Female junior high school has an unexpected pregnancy, the ending can be angry (top)

She is the best student in the province, but her mother is still dissatisfied.Do not have to go to extracurricular tutoring class for more than six hours after school.But soon the girl had a rebellion. When she told her that she was pregnant, her mother was expressionless and mistakenly thought that her daughter was joking with herself. She did not know that her daughter had been pregnant for six months.However, until this morning, the girl was finally about to give birth. She told her mother that her stomach was painful, but her mother told her daughter to take some pain medicine, and then left.

Looking at her mother’s back, she slowly climbed to the room with pain, picked up a scissors from the table, and was ready to climb to the bathroom to give birth to the child.Bag.Soon, an idea emerged from the girl’s mind. However, after waiting for the girl to give birth to the child, she was sitting on the balcony as she was going to die.After seeing the girl, the neighbor immediately called the rescue call, and soon the rescue team rushed to the scene.In order to better soothe the girl’s emotions, Xiaoxue came to his house for psychological counseling.

But as a result, the girl asked Xiaoxue to give herself a sentence to her mother. "Although the parents cannot pick the children they like, the child is the same." Xiaoxue saw the girl’s determination to die from the girl’s eyes. This isAt that time, Xiaoxue saw the shoes upstairs, and Xiao Xue immediately attracted the attention of the girl. When the girl was distracted, the captain directly kicked the girl to the living room, so the girl’s head was also seriously injured.

When the people downstairs saw it, they sweated for the girl.After the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment, the police also received a case and turned out a famous brand bag from the garbage dump.Then the police brought the dead baby to the anatomical room, and the staff mourned silently.

Then I started taking pictures to obtain evidence. Because the baby was not full of normal week, it was determined that this was a premature infant.After careful inspection, it was found that the baby’s umbilical cord was not cut with medical scissors, and it was initially proved that the location of production was not a hospital.However, because the baby’s legs and arms are bent, it is obviously caused by the mother’s body does not want to be pregnant, and the baby in the belly will hide herself in order to survive.It is very likely that there is almost no bulging situation.In order to determine whether the baby had breathed the staff, he did a lung floating experiment.

If there is breathing after reappearing, the lungs will enter the air and will float. On the contrary, if the baby does not breathe, it will sink to the bottom.However, it shows that the baby is born in the abdomen. If so, the placenta will generally be separated together.However, it was not found at the scene.In the hole on the other side, in order to find out useful clues, it was found in the trash can.

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