(End) I found out that the day of pregnancy, my boyfriend’s fiancee had a big stomach and found the door.

On the day of the pregnancy test, the fiance’s fiancee was found.

For six years, we have the same love experience.

Whether it is a love letter or a gift from the boyfriend in these six years.

It is exactly the same, and even the date of delivery is not much different.

When waiting for the results of the pregnancy test stick, the video software popped up an unreasonable message: "You are not his only willow."

Liu Liu is the nickname of my boyfriend to me.

In my heart, I was "stunned", and the pregnancy test stick just showed two horizontal bars.

No accident, two bars! I am pregnant!

The huge joy flooded me, and at the same time, it also drowned my slight uneasiness in my heart.

As soon as I picked up the mobile phone to share the joy of the pregnancy test, I received a strange phone call.

The female voice on the other side of the mobile phone is crisp and alienated:

"Hey, is it Liu Liu? I want to talk to you about Jiang Li .j

"I’m pregnant, the child is from Jiang Li. He is ready to engage with me next month."

Her voice was very nice, but my ears hurt, and even the contraceptive stick on the sink became dazzling.

I set a myself for a while.

Hold back the urge to call Jiang Li.

Go out to meet the woman opposite.

We met in a cafe.

On the phone, she did not report to her house.

So I was really surprised when I saw Liu Hao.

Liu Hao is an Internet celebrity of a video software, with hundreds of thousands of fans.

I am not a school with me, but in the same university town.

Basically, the students of this piece did not know that Liu was good.Of course I know.

The moment I sat down opposite Liu Hao, I started to regret that I was too hurried out.

She was exquisite from her hair to the tip of my nails, and I was wearing slippers on my feet.

When Liu Hao saw me, he fiddled with his curly hair.

Then raised my eyelids from my pale face to the coat I put on my way before going out.

I think I must be embarrassed now.

Liu Hao did not have the taunt I expected, and only twisted his eyebrows slightly, allowing the waiter to raise the temperature of the air conditioner, and then took out a book from the side.

"This is a gift from Jiang from Jiang from these years, you see."

Liu Hao seemed to want to know what I reacted after seeing it, and she kept staring at my eyes.

I looked at it, it was Liu Hao’s love handbook.

About five centimeters of A4 book is already a bit old, recording Jiang Li’s love for Liu Hao since six years ago.

Liu Hao took photos of Jiang Li’s gifts and printed out photos, as well as photos from Liu Hao and Jiang Li from Qingshi to mature.

They were carefully attached to the book, and the date and the mood of Liu were also written next to the photo.

Most of them are sweet.

The more I look down, the more disgusting.

It’s ironic.

I also have a copy of these "lovers".Exactly the same.

Whether it is the love letter "Liu Liu, Zhan Xinjia".

Still various gifts he gave in these six years.

Even Jiang Li’s date of date is not much worse.

I feel a little numb, and my head is a little dull.

As soon as God was thinking, this was actually my handbook.

So all important nodes in high school and Jiangli story.

Liu Hao and Jiang Li also experienced it.

My youth and Liu Hao’s youth are Jiang Li.

Jiang Li High School and I met.

We live each other in boring high school life, but we did not start to fall in love early.

After the college entrance examination was admitted to the same city, it was of course officially together.

I have graduated for two years, and Jiang Li is still studying.

I planned to wait for Jiang Li to graduate, and we talked about marriage. I didn’t expect that I was just Jiang Li’s alternative.

I think the time for the handbook may be a bit longer.

I didn’t wait for me to finish it, Liu Hao said: "I’m pregnant, he promises to get engaged next month, and my parents have met with Uncle Jiang’s uncle Jiang."

"I thought he and I was a bamboo horse, from school uniforms to wedding dresses, but I didn’t expect it to be his Planb."

"The feelings of the three people make me nauseous. No, there should be four people, and there is also a white moonlight that doesn’t know where it is."

She frowned and then said, "You and Jiang Li are broken. No matter how beautiful the memories before, it is just a chocolate wrapped on the surface."

"You are fine, Jiang Li is not worthy." Liu seemed to be a manuscript and said himself.

I asked Liu Hao: "What about you?"

"What should you do if you are pregnant?"

Liu Hao heard me ask, and his attitude was softened.

Liu Hao’s slender body was shrouded in the glory of maternal love, and he lowered her head and stroked her lower abdomen.

"The child will only have a mother, and there will be no dad."

"Qing Liu Liu, do you leave Jiang Li? He is not worth your stay." Liu looked good and I didn’t respond, and finally a little anxious.

"Qing Liuliu, who knows that Jiang Li has loved you over the years? He is good to you, but he is afraid of buying a gift for me. Try it on you."

"He doesn’t really love you, give up him."

Liu Hao’s eyes were clear and gentle, but what he said was firm.

I couldn’t distinguish the authenticity in Liu Hao’s words, but the overlapping timeline and gifts made me unable to escape for him.

I still love Jiang Li, and I inevitably feel my heartache when I hear these words.

Reason told me that Liu Hao said it was true.

I don’t know how long I was silent, I said yes.

When I walked out of the cafe, I was about to stand.

