Eight months of pregnancy, my wife and I switched to my body. After giving birth, we divorced!(Down)


Newborn feeds milk every two hours.

It is annoying during the day; in the evening, it is pure torture.

As soon as the baby cried at night, Cheng Xin would instantly bounce up and put the baby in my arms.

I slept hard and worked hard to hold the child halfway, holding on the pain of my abdominal knife mouth, and gave my child breastfeeding.

[I see the Internet say that men can’t hear their children crying, you are still a man now, how can you hear the child crying?]

I am really curious.

Cheng Xin yawned: [What a man and woman in this matter, as long as he is in his heart, he will wake up when he hear the movement.]

I thought about it, and I felt that Cheng Xin was right.

As long as there are children in her heart, they will never miss her all the time, even if they are sleeping.

The result of this is that Cheng Xin and I slept in the evening, since heavenly.

But soon on the day of discharge, Cheng Xin cleaned up and accompanied me to sit by the bed.

I wondered: [Do we not start?]

Cheng Xin said: [Wait, wait.]

Waiting for waiting, finally waiting for my mother to rush over, she laughed when she appeared: [Go!]

Cheng Xin frowned: [Mom, why are you here, I didn’t call you.]

My mother picked up our luggage: [Don’t wait, the room of the confinement center was retreated, and they had already taken others to leave!]

??, What is it?!

It turned out that in order to let me rest well, Cheng Xin specially booked the room of the confinement center for me. Originally, they should pick up me back to the club, and my mother actually retired the room?!

Cheng Xin pressed anger: [Why do you retreat?]

[Blind, I heard that I heard it that day, and I thought that the confinement center was too expensive.I have been with me for so long, I must still take care of it!]

[I called them to retreat, the deposit asked them to retreat on my card, my son, mother to collect it first!]

I feel right immediately at this moment, and leave blood!

Cheng Xin turned to look at me:

[The room in the confinement center is difficult to make, and I only got such a house in the city at that time.]

[We can only go home first.]

I do not want! ! !

I remembered that before Cheng Xin was pregnant, my mother lived alone. After Cheng Xin was pregnant, she moved over.

[Let our mother go back to her own home, I don’t need to trouble my mother to take care of it!]

I tried to quit.

I don’t know why, after I said this, I felt that the air pressure beside me was three points lower.She opens expressionlessly:

[You forgot, our mother rented her house out, isn’t this your suggestion?]

You let your mother go back to your own home now, just catching her on the street.

As soon as my mother heard this, she immediately cried and grabbed the ground in a timely manner:

[Son, it’s not reasonable! I rushed to wait for her confinement. She not only didn’t appreciate it, but also rushed away! She was like this in front of you! Mom can’t live anymore!]

My mother’s voice is like a gong, attracting the people at the door to gradually gather

I was wrong.

It’s a big mistake.

Looking at the silence of the silence of moving luggage, I couldn’t say any words.

If I do n’t switch to my body, I wo n’t even give Cheng Xin, and I will definitely listen to my mother ’s words. Let my mother take care of her confinement and may blame her a few words of confusion.

Then, the result of my current result is also my own blame.

I too … nothing to say.

Cheng Xin went to drive first. My mother hugged my baby and walked in front. I staggered slowly.

My mother hugged the child in front, and went faster and faster, and did not look back at me.

Nothing at a time.

I held the wall and made my best to move to the door.

Last night, there was a bleak white everywhere, and even the sun looked cold and hurt.

When I saw the entrance of the hospital, my mother hugged the child and got into the car.

After Cheng Xin settled them, he straightened up again, looking back, seemed to be looking for me.She saw me and walked towards me.

And I was standing in place, somehow, my nose suddenly sour, and I cried directly to death. Gu Yi, you are never a crying person, why are you crying so much now! I have spurred my weakness, but this is a blame for myself.Still unable to stop tears.

I was held in my arms by Cheng Xin and buried her head in her shoulder nest.

I had no time to take care of the person who was around, and I cried.

So sad, sad, sad.

what to do?

