During the pregnancy period, the folic acid was obviously added, but it was not successful. It may be that you were ignored by you these 3 points.

I believe many people understand the importance of folic acid.Therefore, the young couples who are preparing for pregnancy also pay attention to supplementing a certain amount of folic acid to themselves, but during the pregnancy, the appropriate amount of folic acid is supplemented, but it is still not successful.There is not enough quantity, or what causes it is that everyone has ignored it.

In fact, preparation of pregnancy is not only to eat folic acid, but folic acid is not a medicine to promote pregnancy. It is just to prevent fetal malformations. To a certain extent, it is only to improve the body to help prepare for pregnancy.Success may be that you have been ignored these 3 points

The first point: pre -pregnancy examination

In fact, this should be a couple who is in pregnancy during pregnancy.But there are many couples who feel that they usually have no problems and feel that they are healthy, so there is no need.But in fact, a pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy is very necessary. After all, only if the body of the two sides meet the conditions of pregnancy can you do it without any work, and for the future pregnancy, the baby in the belly will also be in the belly.One responsibility.

Second point: Preparation exercise

In fact, the exercise during pregnancy here is not to go to the gym or a lot of strong exercise. Some of the movements here refer to some exercises that can promote blood circulation and evoke some hormones in the body.Proper exercise is good for the body, not to mention the couple during pregnancy, generally, emotional is tense, and the pressure is relatively large. Proper exercise can help us effectively soothe the mood.

Third point: female ovulation period

How can these pregnancy preparation, not to calculate the ovulation period of women. After all, grasping women’s ovulation period is also a key to success for pregnancy.For some women with disorderly menstrual cycles, grasping the ovulation period may be that it is easy, and if the ovulation cycle is not allowed, it is likely to cause the couple to miss the best chance of conception.If you feel that you are testing at home and the effect is not good, you can also go to the hospital for some tests.

In addition, it is very important to maintain a peaceful mentality and a good mood during pregnancy. Do not feel that the mood is low because of the pressure of giving birth to a baby.Favorable

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