Early pregnancy test paper "two bars", but what’s wrong with pregnancy?These situations cause pseudo -pregnancy

Guide: The birth of life is a great and amazing process, and it is also the most sacred moment of women.But more and more husbands and wives have infertile after marriage, and even have a pseudo -pregnancy farce.

Hu Xiao married a seven -year love run at the age of 29. The most important thing after the marriage of the couple was "making the people’s plan".But things were not smooth. Two years later, Hu Xiao’s belly still had no movement.The couple went to the urban hospital for examination, and the results showed that everything was good. The doctor explained that the two had relaxed their mood and waited for the good news with peace of mind.

On this day, Hu Xiao found that it was "two bars" with early pregnancy test strips. Hu Xiao was very excited to wake up Zhang Guan, who was still sleeping, and both were fainted by the sudden happiness.But it didn’t take long for this good dream to be broken. The result of the couple went to the hospital for examination was "pseudo -pregnancy", not a real pregnancy, and the reaction of early pregnancy test strips was false positive.

The couples who have experienced pregnancy have known that this is a process full of expectations but endless disappointment.And not only Hu Xiao’s husband and wife, many husbands and wives have encountered an empty joy.What causes pseudo -pregnancy?How to distinguish between true pregnancy and pseudo -pregnancy?

1. Men stop menstruation

Women with normal menstrual periods, if there are no special circumstances to extend the period of more than 7 days, then there is a possibility of pregnancy.However, this method of judgment is not accurate, because women’s endocrine disorders and other problems will have menstrual delay, so judging pregnancy to discontinue menstruation is likely to cause pseudo -pregnancy.

2. Early pregnancy test paper

Early pregnancy test strips are one of the tools for detecting early pregnancy, but their accuracy is only about 80%, and it cannot be used as a 100%basis.Because the sensitivity of different test strips is different, or the test strip is invalidated, there will be two bars, causing pseudo -pregnancy.

3. HCG detection

During the early pregnancy, the HCG value of the female body will rise sharply, so once the fertilized egg is combined, the HCG value in the blood will change.Therefore, it is the most accurate verification method in clinical practice through HCG testing. Generally, HCG testing can be excluded to exclude false positives.

In summary, we can see that if the husband and wife want to accurately judge early pregnancy, it is still the most secure way to directly adopt clinical evidence collection.Of course, we also recommend that pregnant couples should not be too anxious. Too early HCG value rises, there will be no inspection.

Sister Zhao in the same community has been over 30 years old, and has tossed on the road to preparing for several years. From the beginning and optimism at the beginning, it is gradually discouraged today.Anyone can see that Sister Zhao has been under great pressure over the years.It is precisely because of this that Sister Zhao had a false pregnancy, which made her dark mood even more gray.

Psychological illusion.Nausea and vomiting are a signal in the early stages of pregnancy, so many women will closely observe whether they have such signals during pregnancy.Sometimes, we will find that we are greasy and nauseous, and use it as a signal in the early stages of pregnancy, but soon discover that this is a beautiful misunderstanding.Most of the causes of this pseudo -pregnancy are caused by women’s psychological illusions.

Endocrine disorders.Excessive stress, irregular life and rest, and eating habits are the culprits that lead to endocrine disorders for women.After endocrine disorders, women’s menstrual disorders will cause menstrual disorders, and early or postponed.The menstrual delay has also been judged by many women as early pregnancy. In fact, this is the cause of pseudo -pregnancy.

Many husbands and wives are not going smoothly, and some will even drag them for two or three years or more. Both husband and wife are anxious, resulting in increased pressure on both sides and frequent family conflicts.In fact, these are not conducive to pregnancy. Instead, they will cause pseudo -pregnancy due to how much pressure, which affects normal pregnancy.

1. Putting the mentality

Some husbands and wives, especially the infertile couples, always attach great importance to pregnancy. Excessive expectations have led to high spiritual tension. This tight state is not beneficial to prepare for pregnancy.The correct approach is that both husband and wife must have a mindset, especially women must relax and can divert their attention.

2. Reasonable diet

The impact of diet on physical health is huge, so couples who prepare for pregnancy must carry out reasonable dietary control, reject high salt and high oil, and focus on the diet of light, healthy and high fiber.If the stomach is not good, you can use some probiotics or fruits and vegetables to adjust. In addition, the husband and wife must take folic acid three months before pregnancy.

3. Keep exercise

It is said that exercise is a pitch of spiritual sannival. This sentence is not exaggerated at all. By exercise, it can promote blood circulation, maintain a healthy function, and regulate endocrine.

The so -called everything is owed only to Dongfeng. As long as the results of the hospital examination are normal, then they must follow three aspects: diet, exercise, and mentality adjustment introduced above.Both husband and wife should not be in a hurry, keep a good mood waiting for the approaching of the little angel.

Don’t excessively do the same room.Some husbands and wives are in a hurry. After having a pregnancy plan, they have a high frequency in the same room, but the result of this is often counterproductive, but the sperm quality of the husband is reduced.The correct approach is to have a planned arrangement that allows her husband to "nourish and stood", maintain energy, and give birth to an excellent baby.

Women avoid wearing tight pants.Tight -fitting pants will have a certain pressure on the fallopian tubes. Although it is not clear that scientific research to wear tight clothes can cause infertility, some experiments show that wearing tights and removing tights will weaken.Endometriosis, once the symptoms are diagnosed, it can easily lead to infertility.

Reasonable weight.Some women will lose weight when they are beautiful, and too light weight is not easy to conceive.Because of the lack of lutein with too low weight, it will reduce egg production, which has a direct impact on pregnancy.Of course, you cannot blindly gain weight, maintain reasonable weight, and strengthen exercise, which is very good for pregnancy.

Parenting Parenting Message:

The breeding of life is a very magical process, but this process is often full of hardships and waiting. As a prospective father and expectant mother, you must be able to resist his temperament.We have to have a faith. You belong to your little angel, and we will always come to you with colorful clouds!

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