During pregnancy, expectant mothers love sour, but these cannot be touched

As the saying goes, "sour girls", some pregnant mothers particularly like to eat sour food during pregnancy.We all know that taking acids during pregnancy can help relieve the pregnancy reaction, but there are many benefits of eating acid during pregnancy.

1. Eat acid during pregnancy can enhance the appetite of expectant mothers

After the expectant mother is pregnant, some substances secreted by the placenta have the effect of inhibiting gastric acid secretion, which can significantly reduce gastric acid, and reduce the activity of digestive enzymes, which will affect the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of expectant mothers.Soft and weak.The sour taste can stimulate the gastric fluid of expectant mothers, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, so the proper consumption of expectant mothers can enhance appetite.

2. Eat acid during pregnancy can avoid fetal anemia

Sour foods are conducive to the absorption of iron, which can promote the production of hemoglobin and promote hematopoietic.

3. Eat acid during pregnancy can increase the maternal resistance

Sour food contains vitamin C, while vitamin C can not only promote the absorption of expectant mothers, promote the growth and development of the baby’s cardiovascular vascular, but also improve the immunity of expectant mothers to avoid quasi -quasi

4. Eat acid during pregnancy is conducive to the formation of fetal bones

The process of acidic substances involved in free calcium to form calcium salts in the bones, which is conducive to the formation of fetal bones.

Why do pregnant mothers love sour during pregnancy?

After women are pregnant, they often have "early pregnancy reactions" such as partial eclipse, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, which is related to lack of gastric acid.

Sour food can stimulate the gastric secretion, increase the appetite of pregnant women, also improve the activity of digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal motility, strengthen the digestion and absorption of pregnant women in food, so pregnant women can make up for the lack of gastric acid as long as they eat sour.Symptoms such as vomiting can also be reduced.

And after the pregnancy of pregnancy, the fetus’s bones begin to form. Acidic substances can promote the absorption of calcium and bone growth, and help the absorption of iron and promote hematopoietic.Therefore, it is good for pregnant women to eat more sour.

Although there are many benefits of expectant mothers during pregnancy, these acids below, pregnant mothers must not touch!

1. Hawthorn is not suitable for pregnant women, because Shancha has a shrinking effect on pregnant women’s uterus.Pregnant women who eat more mountain check products will stimulate uterine contraction and even cause miscarriage.

2. Artificially pickled sauerkraut, kimchi, etc., almost no nutritional ingredients, but contains carcinogenic nitrite, which is not suitable for pregnant women.

Small recommendation: expectant mothers who like sour food during pregnancy can choose some fresh fruits with sour flavor, such as: green apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, cherry, bayberry, pomegranate, jujube, plum plum, etc.Put a small amount of vinegar and tomato sauce to add some sour flavor.

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