Female accompanying (36) Young female accompaniment has become a single mother, and the attitude of the old man has changed greatly

Fortunately, Xiao Xiao came to the birthday. Although the prenatal examination said that the fetal position was normal, I also said that it was necessary to produce normally, but after the birth bed, the doctor unexpectedly found that my birth canal was abnormally narrow and could not give birth to my child.Cester section must be performed.

This requires someone to sign on the surgical list. I have been tossed and weak, and I barely reached out to sign it, but the doctor is not allowed, probably in case my family comes to the hospital.Husband signed in person.

How can I have a husband?I haven’t had time to say a second sentence to the doctor. The doctor who is more anxious than me has stood at the door of the delivery room and shouted: Which is Zhong Xiaoyang’s husband?I heard that Uncle Xiao ran to the door and asked panicked: What was?

Your wife’s birth canal is abnormal, you need to perform caesarean surgery, please sign on the surgical list quickly!

oh?IntersectionI heard Uncle Xiao panicked: Okay, okay, I sign.

At that moment, I closed my eyes and shouted in my heart silently: I’m sorry, Uncle Xiao …

The operation was quite smooth, and the doctor took out a seven -and -a -half pound boy from my belly.In the cry of my son, I heard the doctor’s sigh: Hi, don’t look at the old man and wife, the children born are really strong and healthy!

I couldn’t cry and laugh, and I could only let the tears flow out quietly.

I lived in the hospital for 11 days.Over these days, Xiao Xiao asked the chef from a small restaurant in the nearby street to boil a can of chicken soup for me. He brought it to my bedside himself.There are four women in the room where I live in. The other maternal women were served by young husbands. I was unique and took care of Bobo, who was full of white hair and walking slowly.

Those women and their husbands, in addition to putting the surprise and inquiry eyes from time to time, I have put them in and Bobo, and from time to time, they also sent a very low abuse and ridicule to me and Xiao Bobo’s ear: 80 % of the women are a woman.Primary Three … The old things really eaten the results …

Uncle Xiao must have heard it, because I saw his hand of chicken soup trembling.I have seen his temper. If elsewhere, he has made an early attack; but here, for me and my son, he endured it.

I am grateful for him.

After returning to Xiao Bobo’s house after discharge, the first thing I did was not to feed the child, but to give Xiao Bobo the blood pressure and blood glucose metering, not because I wanted to express my gratitude to him, but because it was becauseI am really afraid that the busyness of these days will damage his body.

As a result, it was a bit surprised that his blood pressure did not rise, which was lower than the value of the amount before the admission; the blood glucose index did not rise; the heart rate and pulse were normal.I told him that after the measurement results, I couldn’t help asking him: What fitness items did you add these days?He shook his head: Because he ran towards the hospital where you live, I was afraid that you had something to do with it. I was a little tired every day. I always slept at night, and sometimes I forgot to take hypoglycemia and lipids.

I secretly said in my heart: Can I also fit the goal to be healthy?Or is the elderly who has shifted the attention of their physical health?

I can’t say it, but as the accompaniment of Uncle Xiao, I feel comfortable.If Bobo Xiao worsening the health due to taking care of me and having a child, then I would feel uncomfortable.

There is one child in the family, crying and making trouble. I started to worry that Uncle Xiao would be irritable, angry, and drove our mother two in anger -this is what I am most afraid of now.

Where can we live in Xiao’s house?How can a woman who is not a job in Beijing be able to afford it?If I used to think about how to leave the Xiao family, how did I give up the errand of this companion and put aside the responsibility of taking care of this lonely old man, now my mood is just the opposite. The most afraid of Bob is the most afraid of Xiao Xiao.It’s right.

Things in the world become really fast!I only understood the words "30 years in Hedong and 30 years".

For me, it can be changed to "one year in Hedong, one year of Hexi".In this world, no one dares to say that he can always stand on the top of his life!

I used to disappear quietly about his dissatisfaction in the past, and the advantage of his psychological in the past has been withdrawn. I began to observe the face of Bobo Xiao carefully, lest him dissatisfied with the existence of our mother and son.

I remember the morning when I returned to the Xiao family. When I was almost 11 o’clock, I surrounded the apron and wanted to cook for cooking.

