During pregnancy, how many of these "hidden mysterious" fetal dreams?

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A sister of a relative’s house is about to reach the delivery period. Like many pregnant women, the more uncomfortable it is, the more uncomfortable it is, especially when I sleep at night, I often have all kinds of strange dreams.

After waking up one morning, she said to her husband: I had a dream last night and dreamed of a golden -yellow snake, but I was not afraid at all, and I played with it for a long time.

Husband didn’t care about it, but the mother -in -law on the side quickly came over and said: You are a dream of fetal, the dream dream of dreaming a snake, indicating that the boy was born.

I thought it was superstitious about the elderly, and her sister did not take care of it, but then she really gave birth to a son. At this time, when she remembered her mother -in -law said, she suddenly felt very accurate.

Psychoanor Freud once said: Dreams are a psychological phenomenon. It is not an absurd fantasy, but a meaningful phenomenon.

Fetal dream is a kind of dream. It refers to some dreams related to the fetus during pregnancy during pregnancy.The difference between other dreams is that pregnant women have deep memory of fetal dreams, and even after many years, they are still unforgettable.

In the folk, many elderly people think that the "hidden mystery" in the dream of fetal dreams can indicate the baby’s gender, or the baby is conveying some kind of information to the mother.

Some mothers say that the dream of fetal dreams is really accurate:

@: It is said that pregnant women dream of snakes as boys, and dreams of flowers are girls. My girlfriend and I are almost pregnant at the same time. When I was 9 months pregnant, I dreamed of a big green snake. Later, my son was born.A large garden, really a girl, is really accurate!

@: I didn’t believe it, there was no scientific basis for this thing, but when I was pregnant, I dreamed that I was holding a little girl to walk. My mother said that this dream indicates that I am going to have a girlfriend.Check it.

Some mothers say that the dream of fetal dreams is just superstition:

@: No at all, I dreamed of snakes when I was pregnant with my sister, but all the girls were born. A pregnant woman in the neighbor’s house dreamed of peanuts.It’s right.

@: This is just superstition. If you can predict men and women, then what else is B -ultrasound. Anyway, I don’t believe it.

Although the scientific significance of fetal dreams does not seem great, the discussion of pregnant women’s discussions on fetal dreams is always a hot topic. So why is it easy for pregnant women to have fetal dreams?

Everyone who came here knew that during the pregnancy, due to the problems such as hormone levels and physical weights, many mothers were emotionally undulating. They were very happy in the last second.Anxiety and mania.

When it is in the late pregnancy, as the body burden worsens, the psychological burden of pregnant mothers may also increase, often manifested as short chest tightness, shortness of breath, and impermanence.From a mental analysis point of view, when a person is under too much pressure, she will relieve her emotions by dreaming, so pregnant mothers will dream frequently in the third trimester.

Can I bring us some special signals for fetal dreams?

In this regard, psychological experts have done a study, and the results show that "fetal dream" is actually a continuation of pregnant women’s minds, and it is a feedback that they want to achieve some expectations.

For example, what kind of baby you want to have, I hope this baby is a boy or a girl, like a father or a mother.Speaking of which, it is more like a signal of a pregnant woman’s own body and psychology, and this signal does not indicate the baby’s gender function.

Experts remind Baoma: Do not have to see the baby’s dream too much, let alone believe that the baby dream can indicate the sex of the baby. The child’s health is always the most important.

1. The family should help Baoma decompress in time

If pregnant women dream frequently, a large part of the reason is that they are caused by emotional instability or great psychological pressure. At this time, family members need to help pregnant mothers properly decompress, and pregnant mothers must also make appropriate psychological adjustments.

You can talk to your family about the current feelings, or you can accompany your family outdoor and divert your attention.During this period, if there are bad emotions, you must be vented in time, and you should not be held in your heart. Don’t believe it too much about things in your dreams.

2. Don’t pay too much attention to fetal dreams

Many pregnant mothers take out their mobile phones to search for dreams after they do their dreams. Once some bad commentary on the Internet finds that some bad commentary will be very nervous.

However, doing so will only make yourself fall into a funny and bad emotions. Instead of paying too much attention to the dream of fetal dreams, you may wish to treat it as a special experience, but to interpret it, not let your emotions be controlled by himself, is to yourself and you and and your own.The best way to your baby.

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