Faced with a 15 -year -old daughter secretly pinch her legs, the practice of the two mothers makes her daughter’s life very different

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With the opening of the times, the freedom of marriage and love, people’s thoughts are becoming more and more tolerant. It is no longer an era of "sexual changes."

Despite this, when their children are related to sexual -related things, parents are still very disgusted and conservatively conservatively conservative. At this time, the problem cannot be calmly dealt with.

1. The "accusation" of the head and face

Ms. Li’s daughter is 15 years old. She is in junior high school. She has always been a good girl in the eyes of everyone. No matter what, she rarely makes her parents worry.Ms. Li at home on the weekend, afraid that her daughter was thirsty, she cut a plate of fruits and quietly opened the door.

Who knew that she just put the fruit plate on the table, but found that her daughter was a bit wrong, sweaty, and her face was flushed.

Ms. Li thought that her daughter was sick, but the next second of her daughter’s legs, she immediately understood that she collapsed very much. She did not expect that her daughter who had always been well -behaved had her unknown side.

Ms. Li couldn’t control her inner "Waterloo", and she fell into a daughter on the spot: "It turns out that you still have such a bad habit in private, really disappointed me, I don’t know ashamed!" The daughter knew that she had a loss and was described as criticism.Don’t send it.

Since then, the daughter, who has always been very intimate with Ms. Li, has gradually begun to be alienated, and her personality has also become inferior.My daughter really thinks that she has bad habits, and she is no longer the pride of parents, and the good child in the eyes of others.

2. "Guidance" for thinking in discharge

As a teacher, Ms. Wang also encountered this situation, and her daughter was also 15 years old.That day was the birthday of her daughter. She and her husband prepared a surprise. They lied that the work was too busy and had no time to celebrate.

In the evening, the daughter returned to the room to do homework after school. The couple were busy pushing out the cake prepared in advance. After opening the door of her daughter’s room, the rude flower scared her daughter. It turned out that she was secretly making a clipThe movement of the leg, the mother immediately understood this action.

The children in her class had the same situation, and then invited her husband out.Faced with the daughter who was at a loss, Ms. Wang first comforted her not to be nervous. This was just a normal physiological phenomenon, and many people would do this.

After seeing her daughter’s nervousness was dispelled, she asked her daughter how long it took. Generally, she would do so, and then told her daughter to pay attention to hygiene and control.After the daughter adjusted her mentality, she continued to send her birthday surprise.

After that, Ms. Wang popularized some sexual knowledge to her daughter and taught her to protect herself.Under the mother’s full comfort and enlightenment, her daughter is still as cheerful as before, and she is willing to share it with her.

The practice of these two mothers has created different lives of her daughter, and parents can be used as a reference.Do not rush to blame your children in the case of trouble, understand the cause and consider the true feelings of the child, is the best way to solve.

At this age, children and psychology are different from the past. This strange and fresh feeling will make children interested in their bodies.It is normal for adolescence to have sexual impulses, but everyone’s expression is different.

When children have such a situation, parents should not first mess with them. This is not a disease, nor a shame, and treat it rationally.

1. Remember not to hurt people

Children do not understand this kind of thing very much. If parents try their best to avoid, they may cause their children’s resentment, or find other understanding, which may be harmed.Furthermore, adolescent children have strong self -esteem and are vulnerable to injury.

2. Teach children to face sexual impulses correctly

Parents need to inform their children that there will be any physiological impulse, and it is not necessary to feel difficult.Teach your children to the correct way to deal with it, and we must pay attention to hygiene and control.

3. Improve children’s sense of self -protection

At this age, parents will teach their children to further sexual knowledge.Letting children understand their behavior can effectively protect themselves.

In short, parents should answer doubts from the perspective of their children and conduct correct guidance instead of slandering insults and pushing their children farther and farther.Being able to spend this period steadily will make children benefit throughout their lives.

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