Eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, be sure to pay attention to these matters

The benefits of eating bird’s nest during pregnancy have been introduced many times. I will not say more today. It is recommended that expectant mothers have started eating bird’s nests from pregnancy.This article sorted out the common questions about eating bird’s nest during pregnancy, let’s answer it one by one.

What kind of bird’s nest is good for pregnant women?

Hydroma> Swallow Strip> Yanjiao> Swallow.

Holy bird’s soaking rate is the highest, the taste is the best, and the nutritional value is slightly higher than that of the swallow strip. If you have conditions, it is best to eat birds during pregnancy.If the budget is not enough, the swallow is also a good choice. The nutritional value is similar to that of the bird, and the price is much more affordable.Swallow is a corner material, and the quality is uneven. It is a severe pose area. It is not recommended that novices, especially pregnant women, eat.

How much is the number of bird’s nests eating during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have high demand for nutrition. It is best to eat bird’s nest every day. At least two days can be eaten to ensure that intake is enough to better play the effect.Eating bird’s nest is particular about a small amount, and eating too much at one time can not be completely absorbed. You only need to eat 3-5 grams of dry bird’s nest every day.

The first-3 months and seventh months of pregnancy can increase a little bit more appropriately than usual. These two periods are the key to the development of the fetal brain. Supplementing salivary acid acid can make the baby smarter.

What should I do if I eat bird’s nest pregnancy vomiting?

If the pregnancy vomiting is severe enough to eat everything, the body will be easy to eat. This situation is best to go to the hospital in order to protect the fetus.If the pregnancy vomiting is slightly mild, at the degree of tolerance, it can be eaten with yogurt, fruits, honey, etc. to help reduce the supplementary materials of pregnancy, which can not only cover the natural egg flavor of the bird’s nest, the taste is more delicious, and it is not easy to get pregnant.

What ingredients do bird’s nest match during pregnancy?

Avoid greasy and spicy eating bird’s nest.It can be matched with ingredients that nourish yin and nourish qi and blood, such as Sydney, lily, red dates, wolfberry, etc.

Is it necessary for pregnant women to eat back source bird’s nest?

very necessary.The traceability code is a symbol of the safety and formal symbol of bird’s nests. Only the bird’s nest that passes through the quarantine testing of the two countries can be pasted with the traceability code. The traceable bird’s nest can ensure that it does not brush the glue and the bleach.EssenceWith the baby during pregnancy, the diet must pay special attention to safety. Choosing a traceable bird’s nest is also equivalent to give yourself a guarantee.

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