Everyone spit it, and she vomited until she was forced to give up her pregnancy 5 times!what happened

Last week, Ms. Wang, 28, came to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College from a foreign country.She was pregnant for three months, and she was hospitalized for a month in the local area because of severe pregnancy, but the situation did not improve, and there was a trend of intensity.

Director Han Xiujun, who was admitted to the Ministry of Industry, was very impressed with her: "She was pushed in by her family in a wheelchair. It was very weak.

"I really can’t stand it anymore." Ms. Wang’s voice didn’t fall, and her tears had flowed.The family who accompanied him was also full of sorrow.

Ms. Wang’s gentleman said that his wife was pregnant for the second time. When the first child was the first child three years ago, the response was relatively large. Others were vomiting, but their wives had been vomiting from pregnancy to birth."Other people are pregnant for a while. My wife eats less because of her whole pregnancy. After giving birth, her weight is even lighter than before pregnancy, and her constitution is not as good."

This time with the second child, Ms. Wang thought it would be better than the last time. What she did not expect was that she just became pregnant for another week. At first, she wanted to vomit after eating. Later, she became more and more frequent.The taste will also vomit, too hungry, and vomiting. Even drinking saliva will be nauseous and vomiting. The most serious time will vomit dozens of times a day, and the number and amount of urination are very small.

Han Xiujun checked the history of Ms. Wang in detail, asked about her dietary and rest details, and judged that her pregnancy vomiting had reached the diagnosis of severe pregnancy drama vomiting.This state needs to be treated with admission treatment, analyze the cause and degree of judgment, and formulate a standard diagnosis and treatment plan. In addition to intravenous infusion and muscle injection, Han Xiujun also conducts targeted traditional Chinese medicine conditioning according to her physique, the time and water inlet time and water enteringThe quantities have been arranged.

After individualized treatment, Ms. Wang’s pregnancy vomiting was significantly reduced, and she spit only once on the day of admission, and her face gradually improved.On the third day of the next day, although she occasionally vomited, she had been able to eat semi -liquid food and could also drink water.After three days of hospitalization, Ms. Wang was discharged smoothly.

"Pregnancy vomiting is actually a common pregnancy reaction, but pregnancy vomiting is very serious. For pregnancy drama vomiting pregnant women, we will try our best to treat it. In clinical perspective, the treatment effect is still better, and it can improve in the short term." Han Xiujun can be improved. "Having said that recently, a lady made a special trip from other provinces. Earlier, she was also forced to abandon pregnancy because of severe pregnancy.Prepare pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.

Why is it pregnant?

"There are many reasons for pregnancy vomiting. In addition to personal constitution, living environment, psychological factors, tension and fatigue, changes in endocrine hormone levels after pregnancy, and certain diseases may be triggered., Physical fitness, whether there are other diseases, and other aspects of the disease can then discern the disease. "Han Xiujun said.

The deputy chief physician of Peng Meilian at the Department of Obstetrics of the People’s Hospital of Zhejiang Province said that pregnancy vomiting is a type of early pregnancy reaction. After pregnancy, the level of blood puffed gonadotropin (HCG) in EnglishIn the physiological process, 80%to 90%of pregnant women will have this early pregnancy reaction.

"I often meet the expectant mothers who are pregnant for early pregnancy in the clinic to see a doctor because of nausea and vomiting. The symptoms generally do not affect daily life and fetuses. Usually only 0.3 % -1.0 % will develop into pregnancy drama., Vomiting cause dehydration, ketone, and even acidosis, then hospitalization needs to be hospitalized. "

Peng Meilian said that the causes of pregnancy vomiting are more complicated, including factors such as hormone effects, congenital constitution, genetic genetic and other factors, and some pregnant mothers are particularly sensitive, or gastrointestinal function is weak, which may be easier to increase the pregnancy reaction.

"Some studies have found that two genes related to placental development (GDF15 and IGFBP7) are related to the vomiting of pregnancy drama. It is the kind of vomiting.The degree of pregnancy is not necessarily connected, and people with sensitive constitution are easier to vomit. "

Do you want to go to the hospital if you are pregnant?

