During pregnancy, I eat very little every night, and I almost have an empty stomach when I sleep. What is the impact on the fetus?

Women become the queen at home after pregnancy. What delicious and delicious one is tightly tightly ate for pregnant women. Every day thinks of Faer’s preparation of nutritious food supplements, but some female friends in the early stages of pregnancy are severely pregnant. What to eat vomitingWhatever you want to vomit, don’t want to eat dinner, just want to lie down and rest, your stomach is empty.On the one hand, I ca n’t eat it, and on the other hand, I worry that the empty stomach has an impact on the fetus, and my hair is lost.

Eating little at night is not good for fetal growth

Women have a common appetite during pregnancy. Some pregnant women really can’t eat them, but they can only fall asleep on an empty stomach, but this approach will affect the growth of the fetus.As we all know, pregnant women eat not only for themselves, but also provide nutrition for the fetus. It is the so -called one person to eat two people.If he is in an empty stomach for a long time and the fetus cannot absorb nutrients, he will feel hungry. He may not be manifested in the early stages of pregnancy, but in the middle and late stages, he will remind his mother that "I am hungry" by frequent fetal movements.

Even if you have no appetite, you have to eat the health of the fetus. You can eat light vegetable lean porridge or tomato egg noodles, which are easy to digest and appetite. In addition, pregnant women can prepare some nuts or milk powder.Being hungry, can also provide unsaturated fatty acids for the fetus to promote intellectual development.

Pregnant women’s malnutrition has a serious impact on the fetus

1. Fetal malformations

It is understood that there are 900,000 new students in my country each year. Most of them are short -term defects. There are many reasons for fetal malformations. One of them is related to malnutrition of pregnant women. For example, the lack of folic acid or amino acids, the fetus will crack.Therefore, the nutritional status of women during pregnancy is very important. Pregnant women must pay attention to themselves, and their families should pay attention to them.

2. Intelligence

If the fetus is insufficient in the mother’s body for a long time, and the intellectual development will be affected, this impact is for life. It is difficult for parents to find that when the child gradually grows up, it will only find abnormalities.The speed of response is slow, etc., which will affect school, work, and life in the future.

3. The fetal development is slow

With the growth of the fetus, the demand for nutrition gradually increases, especially after 4 months of pregnancy, women should strengthen nutrition. On the original basis, 200 calories of calories can meet the fetal growth and development. If the pregnant woman still eats at this timeWith less, you can find that the fetus is too small during the checkup. If it cannot be adjusted in time, miscarriage and premature birth may occur.

Pregnant women not only have an impact on the fetus, but also have a certain impact on their bodies. The survey data shows that about 20%of pregnant women in urban people have varying degrees of malnutrition and anemia, while the rural situation is more serious, reaching 40 40%Or more are mainly lack of iron, folic acid and other vitamins.In order to ensure that the mother has sufficient nutrition, pregnant women should arrange three meals reasonably. Breakfast is from 7 to 8, lunch is from 11 to 12, dinner can be added between two to 7.Eat well, eat full, and quantitatively quantitative, the fetus has sufficient nutritional development.

In short, there are no trivial matters during pregnancy. Women must pay attention to diet during pregnancy. Pay attention to reasonable matching. Foods that cannot be eaten are determined. If you have low appetite, you can eat appetizing jujube, oranges, and so on. Do not eat pickles or barbecue.

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