What’s wrong with me?


Unexpectedly, after returning home, the scene of the chicken flying dog jumping did not appear.

Instead, it is peaceful.

My mother is responsible for three meals a day, with vegetarian and delicious.

Cheng Xin stayed at home all day, responsible for taking care of the baby, and even in order to make me rest well. In the evening, Cheng Xin was a milk powder feeding the baby and me. I just need to lie down and rest.

But the only thing that is still is that my mother is still constantly shattered:

[Son, still have to have a boy ………]

To be honest, I thought about it. I was the second generation of the Gu family. What was going on when my child broke the root?

So while my mother was not there, I quietly asked Cheng Xin:

[Or three years later, we want a son, what do you think?]

Cheng Xin’s movement was froze. She was silent for a moment, and then showed a smile that seemed to be a smile. Back to me [As long as you were born, I had no opinion.]


My knife mouth still hurts, so I made me a second child, so I won’t!

Cheng Xin gave the baby a name, called the period.

She said, this is the current child, she likes girls

Just as I thought that life would always be so relaxed, good days stopped abruptly.

Cheng Xin, only 15 days of maternity leave, she is going to go to work and continue to travel!

In this family, my mother and my mother have been left!

As soon as Cheng Xin left, my mother closed the door and demonstrated to me:

[My son wants to divorce you, know?!]

I remembered the scene when I was hospitalized. I wanted to come to my mother to perfunctory Cheng Xin’s perfunctory.

Suddenly I felt a little funny, so she deliberately said nonsense:

[Your son dare not divorce me. If you leave at this time, the law stipulates that your son will go out of the house, and the property will belong to me and my children!]

She was stunned by me and glared at me fiercely.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

My mother opened the door and was a simple sister.

Great sister: [I am Mr. Gu’s invitation to take care of the mother and baby Yueyue.]

I am overjoyed, Cheng Xin also invited Yueyue?

But I didn’t expect my mother to push people out on the spot: [No, we don’t want Yuexun! You go!]

stop it!

I have not recovered a good body to compete with my mother, and I can only watch her bombard the Yueyue.

Closing the door, she jumped high and said high:

[From now on, take care of your children yourself!]

I refute: [You speak lightly, my knife is still painful, how to take care of the child!]

My mother glanced at me:

[Others can, why don’t you do? You are coquettish!]

I can’t get angry, take out my mobile phone and call Cheng Xin,

But I never thought, the phone, I couldn’t make it anymore!

It is almost noon, I think the kitchen is still cold and cold stoves did not cook.

I asked my mother: [Mom, what about meals?]

My mother stroked her legs on the sofa and squeezed the seeds of melon: [In the pot, he was prosperous.]

I wondered, when did I make meals?

Open the pot again, it is the cold millet porridge left in the morning!

I frowned: [Didn’t you have meat and meat a few days ago? Today, there is only millet porridge?

My mother’s face does not matter: [My son is gone at home, who do you eat for the meat, do you?]

She spit out a melon seed skin: [Oh! I can’t give birth to the old hen of her son!]

I am angry from it: [Who do you scold!]

My mother stood up and said slowly: [What about you, what do you, go with my son?

Then turn around and go

Why do I have this kind of mother !!!

I have to throw the pot, this meal, I won’t eat it!

However, the fell in the pot for a while, the hungry crematorium.

I was hungry quickly during breastfeeding, and I was hungry before it was too long.

After thinking about it, I planned to eat out from the refrigerator.

However, I did not expect that the refrigerator, which was always full, became empty overnight!

OK, the magic is one foot tall.

Isn’t it possible to take a takeaway!

Just as I feed my baby, the mobile phone prompts the takeaway.

After feeding, go out and find that the door is empty.

I send a message and ask my brother: [What is the meal?]

My brother returned to me: [Send it, an old lady took it.]

My mother took the rice away ?!

I patrolled three laps at home. Finally, I found my rice in the kitchen trash can. The packaging was torn away and fell into the trash can.

I am so hungry, really hungry, so hungry that I was dizzy.

