During the pregnancy, don’t eat more about these 6 kinds of seasonings, it is not good for yourself and the fetus.

During pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers is very important.Because the things that pregnant mothers eat into the stomach not only provide energy for their own life activities, but also the main source of nutrients for fetal growth and development.Therefore, the diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will directly affect the health of the baby in the belly, so this requires pregnant mothers to be cautious when eating.When cooking, we inevitably put back some seasonings to increase the taste of the dishes and make the dishes more delicious.However, there are many spices that are not suitable for pregnant women. Too much consumption will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.So, what seasonings should pregnant mothers eat less during pregnancy?These kinds of seasoning pregnant mothers can’t eat more when they are nodded. If you eat too much, you will hurt your body and hurt your body. Be sure to control your mouth!

1. Chicken essence, MSG

Now everyone in the kitchen at home is indispensable for seasoning, such as MSG and chicken essence.Not only can they make the taste of food more delicious, they also make people appetite and increase appetite.However, the sodium glutamate contained in MSG and chicken essence will hinder the absorption of zinc in the body of the pregnant mother. In severe cases, it will lead to zinc deficiency in pregnant mothers, affecting their health and normal development of the fetus, especially the fetal brain and nervesSystem development.Therefore, for the health of themselves and the fetus, it is best to put these two seasonings when cooking.

Second, salt

Salt is an indispensable condiment in our daily life. Putting an appropriate amount of salt in the process of cooking will make the taste of the dishes better, and it will help maintain the balance of potassium and sodium ions in the human body, ensure that the normal substances in the body are in the body.Exchange, blood circulation.Salted food has always been sought after by people, and salt -free food can make people swallow.However, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to controlling salt intake. If the pregnant mother eats too much salty food, it is easy to cause pregnancy hypertension syndrome. In severe cases, it will also be accompanied by headache, dazzling, chest tightness, dizziness, dizziness, and dizziness.Symptoms can be threatened to threaten the fetus and pregnant mothers in the symptoms, and even eclampsia.

Three, vinegar

After pregnancy, the taste of many pregnant mothers will change. Some pregnant mothers can become particularly sour and like to put more vinegar in foods they eat.In fact, excessive vinegar for pregnant mothers during pregnancy will reduce alkali in the body, which will cause fatigue and weakness.Long -term acidic constitution can also affect the normal development of the fetus and even cause fetal malformation.

Fourth, pepper

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will become more spicy.Pepper is not suitable for ordinary people to eat too much, and it is easy to get angry and cause constipation. For a pregnant woman, spicy food is easy to get angry, causing constipation, and is not good for the growth and development of the fetus.

Five, mustard

Mustard has a special taste, and many people will love this stimulating taste.But for pregnant women, it is best not to eat it.Because mustard is more irritating, it will not only stimulate the oral mucosa of the pregnant mother, but also have stimulation for the stomach of the pregnant mother, but also increase the chance of the pregnant mother’s constipation.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, the seasoning of mustard is not a good choice.

Six, bean curd

Although the protein in tofu will be decomposed into polypeptides and amino acids under the action of Muscot, which has a special milk flavor, better taste, and more conducive to the absorption of the human body.However, for pregnant mothers, it is not suitable for too much consumption.Because the content of salt and purine in milk is high.If pregnant mothers eat too much milk during pregnancy, it will not only increase the risk of pregnancy hypertension, but also cause cancer, which is not good for the growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, for the health of themselves and the fetus, pregnant mothers should eat less.

Our daily diet is inseparable from the seasoning, and the seasoning can maximize the taste of food and make the food more delicious.However, after pregnancy, the pregnant mothers take too much seasoning, but they will harm themselves and the fetus, and seasoning does not make much sense for the diet of the pregnant mother.Therefore, the food that pregnant mothers eat during pregnancy should be as light and nutritious as possible, so that they and the fetus are good!

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