As soon as I thought about these six years, Jiang Li copied the same emotions on Liu Hao’s body and felt that the internal organs were pulled away.

And Liu Hao’s stroke of his lower abdomen was inserted into my chest like a knife and turned a few times with flesh and blood.

Jiang Li and I have no cohabitation, even if we spend the night together every week.

But Jiang Li said that he didn’t want to make both of us lose mystery.

I am not very suitable for my residence that does not belong to my residence, so I never go to Jiang.

I remembered that Jiang Li called me Liu Liu once when I was in love.

In my bed, he said, "Liu Liu, give me a child, Liu Liu."

I said yes.

It’s really unpredictable.

Jiang Li was in the apartment I lived when I went home.

Jiang Li and I broke up, and I watched his eyes red.

Jiang Li’s eyebrows were low on the sofa, asking me "Liu Liu, don’t you love me?"

Jiang Li’s hair just after taking a shower was slightly wet.

The body is long, the face is clean, and the tone is stable.

It seems that the teenager who was eighteen at the age of eighteen did not seem to change at all.

Looking at Jiang Li, some memories suddenly woke up.

Jiang Li has always had enough mystery.

From the beginning, he hated me to participate in his life too much.

The boundaries have been clearly cleared from the beginning.

In recent years, I have hardly seen Jiang Li’s friends.

He has always called me Liu Liu, including when university calls in the bedroom.

We have always been in the city and rarely date in the university.

He has always been busy, busy community, busy student union.

In the university that should be in love most, I rarely walk with Jiang Li.

Later, he studied back, and he opened a small studio with his friends outside the school. He took some lists, and sometimes we could only see it once a week.

When Jiang Li was the most idle, I rarely saw Jiang Li every day.

But I never felt something wrong.

I was dull and sadly realized that I was domesticated by Jiang Li at the beginning.

I was even domesticated, and I felt that love should be like this.

When you are together, you can work hard in your own world when you separate.

Now think about it, at other times, it should be given Liu Hao.

Jiang Li pulled my clothes corner: "Liu Liu, why? Didn’t we say that we have to be together for a lifetime?"

"Jiang Li, I don’t love you anymore, our two concepts of fertility are different. I am Dink, you let me have children, I can’t accept it." I made a mess.

Actually, if Jiang Li was more careful and serious, he should not believe in seeing the folic acid in my head and cabinet.

But it should be that Liu Hao’s pregnancy was divided into Jiang Li a lot of mind, and he didn’t find it.

My heart seemed to be tightly tightened by a big hand, which was so sore.

Jiang Li didn’t seem to think it was this answer: "Liu Liu, you didn’t say that before."

Yes, at least this morning is not.

I before going to bed secretly fantasizing about the appearance of the child in the future like me or more like Jiang Li.

My eyes were dry, my throat was dry, and the itchyness of my throat dumb said, "Don’t call me Liu Liu."

Jiang Li lived, and his expression looked very puzzling.

I turned my head and walked to the bedroom to clean up Jiang Li.

There are too many things, and this house is everywhere.

Jiang Li followed, leaned on the door frame and rubbed his eyebrows and opened his heart: "Liu Liu, what are you making trouble? You didn’t do this before! I always thought you were not the kind of unreasonable people."

I turned my head and looked at Jiang Li’s eyes.

He didn’t seem to expect that I would suddenly turn back, and just frowned and even a little bored.

I was unreasonable, boring, and I banged in my head.

So in Jiang Li’s heart, I should be obedient and obey.

I have nothing to say that it can only be opposed to Jiang Li.

I expect him to say something, even if he coax me more, he said nothing.

Jiang Li finally left with his things.

I didn’t mention my pregnancy.

I haven’t mentioned what I have seen Liuhao.

In the end, I resisted why Jiang Li stepped on two boats.

Not only because Liu Hao has always told me not to fight grass and snake.

Because I am still a little proud.

When I was together with Jiang Li, I was also proud. I thought I was very worthy of Jiang Li.

I didn’t want to admit that I took the wind in this relationship.

A few days after Jiang Li left, strange accounts sent me a message again."Be careful of Jiang Li, optimistic about your shop."

I inexplicably, what is the relationship between Jiang Li and my store? And who is the opposite side, how do he know Jiang Li?

I returned one: "?"

The other party seemed to be offline and didn’t reply again.

I noticed that the IP address of this account is the same as me.

That should be the person I know, I secretly guess.

After graduating, I opened a baking studio.

It was originally a hobby.Unfortunately, there is no good craftsmanship in emptiness.

After graduating, I simply borrowed some funds from the house and opened a baking studio near the university town, called Simu.

Making cakes by yourself is very tempting to college students. The store also sells some desserts and birthday cakes. Every year over the years, it is very good for the group building. The business is very good.

After doing it for a year, I came out, and I didn’t have to look at the store every day.

The shop was given to the recruited girl Xiaoci and a few college students part -time.

Xiao Ci was recruited from the beginning of my start, seriously and willing to learn, and to learn things faster.

I am very assured to be a shopkeeper, only to go to the tape on the spot to check the account.

These days are really sad and have never been to the store.

I did not expect that Jiang Li drilled the empty.