But my meals are in the trash bin, and there is no way to eat it anymore.

For a moment, I even wanted to remove the rice with my hands to eat two sips!

When I realized this idea, I suddenly collapsed.

A blink of an eye again, tears dripped like the broken beads.

A inexplicable despair swept me …

I have lived proudly for more than 20 years, and I have never had such unbearable situation.

The self -esteem of the whole person was crushed and wiped out at this moment.

I feel shame for this.

I cried too hard, involved the knife mouth, and the knife was hurting, and I cried even more.

It hurts, so uncomfortable, I’m so tired …

In the end, I still drank the remaining millet porridge.

My mother stood at the door of the kitchen, looked at me after drinking, and dumped a word:

[In the future, it will be millet porridge. Drink the Northwest Wind if you don’t eat it!]


Why does it turn like this?

My fruit stood in place, but it was unable to slow down for a long time.


Unexpectedly, yesterday was just kicked off, and the next time was a nightmare.

When I got up early, I started crying as soon as I woke up. As soon as I checked, she actually pulled it!

Oh my god!This is how to do!

Oh yes, I have seen it, Cheng Xin hugs her directly to wash!

I rushed to the bathroom in a hurry, but found that the cold and cold water of the faucet was bone, and the water was not seen for a long time.

It’s strange, shouldn’t you?

I was inspecting a dark, and I found that the plug of the electric water heater was pulled out!

Whoever does it is naturally self -evident.

I still feel a hint of fun after being outrageous. I pulled this, and I can’t torture me?

I will understand the next second!

The plug of the power supply is too high, and Cheng Xin’s head is not high plus the knife mouth restraint. I can’t insert it back without external force.

If you find a stool … I have to climb up …

Ah ….. It feels painful when you think about it

The crying of the period was introduced into my ears, reminding me that the baby must not have hot water!

I gritted my teeth, dragged the stool little by little, and finally inserted the plug back.

The hot water finally had it. I carefully picked up a small and soft period, learned the appearance of the impression miles to clean her, and packed it.

The atmosphere did not dare to come out throughout the process, for fear that she would hurt her with a little force.

After packing, she fed her milk, and she continued to sleep.

I sat next to her and found that I was sweating.

It turns out that my mother is not born to bring children, they all learn little by little!

Ah, by the way, there is one more thing!

I found the key to the bathroom in the bedroom and locked the door simply.

Pat the ash on your hand, see how you do things for me!

In the evening, I had to soak milk powder as usual, but I found that I couldn’t find milk powder.

Strange, I was placed in a storage box before?

I was glory, rushing out and knocking on my mother’s bedroom door!

[Milk powder!]


She can do anything in any way!!!!

What can I do if there is no milk powder?

I looked back at the period and remembered the days when I slept in the hospital.

But there is no other way …

I had to hold the period from her small bed to the bed, so that I could breastfeed in time in the middle of the night.

When I got up the next day, I felt like I stepped on the clouds, and almost the whole person was paralyzed.

It turned out that Cheng Xin had changed the urine for the baby before taking it to me to feed me.That’s why I found out until last night that I had to change my urine again!

After feeding milk and tossing, I was completely awake!

Then try to fall asleep. When I was confused, the baby cried again, and I had to get up again.

One night after this cycle, my head was fried!

When I was in the hospital, I could lie in bed during the day.

But now, I have to turn a shaft during the day and night, and I have no idleness at all …

Thinking of such a day I don’t know how long it will last, I feel a feeling of sadness …

After eating millet porridge for a few days, I have been physiological nausea.

I want to vomit when I see millet porridge!

So I ordered takeaway again.

But this time, I stood directly in the corridor and waited for my brother!

Finally, my meal arrived.

At the moment I took the takeaway, I couldn’t help but tears.

I opened straight, sitting in the corridor of the cold wind, and ate the takeaway. After eating two or two, I wiped my mouth, and when I opened the door, I heard the child’s cry.Are you crying?!

I saw my mother lying on the sofa leisurely and brushing her vibrato, as if she couldn’t hear the baby’s cry.

