During pregnancy, the belly is long?Who thought it was related to the fetus

The process of pregnancy is hard and sweet, and every baby who is pregnant during pregnancy is full of curiosity about the baby’s baby, especially for the gender of the little guys in the stomach, the mothers will see a little clue and the roots will find the roots.Asked, I want to infer whether it is the little secret revealed by the little guy?Recently, I heard that if the pregnant mother’s belly, if Mao Mao explained the male treasure, is there any scientific basis?

Let’s take you to find out today.First of all, let’s take a look at why the pregnant mother has always been on the belly of the pregnant mother?

1. Affected by body hormones

During pregnancy, some Baoma will find some changes in their bodies. In fact, this is caused by estrogen hormone in the body after pregnancy. It is affected by the estrogen.The increase in hair on the top or becomes thick.

2. Will the hair always have?

Many Baoma worry that she will be a "Mao Mao Mom" in the future, especially the beautiful mother who loves beauty. Worried that it will affect herself, is there no way to wear a umbilical outfit or a swimsuit?In fact, this is not the case. After pregnancy, the estrogen hormone in the body will return to normal a little bit, and the fluff that grows during pregnancy will fade a little bit, and you will still return to the beautiful look.

3. Is every pregnant woman grow hair?

This is not the case, although many pregnant mothers have more obvious hair changes, especially around the navel, and some Baoma will have a circle of hairs around the nipples of the breast, and even some Baoma will have chest hair orThere is a long hair on the back, but this is not every pregnant woman.Hearing this, should you be clear?In fact, the hair on the belly is really okay with the sex of the baby, and even the body hair in other parts of the body is affected by the estrogen.

From the combination of sperm and eggs, the gender of the baby is already doomed. Although the male baby is naughty, it will also be very warm. Although the female baby is well -behaved, the process of growing up, it really needs to be doubled.Therefore, whether it is a boy or a girl, a healthy baby is a good baby!

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