Early pregnancy "Biochemical Crisis": Two bars of early pregnancy test strips do not mean that you are pregnant!

Originally planned to be pregnant in July and August, the best time to be pregnant during this time. I never wanted to prepare for half a year of pregnancy. I did n’t want you to experience that mood. Although I did n’t care about it, my aunt was preparing for pregnancy.Four months of disorders, we can see how much anxiety and pressure are.In the future, I will share my pregnancy experience (I have helped three or four pregnant mothers around me).

Each pregnancy test is like being looking forward to the lottery lottery, and the roller coaster rises and falls, especially after the dysfunction of the holiday.

Finally, there are two bars on the pregnancy test stick. A pink is not a very obvious bar. The mood is like Yun San Yueming, but a few days later, the horizontal pole of the light pink is not deepened. I guess this may be a black time.Dragon’s biochemical pregnancy.Sure enough, the "holiday" came a few days later.(If I have no pregnancy test, this is just a late holiday)

Although it is very lost, but the heart is as powerful as me. Things always think about a good side: biochemical pregnancy, at least it shows that the fallopian tube is unobstructed, it is better than infertility, and it is said that it is easier to get pregnant after biochemical (although there is no scientific basis)!

Doctor Huang, who is breed in the buds below, talks with everyone, what is "biochemical pregnancy"!

Biochemical pregnancy is because the quality of the fertilized eggs is not successful, because there is no bed, and it does not cause harm to the uterus.It is equivalent to this month’s menstruation for a few days.

Therefore, there is no need to worry too much, and you don’t even need to specifically condition the body. You just need to rest well.

Although some doctors may suggest that you are best prepared after three months after biochemical.In fact, you can treat you as a pregnancy at all. It is just a postponing holiday, so it is unnecessary to stop 3 months.

Is biochemical pregnancy a kind of abortion?

Biochemical pregnancy is also known as "hidden abortion" or "sub -clinical abortion", which is different from what we routinely referred to.Abortion refers to the loss of clinical pregnancy, which refers to the termination of pregnancy after bed; and biochemical pregnancy is a failure of bed.

That is to say, the egg is combined with sperm, but it does not go to the uterus, or when you come to the uterus, but not in bed.

What are the causes of biochemical pregnancy?

The related factors of biochemical pregnancy may be many aspects. The current mechanism is still unclear. It may be related to embryo, endometrium, immunomotive regulation, including ovulation promotion solutions and other factors.Anxic chromosomal abnormalities are not the main cause of biochemical pregnancy.

Don’t worry too much about a biochemical pregnancy. You can adjust your mood again, but if you have a biochemical pregnancy multiple times, you must go to the hospital for help from a doctor and further check.

After all, can you be pregnant, can you keep your fetus?

In fact, the abortion of early pregnancy is the result of the survival of the fittest in nature. Blindly keeping the fetus without saying that it may not be able to keep it, and it is likely that there are problems.In addition, research shows that the use of progesterone in early pregnancy can increase the risk of fetal defects in the fetus. For baby girls, it can also cause genital masculine and fake bisexual malformations. As a result, it is counterproductive.

You must believe in yourself, optimistic and actively face pregnancy.Happy buds to give birth to good pregnancy!

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