I was anxious for a while: [Mom, I was crying, why don’t you look at it!]

My mother ignores me.

After taking it, pretending to be deaf is my mother’s fuck.

Why are I still not used to it!

I held my waist and did my best to come to the house at the fastest speed, and found that the period was stink again.

I cleaned her up and fed her milk again, and she fell asleep soon.

Carefully close the door, I go to the living room to confront my mother:

[Why don’t you care about the child? Isn’t this child surnamed?]

My mother lifted her eyelids:

[The girl can’t go to the genealogy, what is the family?]

She didn’t want to talk to me anymore, she got up and left!

I was angry at this sentence,

What’s wrong with the girl? Why don’t you care about the family?


On the fourteenth day of Cheng Xin’s business business, Cheng Xin could not be contacted.

When my mother and I mentioned this, she was not nervous at all, saying that you care about men’s affairs.

But I have no time to take care of Cheng Xin, because I have been too tired recently.

And it may be because of recent breastfeeding too much, the nipples have always tingled when breastfeeding, and the original soft nipples have begun to become a bit hard.

I tried to squeeze and found that there was a red liquid flowing out.

It turned out to be blood!

How can he bleed?!

I was a little panicked. I looked seriously and found that my nipples were rotten!

After searching, this is called 这 搜?

How can you feed this?!

I hurriedly searched and watched how other mothers solved this problem.

[To bear it, what else can you do? Just feed it!]

[Women are like this, and they must suffer this.]

[What ointment, what if you forget to wipe and give your baby mouth?]

That’s it, so just tolerate!

How can I let it go? It really hurts!


I have no other way …

I used the milk powder I bought and bought again, hiding from Tibetan to the bedroom, but I didn’t know when my mother was thrown away again.

She seems to be ubiquitous ghosts, and she doesn’t let go of every opportunity to torture me.

I can’t be hungry, I can only endure the pain and continue breastfeeding!

I suspected that there was a thousand needles stirring in my chest, tingling to torture me, and even raising my arms to tears directly.

But looking down at the period when I was unaware of the mixed milk in my arms, I touched her little face lovingly.

[Period, as long as you are hello, dad can do it.]

When the takeaway arrived, I was still sleeping with my period.

You can only let the brother put the takeaway at the door.

When I can go out for dinner, it is already twenty minutes.

Fortunately, the meal is still there!

Although it was cold in the cold wind.

I sat in the corridor and pulled the rice into my mouth. I don’t know why, I feel more and more tired, and I feel that my face is getting hotter …

I’m so sleepy, I really want to sleep …

I tilted my head and fell asleep against the wall.

I don’t know how long I woke up from my sleep.

I was shocked suddenly and quickly stood up and went home, but found that the door was locked from the inside!

Can’t open !!!

I was close to the door, heard the crying of the child in the door, was anxious, and patted the door and shouted:

[Mom, open the door, you open the door!!!]

No movement.

The door in front of me was like a mountain, and I tried my best to beat the trees.

The door seemed like another world, and I was separated.

I smashed the door with my fist and kicked the door with my feet, but there was no movement in the door.

[Please … open the door …….]

I started crying by the door, the baby was crying, the baby was crying, is she hungry? I’m not comfortable?

She is the only person in this world that can rely on me, but I can’t be by her side!

Mom, how can you do this!

How can you not let me go in and see the baby!!!!

Ah, right!

My mobile phone is still with!!!!

I was so dizzy that I was dizzy, and I finally woke up at this moment and reported to the police!

The police quickly arrived in my house. After they described their intentions loudly, the door finally opened!

My mother stood at the door, her face was gloomy, and I stared at me:

[, Can he call the police?!]

I didn’t care about her, walked towards the bedroom quickly, and saw this generation that I would never forget!

A small quilt was covered with a corner of the face, and he couldn’t help crying with his legs!

Oh my god!

Children may be suffocated!

I climbed the ground to the bed, tremblingly revealed the small quilt on my face, and I saw that my face was flushed and her lips were purple!

