Early pregnancy vaginal bleeding, brown discharge interpretation

With the continuous changes in the environment, food, and work, Baoma has become more and more attention.Each family also pays more and more attention to pregnancy, and the health of babies and Baoma has attracted more and more attention.

Below, analyze the causes according to vaginal bleeding and brown secretions in the early pregnancy.

Discover vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, and the mothers are often nervous. They will think that this is a precursor to the abortion of the baby. This idea is not comprehensive.The vaginal hemorrhage is physiological and pathological in the early pregnancy, and the mothers must distinguish it clearly.

1. The cause of physiological bleeding: bleeding caused by fertilized eggs in bed

Reason: After fertilization in the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta fails to secrete a sufficient amount of estrogen and progesterone. The ovarian function continues to move and is attached to the placenta.There is no fully fusion between the authentic moltage, and there is a gap, so the endometrium can still fall off and menstruation occurs.

Last time: Eight days after ovulation and bed, mild pink or brown stain may appear, and there may also be some little bleeding, but this is not a real physiological period. This is the fertilized egg in the uterus.The result of the membrane bed.This fertilized egg bleeding is generally about three or four days. If the bleeding continues and the amount of bleeding is large, it is recommended to seek medical treatment early.

Difference: Different from bleeding from other situations. When fertilized eggs are in bed, there is generally no abdominal pain, menstrual discomfort, etc. As long as the vulva is kept clean.

2. Pathological bleeding: abortion, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, and cervical pipe polyps

If the amount of vaginal bleeding is large and the duration is long, you need to be alert to whether it is the bleeding caused by the disease.

Symptoms of miscarriage: Hemitaginally bleeding and paroxysmal abdominal pain. Sometimes the amount of bleeding is more than the menstrual flow, and even shock. This bleeding often causes abortion.If it is a small amount of bleeding, it may be a threatened abortion. It can be kept by a doctor’s treatment and bed rest.

Ectopic pregnancy: Extrace The pregnancy, there is no room for the development of the fetus in the bed position, which causes abortion or bed to rupture. It will cause major bleeding and severe abdominal pain in the abdominal cavity. It will even cause shock or even life.When bleeding in the early pregnancy and abdominal pain, seek medical treatment in time without delays.

Portex: The fluffy of the placenta abnormal breeding caused the uterus to be filled with a bunch of blisters like grapes.Portugal fetus is often accompanied by persistent vaginal bleeding or continuous abdominal distension. Some patients will experience hypertension, severe pregnancy reactions, edema, etc. Some patients have symptoms of lung metastases in early stage, such as cough and hemoptysis.Seek medical treatment in time, follow the doctor’s advice and surgery.

Cervical canal polyps: Large bean -shaped polyps grow near the uterine mouth, often mixed with blood in leucorrhea, and a small amount of bleeding after intercourse.

In addition, in addition to the above reasons, cervical cancer, placenta front or low placement are needed.

If bleeding occurs, seek medical treatment in time, do not delay the condition.

I wish all the mothers in their wishes to pay for it, and I wish the babies grow up healthy and happy.

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