The strange account has never sent me any news since the last time Jiang Li.

This time I saw a message that opened the video software.

Sure enough, it was that strange account again.

He sent a screenshot this time.

The screenshot is the confession wall of my alma mater. A student contributed: "Wall walls, the materials used by thinking about baking studios are not good! Don’t go! My roommate went to make cakes that day. After eating, our dormitory was diarrhea. ClassmatesWe thunder and avoid big thunder. "

The strange account sent a sentence below the screenshot: "It is related to Jiang Li."

I felt that my breathing paused, and there was a huge panic in my heart.

I didn’t give up who the other party was, and I still didn’t reply.I switch the software to the confession wall.

Some classmates have commented on the cake picture below.

The green mold on the horizontal cut surface of the cake is very conspicuous. The box next to the cake is labeled with the label of Sima.

The influence of the confession wall is terrible.

College students are kind and innocent, and their strength is very powerful.

However, seven or eight comments have been seen in a few minutes.

So I kept killing the shop.

There is no one in the store at this moment, Xiao Ci is alone in the store.I turned around to check, and it was okay to determine the prepared cake embryo.

Cream and various ingredients are the goods that I have in my hands. Every time I destroy the expired products, I asked Xiaoli to take a picture of it.

I showed the picture to Xiaoci and asked if she could remember the customer of the day.

Xiao Ci didn’t see the photos. Indeed, a cake can’t see anything horizontally.

I talked about the students who sent cake moldy pictures in the comment and had not received a reply.

I didn’t figure it out here, and Xiaoci handed me a resignation letter.

It is not a letter, it is oral notification.

Xiaoli apologized: "Sister Liu Liu is sorry, they give too much. Boss Jiang gives three times that you give. I know that Sister Liu Liu is not thin, but the boss Jiang gives too much."

Wait, boss Jiang, gives boss too much.

"What Jiang Boss, you said slowly." I asked.

"Just across the street," Jiangbian Liu Baking Studio. "Xiao Ci said.

"It has been opened for a while, hey, Sister Liu Liu, do you not pay attention? Jiang Li’s boss is quite handsome. But Sister Liu Liu, don’t worry, I have already ranked good in the part -time work! At least one month in the future, you will not come to the store in the future.The supervisor is not closed. "Xiao Ci was still poor with me.

Xiao Ci didn’t know what the relationship between Jiang Li and I.

Jiang Li couldn’t come to the store, and I never asked Jiang Li to come.

The two of our dating were either the apartment I lived in or in the other city.

An evil fire rushed to my heart, I was really disgusting, I couldn’t help but want to vomit.

Xiao Ci saw my face not good quickly.

I walked towards the bathroom, but I couldn’t spit out anything.

The Liu Liu was really disgusting, and Jiang Li was really disgusting.

I understand Jiang Li, and his income is not enough to support him to open a shop so soon.

In other words, when I hadn’t broke up with Jiang Li, he already had the idea of opening a store.

Even such a disgusting person.

I squatted next to the toilet, tears were full of my face.

I don’t know if it is because of the physiological tears squeezed from the squeezing vomiting or the tears that really flow out.

I still let Xiaori go, the water flows to the low place, and people go to high.

Xiao Ci is right in the face of interests.

I went to the hospital that day.

Ready to kill the child.

I didn’t accompany someone, I felt a little embarrassed.

It’s not ashamed of pregnancy, it’s so reckless and unwell.

I thought about it very early that I must be a good mother in the future.Unfortunately, Jiang Li made me really disgusting.

I comforted myself, there was just an embryo in my stomach.

I only rest for three days after finishing the operation.

I told myself, how sad these three days can be.

After these three days, I couldn’t be sad for Jiang Li.

I cried in the apartment for three days.

On the fourth morning, I went to Simi.

Thinking needs me.

I have to do it.

It is obviously not over.

Several consecutive times in the confession walls of different schools appeared in the mood -resisting sticker.

Then there is the sudden bad review on the group purchase software, which has led to the straight line of Sima’s score.

Thinking is basically the business of college students.

For more than a year, there was no bad review on the group purchase software.

Not too unusual.

If I had a little doubt for the first time, it was really a leak in the store’s materials.

Now that someone is having a ghost.

I have been staying in the store since Xiao Cyi’s departure, and the materials cannot be problems.

The business in the store has not been very good recently.

A part -time college student is Xiao Bai, which is a part -time student at the old -fashioned level.

Xiao Ci went to Jiangbian Liu, and Xiao Bai governed a little more. Later, the news of the admiration of Simp was noticed.

Xiao Bai hesitated several times and thought of the opening: "Sister Liu Liu, Jiangbianliu has recently made a lot of popularity in the university town, and it is not good to bring our business in our store."

Xiao Bai hopes what I will do, and I can’t let Sayi go on like this for no reason.

But I don’t know how to think about it, I need to think about it.

The business in the shop is not as good as one day.

According to Xiao Bai, the threshold of the new decoration of Jiangliu was almost broken, and the business was not good.

I turned on the video software, ordered the dialog box for the strange account, and typed: "I don’t know what to do."

