Elephant group is a warm family. The small elephant can grow up happily, but the road of growth is also very difficult.

The elephant group is composed of the mother elephant with blood relationships and their descendants. The elephant group has a leader, which is held by older and most experienced females. Members are blood -related females and their minor children.


Elephant group is a warm family. The elephants help each other to love and love each other, jointly resist danger, solve difficulties, and take care of the small elephant to grow smoothly.

The mother elephant is usually 22 months pregnant, and it takes nearly 2 years to bred a small elephant. They develop in the mother’s belly thoroughly. Within a few minutes after birth, they can stand up.You can walk by yourself.

At the beginning, the Xiaogue didn’t know how to control the use of the image of the elephant.They sway their noses back and forth, and sometimes even step on it, they suck their noses, just like babies suck their fingers.

Little Elephant Playing Nose

In the first year, they depended on breast milk survival.When it was about four months old, the Elephant began to test and control their noses. They imitated the behavior of the surrounding elephants, slowly learned to grab objects, and looked for food in vegetation.At the age of September-1 years old, they learned to control the nose, and they could use elephant nose to eat, drink water and bath.

Elephant eats milk

After learning the use of elephant nose, the Xiaoying will eat some plants by themselves as food supplements.When they grow up to the age of two, they can basically eat independently, but they will continue to breastfeed until 5-10 years old.

Females can live in the same elephant group in their lives, and males must be separated from the group or form a single group life alone with other male.

Female is about 12-16 years old and start breeding offspring. Usually, a child is produced in 4-5 years. There is only one small elephant per child (the situation on both ends has been reported, but few).The first mating of the male will be very late. Generally, the male is most likely to matt between the male around 30 or even older.Because the rights of mathematics are full of aggressiveness.Young elephants cannot compete with old elephants in terms of body shape, ability and strength.

Male struggle

The life expectancy of wild elephants is usually 50-70 years.

When it comes to mother elephants and small elephants, we will think of many scenes of Yunnan wild elephants north: the small elephant is not very stable, accidentally falls into the canal and cannot crawl out.It climbed out; when the small elephant sleeps, the elephant will surround the small elephant to protect them in the middle, or stand by the small elephant to drive them mosquitoes to make them sleep more comfortably.

The mother -in -law takes care of the small elephants meticulous, teaches them to survive skills, protect and educate the small elephant away from potential dangers, and avoid the harm of predators such as lions, dogs, tigers, etc. (these animals tend to attack the small elephant).If you hear a tragic sound, they will quickly rush to the small elephant.

When there is a mother in the elephant group, other members of the elephant group will protect her during childbirth.After the small elephant is born, the mother and other females will help the newly born small elephant to feed.

Elephant mother, and other mother elephants in the elephant group play an important role in the growth of the small elephant.The mother, aunts, and elders of the elephant are full of love for them, guiding them, and helping them out of their predicament.The small elephant observes the elders to understand which plants are edible and how to obtain these plants.Young females can learn to become a mothers by participating in care for young phenomena, knowing how to take care of their children in the future.

The leader of the elephant group will adjust the pace of the elephant group according to the physical strength of the small elephant, so that the small elephant can keep up.When walking, the elephants will surround the elephant in the middle or under the body. When sleeping, the elephants may sleep, guard the lying elephant, or lie down, and wrap the small elephant in the middleProtect them.

Shortly after the baby is born, you have to follow the elephant group to "travel"

Usually, 1-2 days after birth, a baby has to follow the elephant group large army to find food and water, and like a mother to eat and drink enough to produce enough milk to raise a small elephant.Sometimes, Xiangqun will go far away. The elephant cannot be carried or hug, and the like the baby must go by himself.

On the way to "travel", the small elephant will face many dangers

Because of the short figure and insufficient strength, Xiaoyang often becomes the attack target of a predator such as a lion, a dog, a tiger, and a tiger.

Sometimes, as the elephant crosses the river, if the river is deeper and the water flows is relatively urgent, the small elephant can easily fall in the water and be washed away by the water flow.

In the face of a more wide and deeper ditch, the small elephant cannot cross the past. They need a little constant attempt to find the best right position. No matter how many times they try, they must cross over, otherwise they will leave the large troops.Danger.

On the way to grow up, they often play and play happily, but they also have a lot of difficulties to face. Although they have the care of the mother and the entire elephant group, their growth is definitely not easy.

Elephant Play

In fact, the survival of animals in the wild is not easy, and they face the threat of hunger and death at any time.But they are all optimistic, and enjoy happiness when they can be happy!

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