During pregnancy, the four kinds of pregnancy, pregnant mothers seem uncomfortable. In fact, it is a manifestation of the health of the fetus.

After joining the "army" of pregnancy, she has to go out with a "Du Niang" almost every day. Anyone who does not understand and is related to the fetus must be checked online, for fear that there is something wrong with the fetus.

It turned out that two months ago, the child of her sister was unexpectedly miscarriage, leaving her a lot of "shadows" in her heart, and she was careful after pregnancy.

No, she ran in private two days ago and told me that she was sore and worried about whether the fetus would have a problem.

I smiled and said to her: "Sister cousin, soreness is normal, and now that medicine is developed, it is not so terrible to have children." Excessive nervousness may be counterproductive.She still didn’t believe it. I went to the hospital to check the next day. After the doctor told that there was nothing, I went home with peace of mind …

In fact, there are many pregnant mothers like my cousin, but no pregnant mothers think so terrible during pregnancy.Especially in the following situations, pregnant women seem to be uncomfortable. In fact, the fetus is healthy, and pregnant mothers don’t panic.

1. Breast pain

After pregnancy, the influence of progesterone, pregnant women will have different degrees of breast tenderness.The color of the nipples and areolas becomes darker.Individual pregnant women will be difficult to fall asleep. In fact, this is also a manifestation of fetal health.

The body will change such a change in order to prepare for the upcoming baby.After pregnant women have children, the pain will disappear slowly, and the colors around the nipples and areolas will gradually become lighter.

It is worth noting that if the vaginal hemorrhage and breast spill (with some blood) pregnant mothers must be careful, the fetus may have problems, and go to the hospital in time.

Second, strong fetal movement

At 3 or 4 months of pregnancy, the fetal movement slowly started. The fetal movement during this period would not be particularly obvious, just like gastrointestinal motility.With the continuous development of the fetus, the strength of the fetal movement will become more and more intense (it will "punch and kick" the pregnant mother’s belly).

Some experienced novice pregnant mothers will subconsciously believe that "whether the fetus is hypoxic" is usually very nervous.

In this case, it is actually a manifestation of the healthy development of the fetus, but the normal and abnormal data of the fetal movement, the pregnant mother should also know more to prevent unexpected.

1. Normal fetal movement

Starting in the second trimester, the number of fetal movements per hour is not less than 3-5 times, and 30-40 times (not less than 30 times) within 12 hours is normal. Some active fetuses even have hundreds of fetal movements a day.It is worth noting that 2-3 weeks before giving birth, fetal movement will decrease.

2, abnormal fetal movement

The number of fetal movements in 12 hours is less than 10 times, and there is no fetal movement within 1 hour, or the original quiet fetus suddenly becomes very restless. This is an abnormal phenomenon. It may be a signal of hypoxia in the fetus. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for examination.To ensure the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.

Third, pregnancy

Starting at 4 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women will have pregnancy. At this time, the sense of smell and taste will be particularly sensitive. Some pregnant women will feel nauseous when they smell a little greasy.No, it will vomit at any time, which is quite uncomfortable.

However, it also shows that the baby’s development is very good. Under normal circumstances, pregnant women will automatically disappear in about 8 weeks of pregnancy (some pregnant women may be extended).

What is the abnormal pregnancy?

I vomit and vomit whatever I eat during pregnancy. I vomit more than 4 times a day, and the weight continues to decrease. If the urinary ketone body is positive, the health of the pregnant mother may have problems and affect the development of the fetus.Find a doctor.

Fourth, sore body

In the process of development, the fetus will absorb a large amount of mother’s nutrients. The fetal weight increases, and pregnant mothers often feel their physical discomfort.

I feel that there is no strength on my body, sore body, etc., especially in the late pregnancy, this feeling will be particularly obvious, and it will even be difficult to fall asleep at night. In fact, this is also a normal manifestation of the fetus.

This is because after the fetus takes away the mother’s nutrients, calcium deficiency will appear in the body. Insufficient calcium can cause back pain and back pain, night cramps at night, etc. Therefore, pregnant mothers should appropriate calcium supplementation, and family members can also massage pregnant women appropriately.relief the pain.

It is not easy to get pregnant, and it is more difficult to give birth to children, but these are all adopted by pregnant mothers. It seems uncomfortable. In fact, it is a manifestation of the health of the fetus. Mastering more knowledge during pregnancy is stronger than anything.I wish you a good pregnancy!

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