Farmers are washing clothes by the river, and agricultural management: This is illegal!Netizen: I have seen it!

Recently, a news about a peasant woman washing clothes on the river caused controversy.According to reports, because the farmers did not have a washing machine in the family, washing in the nearby stream became a necessity in daily life.However, the local agricultural management department accused her of violating environmental protection and hygiene regulations, and asked him to stop immediately.

For this incident, public opinion opinions are different.Some people think that farmers only choose to wash clothes by the river out of helplessness, and there is no malicious disruption of environment and sanitation; while others support the position of the local agricultural management department and believe that any individual should abide by relevant laws and regulations.

First of all, for those who support the local agricultural management department, they believe that maintaining the environment and public health is very important.With the acceleration of urbanization and lack of water resources, "river purification" has been included in the national government work report and has been highly valued.Therefore, in this context, it is the responsibility of actively promoting the quality of environmental quality.

In addition, some people who are worried about laundry solution and other cleaners will pollute the water source. They also believe that farmers are risky by washing clothes by the river.Although this possibility is very small, long -term accumulation may still have a negative impact on the environment.Therefore, they advocate no matter what reason, they should abide by relevant regulations to protect the environment.

However, on the other hand, those who support farmers’ behaviors believe that she only chose this method with her limited resources, and there is no malicious behavior.Especially in rural areas, many families still have not purchased washing machines or other modern equipment due to limited economic conditions and lack of infrastructure construction.Under such circumstances, simple hand -cleaning by the river has become the only feasible choice.

In addition, there are even difficulty in water supply in some poor areas.Although government departments are working hard to solve this problem, there are still many regional residents who need to walk several kilometers to obtain clean water.For these families, the cleaning work of completing necessities in daily life by the river is an economical, convenient and feasible solution.

In summary, the disputes caused by farmers’ laundry on the river reflect the contradiction between urban and rural gaps and environmental awareness.Although the local agricultural management department has accused it of it, we should also understand why she was helpless to choose this way.In order to solve this problem, government departments can increase investment in infrastructure construction and environmental protection, provide better public services to meet people’s living needs, and increase the awareness of residents’ awareness of environmental protection and regulations.Only through the cooperation and efforts of overall social forces can the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and finally achieve the goal of harmonious symbiosis of man and nature.

To sum up, although the laundry of the farmers on the river has caused controversy, we should examine the problem from multiple perspectives.After considering objective factors such as limited resources and economic conditions, the government should take measures to improve relevant infrastructure and strengthen public environmental education and propaganda work.Only in this way can the goal of sustainable development be achieved on the basis of meeting people’s daily needs.

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