Feel the wonderful fetal movement and understand the rules of the baby

“The most memorable thing during pregnancy”

What is nervous is whether there will be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy, will the baby be born smoothly;

Excited is that a new life is coming, and I will be a mother immediately.

Looking forward to the baby coming, and at the same time worry about whether the baby is healthy.

The feeling is wonderful, just like the fish swims or vomit bubbles in the water.

At first, there was no regularity, and the fetal movement really came when it came.

Sometimes I feel like I am fighting,

Sometimes I feel itchy,

Sometimes the stomach will jump,

Sometimes the stomach will suddenly bulge a big bag,

It feels like a baby is playing games with his mother.

The rhythm of the baby’s life is also obvious, and he will have a cycle of sleep and awakening.

When he is asleep, it will look very quiet. Even if there is a fetal movement, the movement is very small.

When he woke up, the fetal movement was particularly large.

At this time, we need to understand the baby’s schedule habits, that is, his fetal movement rules!

Although I don’t know if it is useful, I found that the baby is really listening.

The deepest impression of my impression is:

I was a little tired that night, and I didn’t read the picture book.

But when I usually read a picture book, there was a sudden movement in my stomach.

It’s like playing punching, and like a fight.

I stroked my stomach gently and whispered:

"Baby, mother will start telling you stories now!"

Unexpectedly, the action was smaller.

The story began, the baby listened to it as if he was asleep, and suddenly became quiet.

The fetal movement is really wonderful, and the baby has begun to interact with her mother in her stomach.

Sisters, recording fetal movements during pregnancy is important.

Record the fetal movement with your heart, and feel the rules of the baby. May all babies be born healthy and peaceful!

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