fear!Yibin’s pregnant woman opened her eyes and opened her eyes on the head of the bed and lay on a snake appeared at home, suggesting something

“Is very scientific”

With the advent of summer, the weather is getting hotter and the snake has become more and more frequent.Some snakes quietly slipped into the resident’s house, hiding in the cabinets, chicken houses, room beams, etc., which scared the local villagers and called the police directly.Recently, a more scary scene in Yibin, Sichuan, a snake ran to the bed and lay down.

It is understood that on June 19, a pregnant woman in Yibin, Sichuan, posted a video saying that when she felt cold in her sleep, she opened her eyes and looked at the bedside.

According to the video screen, the epidermis of the snake has patterns, and the video man suspects that it is likely to be a cauliflower snake.Fortunately, the snake entered the house and did not cause any harm to the woman.Many netizens said: It’s terrible to think that they can’t sleep at night.So why does the snake appear in the house where people live?

In the folk, there are many legends about "snakes entering the house", and their meaning is different. Some meanings are prosperous, and some mean the old people who died at home to go home in the form of snakes.

From a scientific perspective, we all know that snakes are afraid of people. Where there are people, there are usually no snakes. So why do snakes appear at home?

First, the expansion of human activity area has decreased in wildlife habitats.With the continuous increase of population, the scope of human activities has continued to expand, leading to severe squeezing the living environment of wild animals. Therefore, some wild animals appear in human living areas.

Second, the food is sufficient. As the saying goes, "people use food as the sky", which describes not only humans, but everything.For food, some snakes are close to human living areas for food, predating rodents, birds, and so on.Because there are a large number of snake foods such as mice and eggs in human living areas.

Third, the temperature is too high "cool". With the warming of the global temperature, there are rare high temperature weather phenomena across the country. This will be a fatal test for wildlife snakes.If you do not escape the high temperature, it is likely to be in danger of life.

Snakes are warm animals. The body temperature is lower than humans. It is also called cold -blooded animals. When the environmental temperature is lower than 15 ° C, the snake will enter the hibernation state, and the temperature is too high to cause protein degeneration. Especially the snake is a crawling animal.The limbs, all lying on the ground crawling, is easier to feel the high temperature on the ground than humans.

According to snake experts, when the snake crawls on high temperature roads, the abdomen is close to the ground. The impact of extreme high temperature on the snake is very great, resulting in the symptoms of heat stroke due to high temperature and hypoxia.Capture snakes can cause snake death for 1-2 minutes on extreme high-temperature ground.

Snakes are completely different from human life. Human beings are "sunrise, and they enter the daily rush."Night -like snakes appear in human living areas at night, which is very dangerous.

Due to the lowest vigilance of humans at night, snakes sneak into people’s houses. A small movement when people sleep at night, it is likely to scare snakes and attack people.In particular, the poisonous snake launched an attack on people, and the release of venom was seriously fatal.

In India, because of a large number of slums, people’s living environment is very simple, and humans are often bitten by Indian snakes in their sleep.A similar incident has also occurred in Malaysia. Like the Indian snake, the Malaysian snake can easily take away human life in their sleep.

Therefore, it is recommended that when you rest at night, close the doors and windows to prevent mice from entering the house, but also to effectively prevent the snake from approaching.

As summer is hot, snakes will become more and more frequent.When you encounter a snake in your life, please do not over -confidence. When there is no professional snake catcher and experience, do not blindly catch snakes. You must avoid it in time to avoid unnecessary damage to yourself.

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