I’m panicked!

[Save children!!!]

I cried and screamed, and it took time to faint!


Wake up again, and the eyes are a pale ceiling.

woke up?

When I heard the familiar voice, I turned my head. It was Cheng Xin.

The next second, I grabbed her arm tightly: [Where is the period?]

Tears were full of tears for a while.

Cheng Xin patted me comfortably: [It was found a bit pneumonia, hospitalized, just upstairs.]

I tried to sit up: [I’m going to see her ………]

Cheng Xin held me: [You still have a high fever, what are you running?]

I was covered: [I have a high fever?]

Cheng Xin nodded: [Do you know that your breasts are blocked? The chest swelling is like a stone, and the high fever is nearly 40 degrees Celsius.]

I later realized

Cheng Xin said again: [I need to go home to get something in the period, you lie down and rest, I will come back for a while.]

[No, I’ll go.]

I interrupted Cheng Xin and said firmly: [I am going back.]

Cheng Xin and I looked at it for a moment, she nodded: [Then you go.]

I got home and opened the door.

My mother was lying on the sofa as always, on the TV, and she was moving with melon seeds.

I walked in front of her, took the remote control to turn off the TV, then turned around, and looked at her:

[Why do you want to do this?]

My mother grabbed a melon seed again, and the old god looked at me on the ground:

[If you take the initiative to divorce my son, take your cheap girl to go home, isn’t it okay?]

Just because of this?

I sneered: [Divorce, impossible.]

When I said, I turned into the bedroom, and I didn’t want to spend more tongues with her.

But I did not expect that she followed and scattered all the small clothes I just packed, throwing it on the ground!

She took her waist:

[This family is my son, you don’t move anything!]

I am surprisingly angry, standing in place and looking at her calmly:

[Everything in this family is your son, right?]

She said with a shame:

[Yes, everything is my son!


I turned to the kitchen and opened the cabinet with the partarium and the scooppy plate.

The difficulty of eating well, the fatigue of the day and night, the pain of unbearable pain everywhere, and the panic when the nose and nose were covered during the period …

At this moment, all out of the outbreak!


Smile !!!

I raised the pots and pans, and smashed it hard!

Along with my mother’s scream, the broken porcelain splashed everywhere, and the iron pot smashed the wooden door frame out of a hole!

Smake what you caught!

After I smashed the kitchen clean, I started to walk to the living room, and my mother came to God and started scolding me:

[Don’t be a bitch! Are you crazy!]

I started laughing, the more laughing the voice, the louder the voice:

[I am crazy!]

I’m crazy, I’m really crazy, so crazy!

Seeing my mother’s panic, I feel extremely happy!

TV, smashed! Air conditioning, smashed! Various green plants, smashed! Camellia table, smashed!

My soul seemed to leave my body, and I was at height.

Looking at the anger, my eyes, like a lunatic, I repeated the action of holding up and falling down.

At the same time, my mother twisted behind her and screamed.

My brain is blank, there is only one idea in my head:

Everything is smashed!


I don’t know how I got out of the messy home and how I returned to the hospital.

In the end, I sat in front of the period of the period.

Cheng Xin looked at me and lost my soul, and asked me: [What’s wrong?]

What’s wrong?

How do I know what happened?

I stood up, walked to the window of the ward, opened the window

The sun is really dazzling, and my tears have flowed out.

Why are you crying again …

This burst of tears is countless times more than the previous two decades.

I poked my head and wanted to blow blowing.

This is the ninth floor …

I bowed my head, downstairs is the tree -lined path for the backyard of the hospital.

At this moment, only the cold wind was blowing the dead branches.

It’s boring …

It’s boring to be alive …

Jump down …

As long as you jump down, everything is over …

I picked up the window, and most of my body was already outside the window.

You can be liberated soon …

I thought relieved.

[what are you doing!]

Cheng Xin’s voice awakened me like a thunder, and the next second rushed up, holding me away from the window.

I looked back.

I was buried in Cheng Xin’s arms, holding her collar tightly, crying and crying.