"Most pregnant women’s pregnancy will not be very serious. For example, some pregnant women will vomit after eating, but they can continue to eat things after vomiting.However, if the number of pregnancy vomiting is frequent, it has seriously affected the normal life, which causes pregnant women to hardly eat and water. Then you need to come to the hospital for treatment in time, and the earlier, the better the treatment effect."Some pregnant women delayed severe dehydration or acid poisoning electrolyte disorders, liver and kidney injury before they came to the hospital for treatment, and even serious Wernicke encephalopathy threatened pregnant women’s life.pity."

Will pregnant vomiting affect the fetus?

Peng Meilian said that mild pregnancy vomiting will not affect the fetus.Pregnancy vomiting mainly occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is still in the early stages of embryo, and there is no need for too much nutrition and calorie. The nutrition that the mother was originally stored in the body was enough.However, if the pregnancy is continuous and more serious, it may lead to electrolyte disorders and dehydration in pregnant women. Severe unstable life signs will occur. Further development will lead to shock, liver failure, and even threatening life.

"Most pregnant mothers are mild vomiting in the early pregnancy and do not need to be treated specially. Symptoms of vomiting will gradually decrease after 14 weeks." Peng Meilian suggested that if the following symptoms occur at the same time as pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor immediately:

1. Vomiting continues without signs of reducing;

2. Decreased urination, less quantity, and dark color;

3. The eyes, mouth, and skin feel obviously dry;

4. The body is getting more and more exhausted, and the serious consciousness is unclear;

5. Can’t eat any food and water for more than 24 hours.

Eat less desserts and try dry food

Relieve pregnancy

Can try these methods

Han Xiujun said that there are many clinical methods of intervention in pregnancy. Due to the differences in constitutional constitution, the causes of pregnancy vomiting are not the same. It is recommended to go to the hospital in time to go to the hospital for early intervention in the hospital.

"Generally speaking, we currently adopt a variety of methods such as diet regulation, psychological guidance, adjustment of sleep, and combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. For those who are particularly serious, we will also have intravenous infusion, muscle injection medicine, and at the same time of the physiological and physical psychology of pregnant womenAt the level, the control intervention is performed. As far as the current treatment effect is concerned, most patients with pregnancy vomiting are still relatively fast, and they can continue their pregnancy smoothly. "

For not particularly serious pregnancy, Peng Meilian also gave some suggestions, which may be alleviated:


In addition, do not eat three meals, so as to avoid the indigestion burden of the stomach caused discomfort. You can choose meals between three meals, such as milk, fruits, nuts, etc. are good meals.In the morning, you can eat dry food such as steamed buns, dried bread, biscuits, eggs, and eggs. These dry foods can be appropriately absorbed by gastric acid and reduce the occurrence of vomiting reactions.

Yogurt, beef jerky, sour plum juice, preserved fruit, orange, etc. can help increase appetite, but try not to eat hawthorn products as much as possible in the early pregnancy, because hawthorn has the effect of promoting uterine contraction. At this time(abortion).

In terms of prevention, you can also try to supplement the appropriate amount of vitamins in advance. A variety of nutrient supplements containing VB1, VB2, VB6, VC, etc. can reduce early pregnancy reactions. Generally, you can also choose to inject VB1 and VB6 as a stop vas.

There are also some dietary recipes that can also be taken under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners, such as ginger brown sugar tea, ginger rice soup, yam drinking, etc.

It should also be noted that some irritating taste can cause nausea and vomiting, such as the oil fume smell of the kitchen, the plastic smell of plastic, the taste of disinfection water, and the fishy smell. Some irritating odors will not only cause nausea and vomiting.Contact may also cause fetal malformations and try to avoid it.

Do you have a taste change during pregnancy?

Do you have a little trick to relieve pregnancy?

There are many women who have experienced pregnancy that some strange changes will occur during pregnancy. For example, some who never eat spicy food suddenly "are not spicy and unhappy", and some people will particularly like to eat acid, even some people, and even some people.Pregnant women will chew lemons directly.Many people may also have experience in the middle of the night and suddenly want to eat something, and some people even fall in love with the taste of gasoline.

Have you experienced pregnancy?Are there any particularly preferred foods during pregnancy?Is there a little trick to relieve pregnancy?

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