I haven’t experienced too much storm, and I was so ill to go to a stranger who did not know.

I feel ridiculous after playing words.

Then the opposite news came back.

The response is short and powerful, there are only two words: "Jiang Li."

These two words made me feel at my heart.

I asked Jiang Li to meet.

Jiang Li and I were separated for only a few months.

Looking at it seemed to have been seen for a few years.

Jiang Li looked at a trace of elite taste.

And I was embarrassed.

"Liu Liu, I finally waited for you to see me!" Jiang Li looked very excited.

"Liu Liu, it’s not that I don’t go to you, I really miss you, but I hold back. I don’t want you to feel like I am stubborn."

Jiang Li said emotionally, seeing himself moved himself.

Jiang Li felt that it was because he had neglected me before, and I was in a small temper.

Even I was so embarrassed because I missed him too much.

Jiang Li did not mention Liuhao, and it seemed that there was no existence of this person.

In Jianglikou, Jiangbianliu is the proof of his love for me.

He thought about preparing for one day to let me take over the Jiangliu Liu.

As for Simu, Jiang Li said, "Liu Liu, your original store is too small, you should have a greater space to perform your craftsmanship.The business model traverses throughout the city. "

Jiang Li described very well, which was also the future of my imagination.

Jiang Li patiently waited for my response.

I was silent for a long time.

I said, "Jiang Li, don’t lie to me."

I promised Jiang Li to go to Jiangbian Liu to try it.

But composite needs to be considered.

Jiang Li was ecstatic and said that he had to give him a chance, and it would be okay to think for a while.

Simu Xieye Repair.

In a blink of an eye, I stayed at Liu Liu for a month.

Xiao Ci was surprised when she saw me. Her lips moved a few times, and only called Sister Liu Liu.

I was busy in the Yangben of the river, after all, it was not my own shop.

I have never said my relationship with Jiang Li.

The work of Liu on the side of the river is no different from Xiao Ci’s work.

Laughing Jiang Liyan gave me more room for play.

I always think of that strange account in my work gap.

Since I arrived in Jiangbianliu, the account was canceled.Until one day, another strange account sent me a message.Only a few pictures, no words.

The picture is the chat screenshot of the confession wall and the students who avoid Lei Simu.

And a account number that Jiangli is not commonly used.

The avatar is the same as the account of Thunder Simu.

I saw these pictures. There was no surprise.

Just surprised who is the opposite side.

I subconsciously felt that this time was the same person with last time.

Sure enough, click on the account, it is still the same as me. The system avatar is not dynamic.

But I followed a person, and I only followed one -Liu Hao.

I suddenly remembered Liu Hao, and she should be pregnant.

However, the news of Jiang Li’s engagement from other employees did not hear Jiang Li’s engagement in Jiangbian Liu. It seemed that Jiang Li was single.

There are even Mei Tan in the store that Jiang Li is to pursue a baking shop for lovers.

Jiang Li’s confidentiality work is so good.

Said Cao Cao Cao Cao.

One day after get off work, Liu Hao called me.

Liu Hao wanted to meet me and chat.

I have somewhat conscience.

At that time, he said that he was so good to leave Jiang Li, but now Jiangli is working in the store.

When I saw Liu Hao, she and her were startled by the other party’s hoe.

Liu Hao should be beautiful and exquisite. She is now a big belly scholar who has been absorbed by the monster.

"Are you okay? Why is it so thin?" In the final analysis, Jiang Li is not Liuhao’s fault. Liu Hao is the same as me.

The current Liu looks thin and mild.

"No, the child is too noisy."

She answered me with a detailed voice: "I’m a little bit unbearable, but there is no problem with the checkup."

Liu Hao was a little surprised when he heard that I was working in Jiangbian Liu.

Pregnancy is really hard, Liu Hao seems to have no energy to blame me.

She didn’t look angry, just surprised me why I worked under Jiangli.

Jiang Li said that Liu Hao said that Jiang Liu was a testimony of Liu Hao and Jiang Li’s good love.

I want to know that Jiang Li’s dog brain has always been made.

I helplessly told the encounter of Sima.

I know that I am not suitable for Liu Hao, and our identity is a little embarrassed.

Looking at her appearance, I was only sad for Jiang Li.

"Just a stinky man, Miss Liu, Jiang Li is not worth it. You are suitable for better people. Children are innocent. I believe that your love for children is worth countless Jiang Li’s love." I said.

She nodded bitterly at me.

Liu Hao and I were not familiar with the point where she was at will. Seeing her nodded, she didn’t persuade her anymore, so she talked something else.

For example, how Liu Hao noticed Jiang Li’s footsteps.

Jiang Li is really good.

But it may also be that I am stupid. For so many years, I have been blindfolded by the love of Jiang Li.

Blind eyes and blind.

Liu Hao confessed that he was doing self -media, and a fan of his own said that there was a person around him imitating Liu.

Little fans have a screenshot of Liu Hao.

Liu Hao sent Jiang Li’s earrings in front of him, and the counterfeit goods on the back also bought one.

The front foot will show love, and often the fake goods behind them also follow the show, and the content is not bad.

Although the background of the photo is different, the little fans are very sensitive.