[I really want to die …….]

[The baby will become like this, it’s all my fault …]

[I can’t take care of the baby ………]

[I have nothing to use, I am not a good dad ………]

Cheng Xin patted my back tenderly, and she said with a certain tone:

[Gu Yi, you are depressed after giving birth.]


My mother called Cheng Xin and talked about my madness.

Cheng Xin gave her back according to my intention:

[Things are made by Cheng Xin, my thing is Cheng Xin’s things, she smashed as she wants.]

[Mom, let’s not meet first.]

My mother cried in the pain and I married my daughter -in -law.

But her tears not only couldn’t impress me, but even made me feel happy.

For most people, tears are emotional pouring.

But for my mother, tears are just a tool she used to kidnap.

Fortunately, she can no longer stab me.

After discharged from the hospital, Cheng Xin rented another house and found Yueyue.

I finally lived a peaceful life.

In a blink of an eye, it was a hundred days of birth. For children, this is a very important anniversary.

This morning, I heard my baby’s crying, and got up as usual.

Opening the clothes, but found that the chest was a Ma Pingchuan?


I stunned for a long while, and turned back to see Cheng Xin sitting up, leaning on the bedside, and crooked my head to look at me.

We didn’t speak, but looked at each other.

it is more than words.

I handed her Baozhu, and she took it tacitly and hugged in her arms and started breastfeeding.

I got up and poured a glass of warm water and handed it to Cheng Xin.

Then squatted down and said to her:

[Wife, you have worked hard.]

[I, Gu Yi, I will never be sorry for Cheng Xin after the goodness.]

Cheng Xin laughed, but the bottom of my eyes seemed to have something that I couldn’t understand.

She was silent and then opened her mouth: [Divorce.]

I stunned.

[Why? I don’t want to divorce you.]

[But what I want is the divorce.]

I hurried to promise: [I] I already know what you are facing, I will definitely deal with my mother, and I will never happen anymore. I guarantee it!

Cheng Xin was silent for a moment, and the topic broke away:

[It’s almost time for work, you go to work.]

I glanced at time, and so.

After kissing Cheng Xin, I went to work.

When I arrived at the company, I got an unexpected joy. Cheng Xin’s excellent exceeded me. In just half a year, I was promoted again!

I was so happy that I hummed a song all day.

After get off work, I went to the vegetable market and bought pork ribs, fish, and glue, and planned to go home to make Cheng Xin delicious.

[I’m back!]

I opened the door and greeted me with black paint and empty living room.

I didn’t expect anyway, Cheng Xin actually took the child and disappeared!

Cheng Xin didn’t leave anything except for a divorce agreement.

After Zhou, she called me: [Divorce?]

I said with a new nail: [No.]

Then she disappeared again.

After repeating it a few times, my attitude made Cheng Xin feel that the agreement was hopeless.

Soon after, I received a divorce of the court.

I asked the lawyer and learned that as long as I did not agree with the divorce in the court, the court would not leave it.

And Cheng Xin sued again, so he had to wait six months!

So this trial, I decisively disagreed with divorce, and the court sentenced the court as I was looking forward to.

In the court, I always apologized to Cheng Xin, but Chengxin seemed to have eaten the heart of Timori, and it was completely unacceptable.

After the trial, she disappeared again.

No sound.

I miss her so much, I really want to have a period …

Dreaming is a scene where our family of three goes out to play.

So, after half a year later, I was prepared to be prepared and stood in the court with tears, saying that I would like to compensate Cheng Xin.

Just as the judges were loosened, the court’s door was suddenly hit!

I turned around, stupid!

She has clearly contacted her. Where did she know about her?

I reacted, I wanted to stop her in three steps, but it was late:

[Low woman! Get your daughter with your worthless girl! Don’t entangle my son!]

It’s over, everything is over.

I watched the hammer fall again, and the judge sentenced:

[The relationship between the husband and wife is broken, and the divorce is allowed!]


After the divorce was completed, Cheng Xin asked me to meet in the cafe.

