During pregnancy, for the health of the fetus, the expectant mothers should pay attention to

Women are no longer a person since pregnancy. They have to be responsible for their baby. After pregnancy, women must avoid it, try to wear flat shoes as little as possible, and make up less.

However, some pregnant women should eat, drink, drink, do not avoid wearing.After the child was born, some treasure mothers started to regret it.

The diet that pregnant women eat from pregnancy will be conveyed to children in another way.If the mother is not afraid, it will cause the baby to have various problems after birth.

One mother has never been afraid of her when she is pregnant, thinking that those pregnant women do not walk from the beginning of pregnancy, and wearing flat shoes and so on.

In fact, this Baoma did not change much after pregnancy. He still made up every day and went to work by herself.This weekly hot pot, this pregnant mother never stopped.

Some friends persuaded Baoma to eat less, but this Baoma laughed and said that it was okay. It was not so arrogant. After the child was born, the baby’s skin was fair and like the mother.

Mom also laughed and said, "How beautiful is the baby." But after a month of birth, the baby began to have sores and went to the hospital for examination.

The doctor said that the soreness caused by the fire in the baby’s body was too heavy.

The reason for the final examination is because Bao Ma loves to eat hot pot during pregnancy.The mother watched her child’s face full of fuel, crying every day, began to regret, and kept crying, but she could no longer recover the status quo.

These three behaviors of pregnant women during pregnancy are very easy to cause fetal poison after birth, and pregnant mothers must pay attention.

1) Eat too much to get angry food

Many women prefer spicy foods, and they do n’t avoid it after pregnancy. They think that some spicy things can mobilize their appetite.

But eating more spicy foods is easy to get angry, let alone pregnant women.The fire in the body can not go away, and naturally it will go to the baby’s body. After the baby is born, fetal poison may be formed.

2) Eat too much takeaway

After pregnant mothers, because they can’t smell the smell of smoke, most of them will go out by themselves if no one takes care. Not only is it convenient, but they can also eat a variety of foods.

Most of the takeaway is not clean. If you eat too much, you will accumulate toxins and it is difficult to discharge. Most of these toxins are absorbed by the fetus.

3) Make up too much nutrition

There are also some pregnant women who are regarded as key protection objects during pregnancy. They eat various nutritional supplements every day. If they are supplemented too much, the pregnant mothers cannot absorb themselves. Most of them will remain in the body.For those with severe circumstances, fetal poisoning will also be formed.

Most of the production of fetal poison is caused by pregnant mothers during pregnancy. If you want to prevent fetal poison, you must control from the source.

1. Reasonable diet

Pregnant women are no longer alone since pregnancy. For some reason, excessive diet is inappropriate for this reason.In order to ensure the normal nutritional absorption of fetal baby, the reasonable matching of diet is important.

Pregnant mothers cannot pick eaters in daily life, eat more fruits, and eat less greasy and spicy foods, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the baby.

2. Check the allergy source

Some of the little mother are allergic constitutions. It is best to go to the hospital for examination during pregnancy to find allergens to prevent allergens from being absorbed by the mother from the mother.

3. Do not take medicine

During pregnancy, pregnant women will have a variety of discomforts, especially their physical resistance, very easy to catch a cold, and easily cause toothache.

At this time, it is best to go to a doctor to solve it. Do not use drugs at home. In the process of growing up, the baby is the most taboo drug, which will cause the fetal deformity.

Pregnant women are no longer a person since pregnancy, and their own health also affects the health of the fetus, so pregnant mothers must protect themselves.

It should not be too exaggerated, and at the same time, you can’t ignore it. In short, you must be light in diet to ensure nutritional balance.

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