After all, there are too many scammers now, so Liu Hao pays attention.

Liu looks good -looking that the counterfeit goods -that is, my circle of friends, I think it may not be simulated.

Sometimes I need to send a circle of friends earlier. At that time, Liu Hao did not receive gifts from Jiang Li.

Liu Hao went to visit Jiang Li’s parents.

Should be visited Jiang Li’s bedroom and saw two albums on the bottom of Jiangli’s bed.

One is six years of Liu Hao and Jiang Li, and the other is the six years of Qing Liu Liu and Jiang Li.

Each Liu Hao took a picture, and then continued to laugh at the Jiang family with a smile.

After returning home, Liu Hao returned to God. He sorted out it before he had to contact the information from the fans, and then contacted me.

I didn’t ask who the fans are, and the probability is not close to me, otherwise I won’t go directly to Liuhao.

I talked a lot with Liu.

Liu Hao said that they originally planned to hold a wedding for Graduate Graduate.

"His mother said, if I gave birth to my son, they would get married after the full moon. If my daughter, I would be too late. I would not be in a hurry. Anyway, I can get a hukou if I don’t get married."

Liu was sneered, "His mother is still dreaming of grandson now."

I want to say what is difficult to say after all, and I stopped stuttering for a long time.

It seems that my reaction is very interesting.

Liu Hao couldn’t help covering his mouth and laughed: "Liu Liu, you allow me to call you like this. You are so cute."

After a while, Liu Hao said that she was tired and left first.

I watched Liu Hao holding his stomach slowly and slowly, and felt that he couldn’t understand her.

I sat in the cafe for a while and stayed.

I didn’t expect to receive a text message from Liu Hao.

"Liu Liu, I really want to be a friend with you. After giving birth, I will take a while. If you don’t dislike it at that time, let’s try to be friends. Liu Liu, take care of your body."

I spent a long time after reading the text message.

She was not embarrassing to talk to me at all, making me feel that she didn’t care about Jiang Li.

I even started to feel unilaterally with Liu Hao.

I don’t think it’s right, but I can’t say it.

On the way home, my mind was thinking uncontrollably, and I had to prepare a little gift for Liu Hao after busy.

It is very hard to have children.

As a result, I didn’t care about preparing gifts for Liu.

The timing is almost mature.

Xiao Ci mentioned the departure, and I left the Liu Bianliu.

To say that Jiang Li is not good, he is too confident.

He is too confident that I love him.

He really thought I was willing to do things under his hands, and willingly gave up his admiration.

Simu made a period of clarifying the video.

Xiao Bai said not to say, editing is still a bit talented.

Several part -time college students performed a live -action version.

With Conan’s header song, the plot is twisted and happy.

It is equivalent to promoting, contacted the confession wall of various schools, and released a video.

What surprised me was that several college students in the university town helped me forward the video.

Several Internet celebrities played amazing.

So most of the students brushed the video.

The video logic is clear, from the moldy cake to the mindfulness, and then the music of Conan began to "explore the case" with Conan’s music.

The final conclusion of the video, the no one in Si Mi could not get rid of the Jiangbian Liu.

Jiang Li is the mastermind behind him.

Oh, the video of the video was obtained by me and Xiaoci, "I visited the Jiangbian Liu", and the Jiangliuliu was really not clean.

Jiang Li has just opened the store, and the materials used are greedy and cheap, as long as the problems are not available on the surface.

Xiaoli and I got the moon first, and took a thorough.

During the period of me in the Liu, Xiao Bai had never been idle.

Xiao Ci told Xiao Bai that he wanted to go back for a week after Liu Liu.

The food safety of the Jiangliu will not be guaranteed, and Xiaoci is uneasy.But Xiao Ci felt that Xiao Bai had conveyed on behalf of him.

Since the first confession wall appears about the negative post on Sima, Xiao Bai has begun to contact the customers who have been in contact with that period of time.

The commercial war in reality is simple and unpretentious.

Jiang Li bought a lot of second -hand cake boxes, and of course he also paid for students who bought cakes.

He even said that the boss who was secretly in love was me, and I bought a box to surprise the boss.

Then, according to the screenshot sent me by the strange account, Jiang Li’s complete fragmentation process was established.

According to Xiao Bai, the students responded very warmly to this video.

Simi opened the door again, with Xiao Ci and Xiao Bai, I was much easier.

This time is also a disguised publicity. Thinking of business is higher than before.

The unexpected word of mouth collapsed by the underworld.

Thinking for half a year of business is very good.

I made a lot of money.

I watched a new shop elsewhere and wanted to open the shop again.

I want to contact the strange account many times, and the news that can be sent out is all of the sinking.

Although the other party’s account did not cancel, I did not reply to me once.

I thought of Liu Hao several times, but I also felt that it was a sudden to find her.

Unexpectedly, in the end, I heard Liu Hao’s news in Xiao Ci.

Liu Hao posted a video of Jiang Li in his account.

She talked about how Jiang Li stepped on two boats.

And Jiang Li learned that Liu was born with her daughter to delay the marriage.

Jiang Da Jiang’s mother turned his face and did not recognize others. He said that Liu Hao gave birth to his son to enter Jiangjiamen.

