on the slope, vibrate from the root, and then massage with both hands to the oblique pressure.

3. Start from below and press up with both hands up.

PS: Disappearing on the major muscle is effective, but it is strictly forbidden to knead to avoid breast injuries.

[Dip some warm water with a clean towel, wipe the ring out from the center, take turns hot compresses on both sides, 15 minutes on each side, with the following massage methods:]

1. Circle massage: Place both hands up and down to massage in the direction of the ring.

2. Spiral massage: hold one hand, massage the index finger and middle finger inward inward.

3. Finger pressure massage: Powder with both hands on both sides, squeeze from the outside to the inside.

4. Horizontal massage: The purpose is to maintain a good blood circulation state.

After Rongsheng is a expectant mother, it is best to massage frequently before childbirth, which can make breast milk secretion smoother, increase the amount of secretion, increase resistance, and prevent problems such as redness and swelling.

In addition to some physical methods, food therapy also has a great relief effect.It is recommended that pregnant mothers pay more attention to their diet, such as eating some fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seed foods, and vitamin A foods, reduce sodium intake, and reduce spicy and greasy food.

During pregnancy, breast discomfort is normal physiological reactions. Specific mothers do not have to worry too much to prevent the level of hormones in the body from unstable.Facing the mentality, you can easily reduce the discomfort according to the above 3 small tricks, and welcome the birth of the little baby ~


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