During the women’s university, I was found to be AIDS.


"Cherish life, clean and self -care;"


Talking about "Ai" color change, this is definitely not an exaggerated statement.

From the birth of the word "fear Ai", we can know the degree of panic of this disease.

I used to have a friend who talked about a period of experience.

For a while, he was very scared, even if he did a related test.

But it has considerable alert psychology for others.

His dislikes have been produced and conflicts with physical contact with others.

Every time you go, you will take out iron suction stones for detection.

Later, under the slowly enlightenment of everyone, we stepped out of the haze step by step.

But such a period of experience has changed in his life.

However, many times, life does not have painfulness to grow.

After seeing that others have pain, you should be a lesson as a reference.


Professional institutions can be trusted because they have considerable professionalism.

Therefore, once a problem occurs, it may lead to a reduction in credibility.

At the same time, some unnecessary guess is triggered.

Earlier, according to Jimu News reported.

A Mei (pseudonym), a female college student in Ji’an, Jiangxi, was pregnant during college.

It was later found to be AIDS.

However, after more than a year of medication treatment, it was found to be misdiagnosed.

Caused by misdiagnosis, this matter is already on the board.

The rest is a survey of why such a result is caused.

This incident also caused public discussion.

After all, many people are in order to check whether they have diseases, in addition to buying test strips to detect themselves.

It is still the result of trust in the hospital.

And such an accident will undoubtedly panic some people.

But from the current point of view, such a thing may be just an occasional.

If it becomes normal, it is a terrible thing.

This happened, and it also sounded alarm to many hospitals.

What is the most precious person?Is life.

The reason why the hospital loves and hates is because people love their bodies.

But he hates the disease.

So it should be more cautious.


According to relevant information, as of the end of 2021.

There were 11.48 million infected people in my country, 10.66 million cases in the rule, and 129,000 new reports.

The incidence of adolescents and elderly people is high.

At present, the most common ways to spread AIDS in medicine are mainly the following three.

Blood communication, mother and baby spread, and sexually transmitted.

Relatively speaking, in the usual ideas of some people, sexual communication has become a hardest hit area.

Often when talking about patients, you can press impure and other words.

Can’t be accepted, but there is no need to slander too much.

Because sometimes, we don’t understand the cause and consequences.

Some patients are unfortunately carried; some patients are stained with no delusion because of their infidelity.

Even some patients were just affected by innocent.

If people only use their minds to criticize, they will be tired.

More is a kind of guidance and suggestion.


"Sex" is a normal desire.

How many people can do nothing?Being a vulgar person, rough tea and light rice, this is the norm.

What we should do is correct cognition.

Don’t do high -risk behavior, don’t be too strange and curious.

We must take safety protection measures.

According to the above information, adolescents and elderly people need to focus on care.

First, don’t avoid avoiding and depression.

Conservative, this is not wrong; tradition should be very.

But it should not be too closed.

For teenagers, with the development of the Internet, the diversity of contact information.

As a result, it is easier to get precocious than before, and in contact with the field of "sex".

Perhaps it is faster than parents imagined.

If you blindly suppress, even make your child feel that this is a kind of shame and bad thing.

It may have an impact on children’s future life.

When he cognition is more and more, it is likely to bring indulgence because there is no restraint and problems occur.

This is the same for the elderly, don’t ridicule.

Previously, I once told you an article, which is the problem of the sexual life of the elderly.

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It can be said that security measures are first.

Second, the growth of life can do it twice.

There are some things, even if you don’t have to experience, look at the pain and regrets of others.

I should understand it.

Although that feeling is not personal.

But look at the uncomfortableness of the other party and regret the idea.

It should be understood that some of them really can’t touch for the first time.

Because 100%that cannot be avoided, there may be only a small chance.

It is possible to make people suffer more than 99%.

Third, be responsible for yourself.

what is love?It is responsibility, motivation, and the courage to live a lifetime.

Many times, we need to be responsible for ourselves.

It is undeniable that in many cases, some partners may think that the other party is his own good match for a while.

At a certain time, he thought the other party was his own life.

I feel that the two people are in love, and they are not even naked.

This is a burning of desire.

But don’t love each other for each other.

That fire, sometimes it is a catalyst.

Sometimes it burn itself.

Therefore, everyone must take good security measures, and at the same time follow the good social moral bottom line and public order.

Always have awe and prevention.

May everyone live a better life.

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