Liu Hao in the video should not be out of confinement, and it looks like a rose that is about to dry.

Liu Hao talked about Jiang Li’s footsteps on his foot. He didn’t mention my name, nor did he reveal my news.

But she held her ID card by herself, and seemed to be going to break the net with Jiang Liyu.

After returning from Jiangbian Liu, Xiao Ci knew that Jiang Li had been together with Jiang Li, but did not expect that there was this layer.

Xiao Ci was tearful, saying that Liu was so pitiful.

Then handed me the phone to me.

Liu Hao has hundreds of thousands of fans, and I think the wind direction will be facing Liu.

But after this incident came out, half of the comments said that Liu was hype.

It is said that Liu Hao is fine white lotus, knowing that Sanzhi Sanzhong still does not know the shame.

Many netizens have also made rumors Liu. In addition to Jiang Li, there are other men.

"When I was in college, I knew Liu was good, and she was famous, and she knew she was a bus.""

"It’s not a brother, I think Jiang Li is also pitiful, how big a green hat is on his head!"

"We dare not stand in a team, don’t reverse two days in two days."

"Flies are not seamless eggs."

"Liu Hao and that woman, did not find Jiang Li crossing his legs for six years with Jiang Li? I don’t believe it?"

"I guess maybe Jiangli is more powerful in that. Hey, otherwise both women are willing to follow him!"

"Have you been a parent -child identification? It is normal for Jiangli family to want this cheap girl!"

"To be honest, the blogger will regenerate a son. You can get married if you have a son."

Comments are becoming more and more outrageous, and even rumors have made Liu Hao’s children.

Xiaoci saw my face, the more black, the more he got the phone.

I called Liu Hao and no one answered.

I don’t even know that Liu is good at live, and I can only be in a hurry in the store.

Liu Hao definitely needs a friend to be around at this moment, and she dare not imagine what she would look like when she saw these comments.

I can only comfort myself with a good mentality, and it must be okay.

After a few days of fermentation on the Internet, most netizens thought that standing in a neutral stand and said the wind and cool words.

Two days later, fewer and fewer people paid attention to it.

I don’t think I can go on like this. I have to go to Liuhao. I have to find a way to see Liu Hao.

However, Jiang Li and I have only Jiang Li. At this moment, Jiang Li may not have to tell me Liu Hao.

Suddenly I thought that my circle of friends had Liuhao fans, and maybe I could get the news of Liuhao.

When I was preparing to die, Madang Living Horse doctor posted a reward in the circle of friends in the circle of friends, Xiao Bai found me.

Xiao Bai was anonymous to report my fans to Liu Hao.

Xiao Bai is three years younger than Liu.

In Xiao Bai’s eyes, he and Liu Haoqing plum.

In Liu Hao’s eyes, Xiao Bai was just the brother of his neighbor’s house.

Xiao Bai secretly loved Liu Hao for eight years.

Xiao Bai helped me not only help me, but also helped Liu.

He couldn’t bear to let Liu Hao be deceived by Jiang Li.

Xiao Bai’s outsiders were the earliest to see Jiangli.

Xiao Bai came to my shop to be a spy for love.

Of course, Liu did not know.

Xiao Bai’s editing is so good, there is no reason. He fantasized that he could help Liu Hao’s self -media career in the future.

Xiao Bai looked like he slept on the bridge hole for three days and three nights, and he couldn’t do it.

According to him, he fought Confucianism, but there were too many people on the opposite side, and his keyboards were rotten, and he couldn’t hold it.

Xiao Bai and I sat silently and thought about what to do next.The phone suddenly dangled.

It is Liuhao’s news.

"Liu Liu, Zhan Xinjia. I guess you saw my video, but I didn’t tell your news at all!

In fact, I knew that Jiang Li was pregnant after cheating, and you must feel confused.

But don’t you think Jiang Li is actually a good gene?

I think the children I have born with Jiang Li must be beautiful, but Jiang Li’s character is not good, and the child must not grow up with him.

So I want to go to my father and stay, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be successful.

Don’t care what you say on the Internet, I don’t care very much.

My baby girl is called Bud Bud, the name sounds good!

New buds of withered willow, you can see her when you have time.

She is cute, a bit like Jiang Li, but more like me.

I know about Jiangbianliu’s affairs before, why don’t you be surprised, why do you have an Internet celebrity to help you forward it?

You have to thank me.

And the strange account that I have been in contact with you before, it is me, I think it is a little bit.

I do n’t need other thanks. In Mother ’s Day every year, you remember to see the buds.

My mother picked up the buds. You remember to tell the bud that her mother loved her very much, but her mother was a little tired.

Liu Liu, I am far from the strength I imagined. I can forget it, I calculated myself.

Do you know? The first time I saw you had to be earlier.

I hate Jiang Li, and I hate you too. I think the best feelings of youth are defiled by you and Jiang Li.

I was so angry that I turned the makeup to find you to settle the account. I saw you at the door of Simu.

I found out that I knew you long ago.

In the year of university enrollment, I was so angry that I had to take the train to school by myself.

As a result, my aunt came in the car, and you gave me your jacket on the waist.

