Experts suggest that 3 months after the new crown pneumonia is heal

Recently, some studies have believed that the new coronal virus can theoretically affect the reproductive system.Academician Qiao Jie, the leader of the leadership team of the National Medical Medical Team of Peking University, said that from the current domestic and international reports, the test results of the baby’s pharynx swab are negative, and no cases of maternal and infant transmission have been found for the time being.In general, experts now believe that the evidence that the maternal and infant transmission spread is insufficient.

Academician Qiao Jie also said that at present, the field of reproductive medicine is indeed conducting related research, but it is not sure how much impact will have.From the data obtained now, the impact is still relatively small.However, we recommend that patients who are cured after infection with new coronary pneumonia are best to have childbirth after three months to half a year.

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The hospital responds to the new coronary virus damage to the male reproductive function of the male is still in the research stage

On March 26, a media reported that the level of sex hormone provided the first clinical evidence for the new coronary virus affecting male gland.This clinical evidence comes from a paper uploaded by Zhang Ming and others from Zhang Ming, associate professor of reproductive medicine center of Wuhan University of China, recently uploaded on a website.The Central South Hospital responded that there was no exact conclusion on the relevant research on the impact of the new coronal virus on male reproductive functions. The paper was not published, and Professor Zhang Ming was still in the research stage.

Snapenic pneumonia maternal and infant transmission?Huang Hefeng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: insufficient evidence

Whether the new crown pneumonia can be spread through the topic of maternal and infants’ vertical dissemination.Huang Hefeng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Dean of the China Welfare Association International Peace Maternal and Child Health Institute, in an interview with reporters on the 3rd that all the current research does not show that there must be maternal and infant transmission in the new crown pneumonia, but the newborn has been infected during the birth process.The probability is high.

In the interview, Huang Hefeng introduced the study of a 29 -year -old mother in Wuhan University People’s Hospital and the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Medical University.At 34 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy, the nasopharyngeal swab test and IGG and IGM antibodies were positive, and the vaginal discharge test results were negative.When the baby was born at the age of 16, a total of 5 nasopharyngeal swabs was received, and the results were negative.Studies have found that 2 hours after birth, IgG and IGM antibodies in infant blood have increased to several times the normal levels, respectively.

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