Emergency contraceptives, how many times a year?Can’t you not exceed 3 times?Gynecologist to answer

With the changes in the times, many women are becoming more and more open, and their thoughts are constantly changing. Sexual behavior before marriage in an open -minded environment is already a relatively common phenomenon.For contraceptive measures, the emergency contraceptives will be regarded as remedy after they are afraid of pregnancy.And some people pointed out.Urgent contraceptives cannot be taken more than three times within a year. More than three times will cause harm to the body, which will seriously lead to infertility. Is this so?Take a look.

Some people say that taking emergency contraceptives is harmful to the body, and generally cannot take more than three times a year.But in fact, the number of emergency contraceptives is not limited. As long as women do not pay attention to contraceptive measures when they are sexing, they must take emergency contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.Even if women have taken more than three times a year, they still have to take it when they need to take it.

When a woman failed to fail in the same room or does not take contraceptive measures, it is necessary to take emergency contraceptives in time to remedy, and the faster the time it takes, because although the emergency contraceptive pill is taken within 72 hours after sexual life, the more the moreThe better it is to take contraception early.Because for some women who are not pregnant, once they are pregnant, they need to abortion, and the damage brought by artificial abortion is much greater than emergency contraceptives. Therefore, women should take timely use when they should take it.

It may have certain side effects of emergency contraceptives, but it does not cause women to have infertility. Its more common side effects include nausea and vomiting and irregular menstruation.

The chief physician and Xiu Kui of the gynecological department of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital have been interviewed and said that there are many types of contraceptives in the current contraceptive pills. Among them, it is more common to have long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, and emergency contraceptives.Emergency contraceptives are a drug that remedies without any contraceptive measures or failed contraceptive measures.Emergency contraceptives are not a conventional contraceptive measure, and it still has a certain failure rate, so it cannot be used as a conventional contraceptive method. When conducting sexual life, we must take some safe and effective contraceptive measures.Essence

Warm reminder, female friends should not think that emergency contraceptives will not be very harmful to the body, and contraceptives can be used as conventional contraceptive measures. When conducting sexual life, you must choose some other contraceptive methods, such as contraceptives.Although the emergency contraceptives will not cause harm to the body, it has side effects. Some women will have a great impact on the body because of side effects after taking it, which will make women have a certain shadow.

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