During the job, pregnancy really affects the work that must be left?

Recently, Weibo searched, "Shenzhen’s first unmarried mothers sued the Health Commission for Maternity Insurance".With the development of society, society is diversified, and women’s thoughts are very mature.Women have an independent personality in both economy or life.Therefore, I did not feel surprised to this news, nor did I have too many surprises.

However, from the bottom of my heart, I admire this woman. It takes a lot of courage to give birth to a child.As a modern woman, she is not as pregnant at home as she was pregnant. It was not until the child went to school that she could re -enter the society.

In October, expectant mothers not only endure headaches, low back pain, joy, etc., but also to bear the pressure of work, such as you are a public institution, such as civil servants, teachers, etc., during pregnancy, the unit will take special care.And if it is a private enterprise, the sense of oppression will come from all directions. When the company’s HR interviews, you often ask, do you plan to have children in the past few years? In the past two years, have you planned to have a second child?It is very realistic. In fact, HR himself does not want to ask, but you must ask from the perspective of the company and have to consider it.Each company’s annual budget is done in advance, the configuration and cost of personnel have been fixed, and it cannot be increased.

For example, who is pregnant during pregnancy, who will bear the work during pregnancy, if no one will bear, how to work in responsible work, such as a high workload, dare not allocate and arrange.This is one aspect, the second 5 -month empty window period, recruiting people, then you come to work again after 5 months. You can’t open people, and the company’s budget cost is not enough.So some companies simply gritted their teeth and were cruel.Talk, talk about the post -adjustment, talk about salary reduction, and automatically resign.Having said that, everyone may feel angry. If you talk about women, it is a woman, so it is too anxious to fry first.If you talk about men, his mother and wife are both women. What happens to his family?

So does pregnancy really affect work and it will affect. I believe that this answer will be more than 90%, but does it really affect the degeneration and dismissal?It depends on the company’s corporate culture and the value you create to the company everyday.At the same time, I also believe that a company that respects women will only go all the way, the performance is flourishing, and a leader who is working hard to fight for rights and interests will be smooth all the way, and followers are full of the world.

According to the law of the Labor Contract Law Article 42, the employer shall not terminate the labor contract of female employees during pregnancy, output, and lactation in accordance with the provisions of Article 40 and 41 of the Law.Article 5 "Article 5" Article 5 The employer shall not reduce their wages due to pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding, dismissal, and termination of labor or employment contracts.

Finally, I sincerely hope that every woman can be recognized by this society through their own efforts.

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