I ask her:

[Why are you so ruthless to me? Because you and my mother’s contradictions during pregnancy? But I will bear it for you later!]

Cheng Xin sat opposite me and said seriously:

[Gu Yi, I was disappointed with you three times.]

[For the first time, you are afraid to conflict with your mother. In the face of my grievances, you turn a blind eye and dare not face it.]

[The second time, when you know that your mother is a male light woman, you are moving, and even ask me if I want to regenerate a boy.]

[For the third time, I tried to drag me during the divorce. I only care about the mood of not being willing to divorce, but I don’t consider me.]

[All these remind me again and again, your weakness and no responsibility.]

[Gu Yi, haven’t you understood yet?]

[The reason for divorcing you is never your mother, but you.]

I stunned!

I always think that the root of our divorce is my mother.

In this marriage, my mother has taken a lot of mistakes, and I have only a little problem.

The person who married clearly and Cheng Xin was me, but in this marriage, the hidden person is also me?!

Obviously I should not condon my mother into our two lives, and should not blindly believe my mother, and should not ignore Cheng Xin’s response because of fear of quarrel.

I should stand up and isolate my mother outside of our two.

Yes, me who is weak, me who dares not take responsibility, me who escapes the problem, and me who has no ability to solve the problem is the source of our divorce.

Cheng Xin went on to say:

[I will take my baby to settle in other places, and never return here again.]

[Your maintenance fee can not be paid, just if you do n’t have this child.]

How can this be!

I raised my head anxiously and refuted:

[No! Children need dad!]

[Need dad, what does it mean?]

Cheng Xin opened his eyes slightly:

[If it means that she needs to give her brave, tough, and strong example, then, I can also teach my baby with these quality female partners.]

This this…..

I never thought of these problems, stunned:

[But this child is mine! You have no right to take her away!]

[Also yours?]

Cheng Xin laughed:

[This child belongs to me from head to toe.]

[I gave birth to a child, and my abdomen had a scar that was cut off for this.]

[My belly has a trace she once existed here.]

[My body reminded me all the time, I gave birth to a child.]

[And you?]

[Do you have any changes in children?]

[Since there is no, why do you say that this child belongs to you?]

I tried to find the reason to refute in my mind:

[I have a blood relationship with the period!]

[Oh, I can’t refute this,] Cheng Xin nodded, [After all, I can’t breed alone, do you say yes?]

Looking at the strange and familiar Cheng Xin on the opposite side, I remembered my emotions that had not been seen again for nearly half a year, and my emotions rolled up, like a large cotton cotton stuffed on my chest, and even breathing was difficult, and tears also fell asleep.

I am low -channel:

[Heart, this child was born.]

[The scar is left on you, but at the same time, it really stays in my heart.]

[I have suffered for her, the sin, this generation has stayed in my heart …]

[This is my only child, I can’t without her.]

When I finally put on all the reasons for the grandeur and held my sincerity out of Cheng Xin, she finally gave up.

Cheng Xin was silent for a long time, and finally sighed!


[You can come to see your baby every weekend, and the support fee is hit on my card on time.]

I nodded again and again.

Cheng Xin stood up: [What I want to say is finished.]

[Goodbye, Gu Yi.]

I have been thinking before that when Cheng Xin and I were with me, I have always been the gentleness of the birds according to people.

When did she become like this now, decisive and firm, without any room?

But at this moment, looking at Cheng Xin’s back, I realized:

Cheng Xin has never changed. I have never known her.

She is thin and white, and she seems to be gentle, but in fact, she has a stubborn bamboo in her bones and does not fold her waist.

When we met for the first time, she was dragging a heavy suitcase, trying to move the box to the stairs.

I passed by trying to help, but she was rejected.

I thought she was embarrassed and still had to help:

[Let me come, the girl can’t move these.]

She lifted the broken hair next to her ear and smiled at me:

[I can, nothing can be done by girls.]

Then I stared at her, and worked hard to lift the big box up.

That scene was deeply engraved in my heart, becoming my first starting point for me to marry her.

But then, why did I forget it?

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