The doctor said that my body was not a big deal. I couldn’t let Uncle Xiao go to prepare for me, but Uncle Xiao said: How can there be cooking when there is no month?Besides, you have also moved the operation, you should rest! I have invited a job from the housekeeping company for one hour to make three meals for us. She should get it right away, and you will sit with your confinement with peace of mind.

This made me feel hot again, but he was really thoughtful.To be honest, in the past, his weird personality made me feel that he was just one of my companions, but now, I think his faction is a bit like my father, and he is really close to him emotionally.

I named my son Zhong Chengren, hoping that he could grow up smoothly.Xiao Bobo called the name, and after turning my head in the living room for three laps, I said, "Of course, it is okay to call this name, but I just hope that his adult is too low.He will become a talent in the future.

As soon as I heard it, I felt that it made sense, so I said: Then Uncle Yi’s opinion, let him Cheng talent.

As soon as Chengcai was full of moon, I asked Bobo Xiao to resign for an hour and do it myself.The money left by Uncle Xiao and Sister Xinxin could not raise three people for another hour.

Fortunately, after a month of recuperation, my body became more powerful while becoming fat.Although Chengcai sometimes cried at night, it affected me to sleep, but while doing a good job of escorting Xiao Xiao, he did not feel tired.During the day, I always pushed the stroller to accompany Xiao Xiao to the park to take a walk and do fitness. The accompanying escort made me feel very fulfilling.

One day, when I pushed the stroller and followed Uncle Xiao to the park, I suddenly noticed that Uncle Xiao stopped every few tens of meters, rest for a while, and there was a heavy breathing sound, and the amplitude of the waist was also the amplitude of the waist.It was obviously big, and it was just like what I was like when I saw him.

I came to the Xiao family for a few years. I did not expect that a few years could make an old man change quickly.It seems that time is more merciless in the physical strength of the elderly over the age of 70.

But Bobo still didn’t care about this change, and I still did not allow me to help him up and down; when I heard others call him "old man", he would still be exposed and unhappy.

Xiao Bobo always laughed well, and there were many times on his face. Therefore, where he went, where the atmosphere he went, he would become serious.

Some elderly people in the park are laughing, as long as Bob Xiao stopped with them, their laughter often stopped automatically.But in front of his child, he smiled brightly.

After finishing fitness activities in the park on weekdays, he always walks in front of Chengcai’s stroller, and gently pokes the waist or armpit with his fingers with his fingers to make him laugh.Giggle laughed.With a smile, Uncle Xiao also laughed, and he would laugh like Chengcai, which surprised me and happy.

Once, when the two of them laughed like this, I said: Uncle, you just think of the inheritance as your grandson.

Unexpectedly, my voice was not falling, and the smile on Xiao Bobo’s face flew away like a bird who heard the sound of gunfire.

Then he listened to him sighing: I don’t know if Xinxin’s child gave birth to.

I was shocked and suddenly realized that since I was admitted to the hospital, I forgot to call Xiao Bobo in the name of Sister Xinxin.For such a long time, Xiao Xiao did not have any news from Sister Xinxin. Of course, he would be anxious to worry about his father and daughter.

I secretly complained about my carelessness, complaining that I had forgotten Xinxin, and I actually said in front of the old man what the "grandson" was like a sensitive vocabulary.

After dinner that day, I fell asleep. I borrowed the opportunity to buy diapers to Cheng, and used the mobile phone left by Sister Xinxin to call the landline of Xiao Bobo’s bedside, and then gave him the recording of Sister Xinxin.

The landline has already been canceled the function of calling the dissemination. In addition, Bobo’s hearing has been reduced, and the ability to distinguish the sound is greatly reduced. I guess he will not understand that this sound is problematic.

Sure enough, when I took the diapers I bought back home, Uncle Xiao said to me easily: Just now, Sister Xinxin came to the phone and said that she and Chang Sheng were very good.I forgot to ask her children.

When I heard it, I pretended to be happy for him, and then said: Sister Xinxin must have been because of my busy time, and I forgot to call.As for the child’s affairs, I suggest you better not ask.You know that Sister Xinxin has been produced twice when she is at home. In case she has not conceived, you ask her not to be sad.

I said that, it was because of Sister Xinxin’s message from the messages of Xinxin. I didn’t talk about pregnancy …

I used Sister Xinxin’s mobile phone to call Xiao Bobo, which turned Xiao Bob’s mood.

But just two days later, my own emotions turned sharply …

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