I took a my aunt towel and helped me rush the hot water.

I found that I didn’t continue to find you after knowing you.

I cried when I went back from Simu that day.

I sent you a message with a trumpet. You reply to my neurosis, and I know that you don’t know Jiang Li cheating.

Liu Liu, because of this, I hate Jiang Li even more, and I don’t hate you anymore.

Later, I thought a lot, and I thought you had to leave Jiang Li anyway.

So I go to you and tell you that Jiang Li cheats and let you break up with Jiang Li.

You were red and red that day, reminding me of the rabbit I was raised as a child.

Later, I went to see you again, because I felt that I couldn’t hold on.

I think you want to speak and just want to scold Jiang Li, but to hold back your expression that makes me want to hold your face.

I don’t regret it at all. At least you see Jiang Li, I think it is worth it, but don’t be too moved.

I am not all for you.

I am very selfish, and I am still for the excellent genes of buds ~

Qing Liu Liu, goodbye.

Remember to see the buds.

Hope you are happy in the future."

My nose and tears were confused, and Xiao Bai was silent after reading it.

I want to call Liu Hao, but I still can’t get through.

Suddenly, Xiao Bai was excited and pulled me out.Xiao Bai’s familiar door arrived at the door of Liu Hao’s house.

Then he found Liu Hao’s door key out of the door frame.

Xiao Bai shook his hands several times and didn’t insert the key into the lock. I took the key to open it.

Entering the door is too hot, like a sauna that has poor management.I shouted Liu, and no one agreed.

Suddenly Fuzhi, turned his head and rushed towards a room.

Liu was small and retracted in the bathtub.

The faucet is still keeping hot water.

Liu Hao was wearing a white nightdress, with bright red blood flowing on his wrist,

A small piece of clothes have been stained.

My ears were buzzing, and I couldn’t hear anything.Seeing Liu Hao’s eyes opened his eyes, his mouth closed one by one.

Xiao Bai was full of tears in his mobile phone called an ambulance.

I burst into tears in front of Liu Hao’s bed.

Liu Hao slept enough and finally opened his eyes.

Liu Hao rescued back, Xiao Bai made great contributions.

He did not expect that the small details he noticed from childhood could save Liu Hao’s life.

After Xiao Bai called the first aid call, he called Liu Hao’s parents.

Liu Hao’s parents rushed with the buds in a hurry.

Mother Liu cried with Xiao Bai.

Liu Hao’s face was pale, and he put his hand on the back of my hand very hard, asking me, "Have you ever seen buds?"

I’ve seen it, it’s not cute.

It’s really a bit like Jiang Li but it’s not that like.

It’s just right, and when you grow up, you should be as good as Liuhao.

I nodded with tears.

"Liu Hao, don’t do this, scare me ~ Wow wow wow" I didn’t hold back or cried.

After Liu Hao was discharged, Simu changed his signboard.

I think it’s "new buds".

The master who came to the signboard chatted with me.

It is said that the baking studio on the street closed a few months after opening.

What is talking about Jiangbian willow.

I didn’t guess wrong, Jiang Li really had no money to open Jiangliu’s willow.

Jiang Li was too confident and felt that I loved him and loved it.

What he thought was to cheat me over, let me sell the admiration, that is, the new bud, and then put all the money to Jiangbian Liu.

Jiang Li also wanted Liu Hao to invest some money.

Liu Hao is not Bai Dang Internet celebrity, of course, money.

But Liu Hao’s principle is not to spend too much money for Jiang Li.

So Jiang Li didn’t get money from the two of us.

Jiang Li’s plan was out of time, and the previous loan was rushing to the river.

Liu Hao re -recorded the video.

Liu Hao and I appeared in the photo, telling the story of Junan Jiangli.

Some netizens dug out the dispute between Jiangbianliu and the curtain before.

For a while, Xiao Bai’s God’s editing exploded the whole network.

Liu Hao and I stained Xiao Bai’s light, and what seemed to say it was a bit credible.

At least this time I didn’t say so much.

And the course of Liu Hao from love to girlfriends is particularly concerned.

Many netizens said that such girls rescued each other is simply sweet.

The buff is about to be full.

Cheating, rival, secret love, green plum bamboo horse, depression, heavy men and women, Internet celebrities.

Tossed a month back and forth on the Internet before stopping.

But because of the blessing, the new bud business is not popular.

Liu Hao and I discussed that the heat was over, and I opened a branch of the shop I was optimistic before.

Liu Hao was depressed after giving birth, but he didn’t expect to be so serious.

When she was pregnant, Liu Hao was in his heart, but he always pretended to be indifferent.

When Liu Hao feels that he should do everything, the bad thoughts will never be suppressed.

Now use drugs to be actively controlled.

Geyon is now carrying Liu Hao, hired a good moon, and Liu Hao lived together.

There is also Xiao Bai, he is preparing to work.

It happened to be edited for Liu Hao so that Liu Hao had more time to take care of the buds.

I simply rented a big house, and everyone lived together.

From Liu Hao’s hospitalization, Jiang Li has evaporated like the world, and occasionally hear that his news can not be seen at all.

