Eat this "golden fruit" more in autumn

Source: China Economic Network

Nowadays, the season of pomegranate listing.It is understood that the nutritional value of pomegranate is very high, and it is even known as the "golden fruit" of autumn health.What are the benefits of eating more pomegranate in autumn?Below, the China Economic Network Life Channel will take you to understand.

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Astringent intestinal bleeding

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pomegranate tastes sour and has the effect of sparse liver and liver, which can be gentle and tense.In addition, pomegranate contains tannic acid, alkaline, etc., which can stop bleeding in astringent intestines.

Supplement skin moisture

The calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. contained in pomegranates can quickly replenish skin moisture.Eating pomegranate in autumn can not only calm the gods, converge the astringent intestines, but also nourish the beauty of the skin, nourish yin and moisturizing.

protect eyes

Pomegranate also contains two major antioxidants: red pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins. These two ingredients not only resist ultraviolet rays and remove free radicals. The anthocyanins are the "protector" of the eyes.

Reduce the risk of breast cancer

Eating pomegranates often helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.A study from the Department of Medicine of Ohio State University in the United States shows that plant chemicals in pomegranates can inhibit the production of estrogen and have the possibility of preventing estrogen sensitive breast cancer.

Reduce anxiety

Pomegranate is rich in vitamins, which helps to relieve depression, anxiety, reduce fatigue, and relieve tension.Tobaccinic acid and vitamin D can be calm, fighting the gray mood.Vitamin E can help brain cells to obtain oxygen in blood and help enhance attention.

Protect the heart

A study of Israel found that red pomegranate and red dates partnered to prevent heart disease.Pomegranate juice is rich in phenol, which can significantly improve the body’s antioxidant ability.Jujube rich contains phenolic antioxidants that can capture free radicals, which can inhibit "bad cholesterol".At the same time, these antioxidants have stronger health effects than the antioxidants of a single food.

Four types of people should not eat more pomegranate

Diabetic people.Pomegranate has high sugar content, and sugar friends must control the amount of food.

Constipation crowd.Pomegranate has the effects of convergence, astringent intestines, and hemostasis, and those with constipation should not be consumed.

Tooth decay crowd.Pomegranate is warm, and the content of organic acids is high. Eating too much will not only damage the health of the teeth, but also the fire.

child.Pomegranate will get angry when eating too much, so children should eat less pomegranate, so as not to cause fever sputum, and then aggravate cough and bronchitis.

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