During pregnancy, is the frequent urination of expectant mothers?Tell you the answer now

Some expectant mothers will find after pregnancy that they have frequent urination, and then they will worry about whether this situation will affect her body or baby.In fact, everyone does not have to be nervous. Generally, in the early stages of women’s pregnancy, it will appear, that is, within 3 months of pregnancy, as the uterus gradually increases, from the pelvic cavityStressed, the frequent urination in the middle and later stages of pregnancy will be eased, so this is just a natural situation.

Sometimes I may not find it, but my family or friends will say that the number of times to go to the bathroom has gradually increased.In fact, the number of times the number of times the pregnant woman goes to the bathroom is slowly increased because the expansion of the uterus will put a certain pressure on the bladder. Many women during pregnancy will occur frequently. Sometimes it is almost once an hour, but this is a natural status quo.No treatment is required.

Because of pregnancy, it can also cause more liquids in the kidneys and bladder, but it will only last for a period of time. When the toilet is frequent, it will not continue until there is a child. Generally, there will be frequent urination in the first 3 months of pregnancy.In the case, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus will slowly exceed the pelvic cavity, so that the bladder will not be oppressed and stimulated by the uterus, so that the symptoms of frequent urination will naturally relieve it.

When I feel that there is urination, pregnant mothers should not feel embarrassed. They can go to the toilet a few more times, don’t care about others, and do not urinate. If you find the symptoms of pain or scorching pain after urination, you need to be timely.Ask the doctor and see what happened.It is best not to drink water within 2 hours before going to bed. This can reduce the number of times to go to the toilet at night, and it will not affect the quality of sleep. You can sleep well.

With the continuous growth of pregnancy, the frequency and urine output of pregnant mothers are increasing. Everyone already knows that frequent urination is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, but it should be noted that this frequency of urine is not accompanied by urgency and urine urine.It was painful, and there was no abnormal situation when I was doing urine examination, so no treatment was required.However, there is also a frequent urination infection of the urinary system caused by multiple reasons during pregnancy. This infection can also cause frequent urination. It is also accompanied by urgency and pain.So you need to go to the hospital immediately.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother only has frequent urination after pregnancy, don’t worry too much, it is normal.But if there is still dysuria and urgency, you must pay attention.

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