Mother Jiang came to call and said she wanted to see me.

Just after Liu Hao heard it next to him, she took a word.

So Liu Hao and Xiao Bai went to the agreed location -the park.

There are some shadows for the Jiang family.

Even if Xiao Bai is in, Liu Hao and I don’t want the Jiang family to wait for a closed space.

The park is good, the air is fresh and people are not afraid of accidents.

On the bench, Liu Hao and I were sitting up and listened to Jiang Li’s tragic encounter with tears.

Jiang left Myanmar.

Jiang Li was used to pride. This time, he was not hit lightly, but the city could not stay.

I don’t know how Jiang Li was fascinated by the ghosts, and he sneaked to Myanmar.

Maybe I want to make money too much.

When I get to Myanmar, I have to do some fraud.

Jiang Li couldn’t stand it, and the people over there said it. Contact the family.

I contacted Jiang’s mother, and got 500,000.

"Good girl wow, we can’t have no male Ding in our family. If you are born with a son, you still have a worthless girl. Our family will have no male Ding.I have to change Xiaoli back. "Mother Jiang sat on the ground.

"Liu Liu, you borrow some money for us! Relatives in the surrounding are borrowed, and they have poisoned, saying that Xiaoli live should be deceived to Myanmar. Do you help Xiaoli!"

It’s not that we don’t borrow it, but you can come back there when you enter there.

If you really borrow money, I am afraid there is no bottom hole.

Suddenly I remembered that I took a piece of paper from my pocket and started it to Mother Jiang.

"Auntie, this is the list of inspection of my pregnancy before. Oh, the child I hit, maybe it was a boy ~"

I pretended to be playful.

Mother Jiang took the list for a while, and then cried even more painful.

Liu Hao didn’t respond.

Sitting and enjoying the crying scene of her mother for a while.

Suddenly Liu Hao stood up and took the list in his mother’s hands.

Du Xi in his mouth: "Don’t borrow or borrow it, are you not miserable!"

After speaking, I was going to leave my hand.

When eating at night, Liu Hao gave me several dishes several times.Watching me want to say nothing.

In the evening, I hugged the pillow and slipped into Liu’s room and lay beside Liu Hao.

By the way, Xiao Bai is really nest.

Every day under a roof, I dare not take the initiative to Liu Hao.

Liu Hao’s attitude towards Xiao Bai is common.

But I know Liu is good, she is afraid that she has delayed Xiao Bai.It was delayed eight years ago.

I admire Xiao Bai very much, he is a kind of infatuation.

Many times I wish he slipped into Liuhao’s room directly at night.Sleeping with my aunt at night, it was convenient to do anything.

But he dare not.

Xiao Bai counseled eggs.

Liu Hao hadn’t slept yet, and he was lying on his back and shed tears.

"How hurt to?" Liu Hao choked and asked me.

I scratched my head and replied, "Hey, it doesn’t hurt or pain, there must be no pain in buds. And I also think about it, it will be good if there is bud.Bud buds have given me the elderly. "

Liu Hao smiled and laughed, and he had a big red face.

Speaking of Jiang Li, I remembered something, and I was a little embarrassed.

When I was on the side of the river, I hated Jiang Li.

It happened to harass me all day.

I gave Jiang Li the contact information of a piglet, telling him that it was Yunnan tour guide.

He also said to the killing of the piglet that Jiang Liren was so stupid to cheat.

Originally, it was just an emotional vent. Where did you think that it really became Jiang Li’s retribution.

Liu Hao and I finished speaking. Liu was laughing for a long time. Xiao Jiang was from the university students.

Liu Hao reversed to persuade me, so that I had too much psychological burden, Jiang Li’s ending was deserved.

Liu Hao is really similar to me, she can afford it.

After deciding to put Jiang Lidang for free and high -quality sperm library, it really forced it for ten months.

When I met me, I also made a miserable look.

Liu Hao said, she was already trapped in the quagmire, so I hope I can escape quickly.

I don’t think that Liu Hao’s betting was desperate to have a child’s abundance, although he killed the enemy for one thousand.

But if Liuhao did nothing, I don’t know how many "Liu Liu" will be around Jiang Li.

I muttered with Liu Hao for a long time, and I was a little sleepy.

I heard Liu Hao’s door slightly open and the light in the living room. I saw Xiao Bai holding the quilt.

And madly showing Liu Liu, who was rolling out of Xiao Bai.

Depend on!

I don’t know how long I have been.

Liu Hao blushed and scolded: "Stupid Xiao Bai, all said, don’t come tonight!"

I was sober at once.

Ma Hu rolled back to his room.

Resolutely not bad Xiao Bai.

Lying back to my bed, while I was counting on when I could have a younger brother or sister, I entered the dreamland.

In the dream, Liu Hao and I made a clarifying video.

I stood in the air and looked at Liu Hao at that time.

Two young girls.

One thinner than one.

Both people’s eyes were crying.

Take the end.

Liu Hao said: "Qing Liu Liu, let’s get to know it again."

I said, "Okay."

"Hello, my name is Liu, you can call me a little."

"Hello, my name is Qing Liu Liu, just call me Qingqing."


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