Eat ginger in summer and healthy in the four seasons. Why should you eat more ginger in hot days?Many people don’t know how to eat

The old saying "eats radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, and does not work in the prescription."It was hot in summer. Why do you eat "hot" ginger?How to eat it?Many people are not very clear about the reason, and talk about it in detail.

1. Why eat ginger in summer?

The weather is hot in summer, people are more greedy, staying in the air -conditioned house for a long time, they also like to eat sow, drink cold drinks, and also eat a lot of cool watermelon and some fruits or cold baths.In the long run, the body will form a state of external heat and cold, and will feel that the limbs are weak, the spirit is not good, and the stomach is prone to minor problems such as diarrhea.

The ginger tastes spicy and belongs to warm food. It is appropriate to eat some ginger in summer, which can dispel the cold in the body and keep the body harmonious and balanced.The ginger spicy in ginger can also effectively promote the blood circulation of the body, help the discharge of sweat, and help warm the stomach and appetite, make the whole body unobstructed and comfortable, and benefit a lot.

Second, how to eat ginger?

1. Marinate and eat

Ginger is too spicy, you can pick up vinegar or soy sauce to salty or sweet and sour. It can be eaten with porridge, rice, and noodles in the morning or noon. It is healthy and easy to eat.In addition, long -term consumption of vinegar and soaking ginger is better than eating ginger, not so hot, and can increase resistance.

Recommended method: 【vinegar soaked ginger】

The required ingredients: ginger, rock sugar, rice vinegar

Step 1: Ginger washed and peeled, sprinkled with salt after cutting thin slices, and mixed well for one night.

Step 2: The marinated ginger slices are squeezed out of excess water, prepared for clean glass tanks, and put the ginger slices into the glass tank.

Step 3: Pour an appropriate amount of rice vinegar into the glass tank and flood the ginger slices.

Step 4: Put a little rock sugar in the jar, cover the lid, and pickle for about seven days to eat.

2. Stir -fry and eat

If ordinary ginger can’t be eaten, you can buy more ginger for eating. The taste of ginger ginger is tender and crispy, and the spicy taste is not so heavy. Fry with chicken, duck meat and other meats.The meat is fishy, and the ginger is delicious and delicious. This is also the most common ways to eat in Sichuan and Hunan.

Recommended method: [Zai Ginger fried chicken 胗]

The required ingredients: Chicken, ginger, pepper, pickled pepper, chopped pepper

Step 1: Clean the slices of chicken 胗, wash the peel and shred it, and prepare the appropriate amount of fresh peppercorns.

Step 2: Put two spoons of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of pepper, a spoonful of dried starch and appropriate salt. See it and marinate for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Pour the oil in the wok. Put the oil in the oil and the pepper and chopped pepper each spoonful. Stir -fry the aroma and pour the chicken stir -fry until the color is changed.Step 4: Pour ginger, pepper and green onion in the pot, stir -fry evenly, add half a spoonful of fragrant vinegar and a little sugar, salt, and chicken essence.

3. Cook

In Guangdong and Fujian, people like to cook pig feet or duck meat with ginger. They taste fresh and appetizing, drove cold, dehumidify, and are particularly good for the body.It has been reduced a lot and absorbed a lot of fats, and it tastes good.

Recommended method [Pig feet ginger]

The required ingredients: trotters, ginger, eggs, sweet vinegar first steps: The pork trotters are rinsed and poured into a cold water pot, the juice juice is cooked for 3 minutes.Cook a few eggs.

Step 2: Ginger washed and sliced, poured oil in the pan, stir -fry the ginger slices, pour the pig’s feet and stir fry for about three minutes.

Step 3: Pour the trotters and ginger slices into a high -pressure cooker. After the eggs are removed, put it into the pot.

Step 4: Pour half a bottle of sweet vinegar in the high -pressure cooker, add a little water, simmer for 40 minutes of high pressure, and add some salt for a while before the pan.

4. Cook and drink

In addition to fried, stewed, and pickled in summer, you can also cook some ginger tea and ginger soup with ginger tea, Chenpi ginger soup, black bean ginger soup, etc. with ginger slices.Girls can also try to make themselves at home, add ginger inside to make ginger milk tea, which is far better than the milk tea outside.

Recommended method: [Ginger milk tea]

The required ingredients: ginger, milk, tea, ice powder, red dates

Step 1: Ginger is washed, shredded after peeling, and washed the red dates to remove the nuclear.

Step 2: Ginger pour into the juice machine and add water to make pulp, filter the ginger juice and pour in the cooking pot, add ice powder and sugar, stir well and melt, turn off the heat and let it cool.Ginger ice powder.

Step 3: Take the tea leaves and put it into a wok without water and oil, put a spoonful of white sugar and the remaining ginger, stir fry the white sugar into caramel, pour in water and jujube slices, and cook for ten minutes.

Step 4: Pour milk in the pot, stir well, and fuse, filter out the tea and ginger, cut the ginger and ice powder into the cup, and let the cooked milk tea cool into it.

5. Make snacks

Children should not eat less cold in the summer, so those who have children in the family should also give their children some ginger, and they can make small snacks such as ginger sugar and ginger juice.Stay more, just give your children two or three tablets a day.

Recommended method: [Ginger candy]

The required ingredients: ginger, white sugar

Step 1: Ginger peel and wash, cut the thin slices and then rub it repeatedly twice or three times. Cook it for three minutes and remove the dry moisture.

Step 2: Pour the ginger slices into the stir -frying pot, put a bowl of sugar and a little water, and cook on the heat until the sugar is melted.

Step 3: The sugar water is boiled until thick, and stir -fry to a dense small bubble, adjust the fire to the minimum fire.Step 4: Stir -fry the pot to the pot and turn off the heat after the white sugar appears, and then keep frying. Fry until the syrup is all returned to the sand. The ginger slices are wrapped in frosting and saved.

Third, two time periods for eating ginger

1. Do not eat ginger too late

As the saying goes, "Eat ginger in the morning, Shengyin Soup, late

"Frost", it is really good to eat more ginger in summer, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the time of consumption, especially at night, it is best not to eat ginger. Because the ginger is spicy and warm, consumption in the morning will help the body in the body.", Awaken appetite and promote digestion. If you eat warm food like ginger at night, it is easy to produce too much heat, causing physical excitement, which will affect sleep again., The organs in the body are not good, but it is a kind of harm for the body.

2. Do not eat ginger after ambush

The best time to eat ginger in summer is the end of the summer solstice to Sanfu. During this time, the weather is the hottest, and the weather is more and humid.

But after the end of Sanfu Tian, it is not suitable for ginger, because although the temperature at this time is not low, it has basically passed the autumn at the time of the season.The environment gradually begins to change and slowly turning to dry and windy. If you eat more ginger, it will easily cause the body to dry up.

-﹣ Lao Guo said 说–

Eating ginger in summer is not suitable for everyone. If it is a hot constitution itself, try to eat less ginger or keep ginger skin together when eating ginger, because the ginger skin is cool, and it can play it.A balanced role.In addition, if the ginger bought is rotten, remember to lose it for the first time, otherwise it will have a great impact on health after eating.

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